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  1. Good spot, I'm going to guess it's a cushion!
  2. Watched as ppv via TV, thought stream was excellent! Thought first goal was offside and it was a penalty, however, watching highlights think ref got both right. Onwards and upwards...
  3. I've just watched the full match (did a likely Lads and avoided the score earler - successfully though!). Thought Sneddon, Docherty, Glass and Mckenna did well in particular, but all did well enough imho, quite encouraged dispite the loss. Then watched McCalls interview, was suprised by his comment about BSC Glasgow, but Michael Max did say that a BCS player got sent off after the game and got impresson the manager may have been involved, so maybe a dig because of whatever happened? Ayr game to be free to view as well.
  4. And guess who my English team is. I hate my life lol.
  5. Well I think your answer is a really bad one! What I actually said was "were last in the office that day".
  6. So if 81% of people you work with decide you should be let go, because someone had to go and you were last in the office that day, it would wrong, but you just have to accept it because that was the majority decision?
  7. I don't agree with you re 14-14-14 as in my view was a legitemate option to be considered. The proposal didn't relegate teams, no one went down as such, still as close to the Championship as before, just others merged up. I agree, though that as a solution it was the most flawed, for want of a better word, as those four teams would have end up in the lowest league and as a result and therefore closer to the play off spot for potentionally dropping out the spfl. I agree in principal that stopping promotion is as unjust to Dundee Utds and Cove's cases (Raith don't 'deserve' anything mind) as our relegation is to us. Problem for us, as I understand it, is thats the outcome we require to prevent our unjust relegation. What frustrates me most about this whole situation though, is that it didn't need to happen this way . Reconstruction was such an obvious solution as it would have stopped unfair relegations and allowed promotions, simple really! For some reason though, too many teams that had absolutely nothing or very little to lose from reconstruction, under the circumstances, decided for some reason to vote against. In particular step forward Dundee Utd, Raith Rovers for example (not sure how Cove voted). Based on their votes alone we should have zero guilt or sympathy if there promotions are over turned and also if of any other teams who voted against it are put in trouble because of or legal action.
  8. Well that's ruined it for me, thanks a lot!
  9. So not wishing to be cheeky are you, therefore, happy that we are about to play in our third different league in 4 years, as its providing variety?
  10. Thank you. It's more likely I will want to changed to Very Very Bitter Jag in due course, than back tbh!!
  11. No it isnt, as i said I was just venting... I've just read the official statment and as bitter as I am, I cant see what else we can do or say. Hopefully in private thoughwe have some revenge option to wield in due course...