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  1. Nowhere near good enough with a decent looking squad. Losing so many goals from corners, utterly pathetic. Only 3 games in, but time running out as it’s now a massive game on Friday.
  2. Ach well, game’s a bogey. 3-1 QP. Optimism well & truly out the window.
  3. Would a simple petition at the next home game not suffice? Show our support for fan ownership / transparency whilst also turning up to support the team as normal. No negativity, hits ‘here you go, here’s what the fans think’ after the game? Elaborate ploys can end up looking a bit silly & rendered ineffective if only a handful participate. A lot of supporters still don’t use forums, FB, Twitter etc, but more than capable of adding their name to a pen & paper petition / survey at the ground.
  4. Anyone know of Millport counts as overseas for streaming the game?
  5. Haha! Every time I get too positive, Thistle be Thistle!
  6. Genuine attacking threat & some squad depth now - subs capable of making a difference. Avoid silly suspensions & injuries & we should be challenging. 0-1 Hamilton.
  7. Bizarrely decent draw! Winnable, at home, could this be our year?!?!?!?
  8. It’s totally biased against the wee teams, but is what it is so let’s hope for either a winnable draw or a payday. Away to either of them would give us a few £, as would progressing in the tournament. That said, it’s Dundee United away isn’t it?
  9. Good news - if he scores a few against Dundee I’ll be delighted! Why do things always look so rosy at this time of year?!?
  10. We’ve played ok so far but as usual lack of goals is the issue. Hopefully one or two players break their duck (?!?) this evening & get a wee bit of a confidence boost before the proper stuff starts.
  11. It was all fine. Not exciting but fine. More minutes in the legs & a typical piece of comical defending for their goal. Squad looking good but need another striker, which seems to be incoming.
  12. Well played Jags. A few players still to come back too. Keep playing football & we’ll have a good season. Milne great as was Muirhead. Graham sharp too.