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  1. https://spfl.co.uk/news/joint-response-group-update-130820?fbclid=IwAR2g4ZAikmizoaDxsKNBXD6io7qsQvZInsvBfQstq90jw0v8wqL_ySIkSww
  2. You can bet your bottom dollar if it was us, QOTS, Airdrie, Clyde etc game would have been forfeited & we all move on. The thing is, all the SPFL teams except the ones who would be awarded the points would be against it - nobody expects 3 points from Celtic, so they’d say it’s unfair that their rivals get the benefit... They should’ve made an example of Aberdeen, but then they’d have had to do the same with Celtic, and we can’t have that...
  3. Game off. Utterly moronic. Sums Scottish football up well.
  4. Thank God for Peterhead or we could’ve soon be heading for back to back relegations...
  5. I would have thought, as a member, we should be privy to any evidence. However, best thing to do now is romp the league & hope to pass the corpses of several clubs in the way up.
  6. I know, apologies. Messi couldn’t lace Doolan’s boots.
  7. Not saying he’d be a starter, but can’t believe he’s being written off at 33. We’ve just signed Foster at 35 and Messi is 33! Worth 10 goals off the bench in this league I’d say & also good to have in as a coach. Not up to me & I don’t know the finances available, but if at all possible it would make a lot of sense.
  8. Doolan has left Morton.:. Asset for any squad in this league.
  9. Wouldn’t piss on any of them if they were on fire, Falkirk excepted. Shame as that was one good thing about the lower divisions, but no way should we be supporting these clubs in any shape of form.
  10. End of the day, we’ve been well & truly screwed. Clearly not fair, but no real surprise we ‘lost’. Eff the lot of them - genuinely hope some clubs go bust.
  11. Still, at least it’s added a degree of excitement to the end of the season...
  12. Nope. But some of the info has been accurate, although mostly Rangers related. Guess we just have to wait & see. This account suggesting we’ll hear outcome tomorrow.
  13. The way I see it, no club should be disadvantaged by calling the season. If it had to be done, it's my opinion that the whole thing should have been null & void. Sure, would be harsh on some clubs, but none would be worse off (in a sporting sense) that at the start of the season. The way it was dealt with was a shambles, even by Scottish football standards. Listening to Sportsound on a Saturday was frankly bizarre. All these chairmen on talking about fax machines, email spam etc - bonkers. If I ran my business like Scottish football, I wouldn't be trading for very long at all.