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  1. According to Wikipedia he is about to go to Dundee as a result of his loan there this season
  2. I do wonder if it might be as much as to coach the younger strikers as to play. Cant see him being anything other than a backup at his age. Having said that Kenny Miller turned 40 while a regular starter at Thistle .
  3. Strong rumors we are talking to Stephen Dobbie .. not sure how keen on him at this stage in his career
  4. Both are rumoured to have signed pre contracts elsewhere, presumably before the recent run of form .. wonder if they will change thier minds now though
  5. Good to see Docherty has made it even if Banzo has not
  6. I think this may be a much tougher game than we might think... but if (and thats a reasonably sized IF ) we can win this and Falkirk and Cove draw then we will be in a very good position...
  7. A bit smaller than that now
  8. If we can win this game and beat Montrose on Thursday we will be on 30 points before Cove play Falkirk at the weekend, hopefully they will draw and its game on for the title !
  9. Jobs for the boys is exactly what we have just now, we don't even have a network of scouts. As for coaching, fitness, tactics and motivation i don't think any of these are near to being decent, as much as i want us to get out of this league this season, i don't think McCall and co is who we need in charge next term but if we get promoted he will be ...
  10. The issue with McCall being a director of football is that he is old fashioned in his approach and not open to modern recruitment methods. If we are to go down that route we need to take a modern approach beginning with whoever takes up that position, we would be as well sticking with Gerry Britton who is effectively in that role at the moment and bring in a younger manager with a fresh outlook.
  11. McCall is going through the motions, we really need to get rid asap and bring in someone with a understanding of how to actually manage a football team. (Archie and Scally too)
  12. I have a family friend who knows Zak and he came from Rangers after having had a knee op. Essentially when his injury issues returned Thistle had him checked over and then had to resolve the issues that the first (badly excecuted) op had not resolved. He has barely played a full 90 mins in 16 months so is bound to be lacking in sharpness. Hooefully his injury issues are behind him now and we start to see him fulfil his potential.
  13. From what i heard he has spent his entire career in non league ... trying hard to contain my excitement at the prospect ! Having said that non-league down south is possibly above our current level so who knows..
  14. In the game away from home to cove this season we had all the pressure yet somehow failed to score and managed to concede at the death, hopefully this time round we can get teh three points and make a positive start to the remainder of the season.
  15. I am genuinely excited for this game and cant help thinking that every match from now on is a "must win" game, just hope that by full time i am as excited for the next match rather than dreading it .. feels like the start of a new season which is usually filled with misplaced optimism on my part..