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  1. So would I especially if he does a Shankland or a Nisbet and turns it around to fulfil his potential with us
  2. From what i have heard he has/had a poor attitude away from football and so would hav e struggled at Norwich if thats the case. Hopefully its a case of "had" and he gets himself back on track as he has bags of potential, hopefully he will kick on now and McCall can get the best out of him.
  3. I would go for standard as we could do 2 possibly and more cash would go to the club I would think. Akinola for me
  4. I have sponsored a player already but would chip in, I have a Chris Erskine too from when BB did this before.
  5. https://twitter.com/queensparkfc/status/1530164416167170048?s=20&t=UDqoA6dqmODSC7f6r1O0zw Good signing for QP
  6. If McCall was to move to playing 3 at the back then more CB's would be no bad thing, there is no guarantee that Brownlie will be the same player after such along lay off certainly not straight away. Akinola, Holt, Brownlie, Muirhead and Mayo/another would be a good set of options, especially as many of these can fill in a RB/LB/CDM etc also
  7. Completely missed that, thanks for the update
  8. At least the land register is showing that they are processing an update
  9. Absolutely, hopefully this is not the case ... i guess if they hand the shares to the PTFC trust they will no doubt not ask for DD as basically in 3BC's back pocket, leaving PTFC trust to negotiate with The Jags Foundataion re DD and a second transfer of shares possibly ?
  10. It does seem 3BC are keen to get out, which is good news i suppose/hope
  11. Can only assume they mean the PTFC trust, this is a scenario i could imagine just so that 3BC get rid of teh shares without having to talk to The Jags Foundation, presumably leaving The PTFC trust to deal with The Jags Foundation.
  12. looks like something happening