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  1. The sooner folk can get signed up and start paying in the better, even if its just tobstart a build up of cash for whenever everything goes through.
  2. I had thought it was 1,000 tickets same as the rangers friendly
  3. Haha not quite unfortunately
  4. Correct not from old firm though
  5. I belive we do have a loan goalie arranged but not to be announced for a bit, not from the old firm though
  6. Hope Bell does sign on, paton has signed with Dumbarton
  7. Absolute cracker of a top, hopefully it looks as good on an overweight middle aged man
  8. Hope the pitch can cope with the additional matches, its been in great condition since it was overhauled and the drainage sorted. QP are not short of money these days so hopefully we are charging them a fortune for its use !
  9. McIver next .... hopefully Tiff after that but probably Bell
  10. Likely Bell and 1 more i think. Maybe we can ship O'Ware out .. hopefully
  11. Hi, I dont think the Mulgrew deal is happening now, we are def looking for a similar kind of quality signing at CB though
  12. i phoned to renew as i needed to renew my sons also, took no time at all and were very helpful as usual. I find the renewals online to be a pain and i have worked in IT for almost 20 Yrs lol
  13. Twitter announcement is excellent Hope this means were about to announce someone whos not a loan now ..
  14. Blair Lyons just announced by Montrose on twitter ... not sure if its a loan or permanent