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  1. Sena, Cardle, and Williamson have been great in the first half. However, still no goal from open-play. Would be disappointed even if we were to win 1-0. Would really like to see us get a goal from open-play and then a clean-sheet.
  2. Three outfielders on the bench is embarrassing for a full-time 'professional' club. Funny that when Archibald and Junior Mendes left, our injuries seemed to clear-up. Fast forward two/three years and we are back in the exact same scenario. Three or four injuries at this point in the season is unlucky. Nine or ten points to systematic failings in coaching strategy and sheer incompetence. Club is a basket case.
  3. With Glass and Spittal now out, I'm not kidding when I say that I would be extremely reluctant as a manager to send my players out on loan to Thistle. No telling what condition they'll come back in.
  4. The turnover in playing and management staff probably haven't helped over the past few years. 3 managers, 4 assistant managers, and lord knows how many players.
  5. I was really annoyed at Docherty at times. Watch the highlights again, especially the chance Falkirk had when they hit the post at the end of the first half. The Falkirk player takes a touch before shooting and Docherty stands back almost resigned to it going in. Makes no attempt to even put the attacker off. Just stands until the ball rebounds off the post. Sheer laziness.
  6. This is painful reading - but completely consistent with Jacqui Thistle Football Club. Using the club as a vehicle for whatever social issue is the flavour of the month. So here is the inconvenient reality for the working group. Unless every single person interviewed was a tofu-eating non-binary vegan, this is not what football fans want! Like it or lump it, >75% of our paying core-support will still be working class men between 18-65 who don't care about this utter sh!te! They just want a team on the park that will win games of football. They want to see the most competent people in the boardroom regardless of whether they are diverse or not. They want to see the club make money so we can compete in the Premiership again. So if the working group really think this is a good idea, they should go join Greenpeace or something, but this isn't a business plan for a successful football club. But then again, I don't think they really want to be a successful football club. I don't think I have ever been so close to just chucking it with Thistle; and this garbage doesn't help. With Jacqui and Roughy back at the top of the management structure, we should just knock the fan ownership thing on the head. Was a nice idea, but these things always seem to be co-opted by the zoomers and ideologues.
  7. This team is awful. McCall and the rest of his feeble management team look done.
  8. Six subs. Who is running out training session; Patches O'Houlihan? Is Archie throwing spanners at them?
  9. Without wholesale changes to the starting XI, I predict another defeat. This Thistle team is one of the most gutless I have every witnessed and is a royal disaster both on and off the pitch. Williamson isn't the best defender in the world, but I think he's the only player in the team with a decent delivery; he should start. Lyons was one of, if not the best player in L1 last season. He hasn't been given a look-in as of yet. And if we want to score goals, McCall needs to decide on Bannigan or Docherty, because playing them both reminds be of the Barton and Osman days at CM. Completely ineffectual. Unfortunately, this weekend will be the first time this season I won't be giving Thistle my hard-earned cash to watch the steam which is a real shame.
  10. Taking the consortium's cash and becoming Barnsley's feeder club doesn't seem like such a bad idea anymore. Probably wouldn't be in this mess with the batshit lunacy of fan ownership and the anonymous zoomers who are supposed to be facilitating it. Just wind the club up now before we embarrass ourselves further. You'd think after the injustice of last season our players would come out swinging with something to prove. Rather we prove why we are the cuddly toy of Scottish football.
  11. Yes! This guy gets it. Probably the least successful professional club in Scotland with two pathetic national titles to our name. We celebrate failure. But "at least we ur no the old furm"
  12. It's from the TOP to the BOTTOM with this club. An absent chairman/woman who would rather use Thistle as a vehicle for whatever "woke" social justice cause she wants rather than making sure the team performs. A management team who are hopeless, and an emasculated coach like Archie who decided to come back after getting the bullet. The club is pathetic beyond words.