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  1. Exactly. However, McCall loves talking-up his OF connections (especially Sevco), and seems to have made a habit of signing crap loan players from them (Lewis Mayo and Kyle Hutton maybe being an exception). Give me a lower league players like Dools, Erskine, Chaplain, etc. any day over that!
  2. Brannigan and Doherty must be the least attack minded midfield duo in the league. Painful to watch them trying to get anything going.
  3. 2pts against the 2 bottom sides in the division. Says it all really.
  4. Wonder if we will get some insight at the Firhill Open Day?
  5. I fear the same. But unless we are relegated, McCall has a job for life. Not to mention that the man who would likely succeed him has proven himself a busted-flush already.
  6. Defence is a nightmare. Not helped by the fact that Rudden seems to be repeating his antics from the first 2/3rds of last season. Proof as if it was needed that this team is a lower mid-table side. McCall needs to get the back line sorted.
  7. Had chances to score a second before they equalised. Need to be a bit more ruthless at times (which is weird thing to say considering the number of goals we have scored this season). Missing the composure that Bell and Brownlie bring. Hopefully Hendrie can push Foster as I think he's had it too easy in that position. Big issue is the keeper. I'm annoyed at McCall even thinking that two young inexperienced keepers was the way to go. Especially since the GK is supposed to instil confidence in the back line. When Halliwell was flapping about, McCall was quick enough to bring in Fox. He really needs to look again as we could easily drop 15pts this season just on mistakes.
  8. I was excited about Milan Nitrianský...I shouldn't have been. Jake Carroll, Paddy Boyle (don't know how he got a move) and Danny Devine were all worse than sh!t3.
  9. Was hoping to see a few new faces added before Saturday. Recruitment has appeared to have ground to a halt.
  10. Deal for a goalkeeper to be done by next week, and also likely to take Kai Kennedy on loan from Rangers until the end of the season. He's just been named in UEFA's Youth Team of the Season.
  11. Interview seems to cut when he starts talking about Rudden as if he's not giving much away as to why he hasn't been playing. I know a few people have mentioned self-isolation, but he was dropped entirely from the second Scotland U-21 squad against Northern Ireland despite playing as a sub in the first game. That was more than a few weeks ago.
  12. Rudden not in today's U21 squad. Not injured, is he?
  13. Yes, Penrice is off as far as I know. Evening Times also reporting that Tiff deal is close.
  14. Would like to see Lyons get a run-out. He was the one I had highest hopes for this season, and it has not really panned out. Think it would be worth keeping him on for another season.
  15. I personally believe not to accept the League One trophy would be extremely disrespectful to the other teams who have fought hard this season to challenge us. Yes, many of those same teams wanted to see us in L1 in the first place, but I do not think that invalidates the point.