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  1. Trust this to be the week the others don't drop points.
  2. TJF have sent out an email survey today. I respect their wish to collect information from fans - but c'mon. We should be way past the "data collection" phase now and looking towards implementation.
  3. Post of the season. I want this blown up onto billboard size paper and plastered across the road from the Executive Offices. You're absolutely right. This club is a busted flush that is managed worse than some bowling clubs. I only wish our fans would realise this en masse and start demanding answers for the string of false promises and nepotism that runs through this club. I hope someone on the board actually sees your post and reflects on it.
  4. Ian McCall in Scottish footballing terms is a total dinosaur who doesn't realise that football has moved on a lot since 2004. You can see that in how we play against the part-time sides in our own division. As one of only two FT sides, we have only won 1/3rd of our matches this season.
  5. We will be putting out a beautiful rainbow commemorative shirt.
  6. But then again, how do fans voice their displeasure if you can't get to the ground? I think people like Jackie and Gerry are so disconnected from reality they probably are unaware of the depth of feeling. I've resolved not to pay for another PPV Thistle game this season I hope that others will do the same.
  7. They're part of the problem. And as others have intimated in the past, Jackie, Gerry, I really hope you're reading this. You guys are as much to blame as any.
  8. Tonight is truly last orders at the last chance saloon.
  9. Soft cuddly toy club. But "at least we 'r no wan of the Old Furm, right?" Get lost McCall.
  10. How many loan players is that this season alone who have ended up crocked? This club just poisons everything it touches.
  11. McCall's reaction is now on the Thistle website. Brass neck and a half - complete lack of self-awareness. Just man-up and admit, "I got it wrong." I don't buy this squad rotation crap! We could have rested players for the Scottish Cup game at the weekend. When I think of sports like ice-hockey where teams can literally play five days per week during the season, I refuse to buy this rubbish from football managers.
  12. When does McCall et al's. contract run until?
  13. I totally agree. I'm sick and tired of Caldwell being the butt of the jokes on this forum. We are in a worse position now than when Caldwell left.
  14. Stewardship of the club has been a disaster for the very top. The Chair of the club hasn't uttered a word in months. We have guys like Alan Rough on the board who bring absolutely nothing to the table. We have a (lets face it) third rate bang average Division 1 goalkeeper in Kenny Arthur as a coach (but he played for Thistle so obviously the best man for the job). We have a washed up hasbeen as a manager who wouldn't take the job unless his wee pal Archie could come back (funny how no other club touched him when he was out of work). It's time Thistle fans get f-ing real and wake up! This club is rotten from top to bottom, and unless we find a way to rectify that, it will be decades before we can even dream of playing Premiership football again. Be angry by that. Be upset. It's your money you spend on season tickets, and PPV matches, and shirts. It was your money in the tens-of-thousands that you donated to Thistle in their time of needed during COVID. What have you got in return? A club that supports the wages of THREE managers in League One, and a massive squad of washed up footballers.
  15. Bought ever game on PPV this season. The club will not get a single penny more from me. I'm utterly scunnered at this club from top to bottom. McCall, Scally, and their wee pathetic sidekick Archibald should hang their heads in shame. Outfought and outplayed by a bunch of boys who were working a 9-5 today.