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  1. Worried that Tiffoney is missing again. Has there been a transfer offer? Also, trialist GK? *PTFC Twitter has cleared it up
  2. Fitzpatrick would be a great addition. We have lacked creativity going through the middle for years!
  3. Glad to see that JEL changed their logo. Looks a lot better on the shirt than the sh1t3 they had before.
  4. I've parted with far too much of my hard-earned cash over the past few seasons. I doubt even a financial windfall would see cash being put to good use.
  5. If true, it looks like McCall is up to his old tricks: https://www.scottishdailyexpress.co.uk/sport/football/rangers-kai-kennedy-james-maxwell-27108503; https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/kai-kennedy-wanted-rangers-starlet-27105742 Kai Kennedy hasn't scored more than one goal for any team he's played for and he's supposedly a striker. The other boy, James Maxwell has scored 5-times as many goals and he's a full-back. If McCall and the Board sign-off on more sh!tty Rangers loan deals, I don't think I will be renewing my season ticket. I even think Mayo is unbelievebly overrated by our fans. Just exemplifies how far our club has sunk.
  6. I honestly don't get the desperation to get Mayo back. He's not a bad player by any means - but the number of penalties and stupid mistakes that have lead to goals is pretty high.
  7. Half-time entertainment that goes beyond the youth teams taking penalties (e.g. the Phoenix Honda Cheerleaders) Taking ages at throw-ins. Ball getting punted into an empty stand, and then proceeding to try and find it between the rows as opposed to just chucking on a new one. Unless it is part of a tradition, a random goal-scoring song is usually embarrassing.
  8. Time for McCall and the board to get their finger out or we could be Glasgow's fourth team before long.
  9. Greece has a similar system of league split.
  10. You would hope that one of the other two full-time coaches on the management team might have a suggestion. Otherwise, why would we have three managers...
  11. Yes, that's a done deal. I believe QP are waiting until after the play-offs to announce it as they have one or two outgoings. Foster has at least two part-time offers on the table alongside his BBC contract.
  12. Crawford! Seriously? Another bang average, unspectacular, boring, uncreative central midfielder. Exactly how Ian McCall likes them. May as well get Bryan Hodge signed up whilst we are at it. Hopefully he's more a squad player. Won't be long before McCall has his Ayr United rejects signed up. (As a side note, I know that at least three of those released players are signed up elsewhere).
  13. One of the key issues is McCall's stubborn insistence that Bannigan is the best CM in the division, and Docherty is the second best. It's been a real bugbear of mine for the past two seasons.
  14. Would like to see QP stay in League One if only because there is a real chance they could become Glasgow's 3rd team. Certainly because we are such a state off the field, and QP have actually achieved something in their history unlike us.