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  1. He did, under Archie, from Dundee United. Initially in ‘09, he was a permanent signing by McCall.
  2. They’ll win that league comfortably.
  3. I don’t think anyone would disagree with that. But presumably that’s why we sign players, loans or otherwise, to make the team better.
  4. Ask the management, I was simply making the point about the fact, McCall perhaps having an allegiance to Rangers, not being why we get their players. Again, McCall is good friends with Neil Lennon, and knows Steven Gerrard well, so they (and their academies) clearly trust McCall with players. That’s why from their perspective. From our perspective, if they don’t make the team better, don’t develop them and don’t accept the loan, if they make our team immediately better (which if you asked McCall, I reckon he’d tell you) then that’s why we have them.
  5. Could be more likely to be because, he’s an OF youth player, and they seem to get an easier route into Scotland squads at youth (and even sometimes senior level).
  6. That’s why we had Lee O’Connor on loan from Celtic, under McCall. Why twice, McCall got Ross Doohan on loan from Celtic at Ayr. Or is it just because, both Celtic and Rangers (of whom McCall knows both managers well, especially Lennon) know McCall has a good reputation with young players and trust him to bring them on?
  7. Well obviously, Rangers will be expecting these players play matches, that’s sort of what you send players out on loan for. “Demanding” well that’s completely unknown, and doubtful. Rangers have bigger worries than whether Ian McCall is going to start their academy goalkeeper in a match against Dumbarton. McCall has good relations with Rangers, if they aren’t good enough he’ll tell them that. They might actually be good enough players to be in our starting XI, although some people haven’t even considered that.
  8. That would probably be doable, I imagine only ST holders first.
  9. Said he wanted Doolan to come in 1 day a week, to do training with the strikers (presumably to bring on Rudden and Mansell, although he didn’t specify that) but said, it’ll happen one day, right now he’s a bit busy with his academy. He didn’t mention whether he was interested in bringing him back as a player (which suggests that was never an option). He said, he’ll say his piece on the whole Relegation controversy when the time is right, that time isn’t now. He wants to change the whole club mentality, as he’s mentioned before. We’ve missed out on a few targets because of relegation, but there’s still a few he’s hopeful of getting. Couldn’t really disagree with much he said throughout the show.
  10. In the context he said it, it wasn’t an inane comment at all.
  11. Admittedly have no recollection of that.
  12. It stems to some of the fans too, the songs they were singing that last time we played them at Firhill, were nothing short of embarrassing and disgusting. Danny Lennon is the only good thing about that club.
  13. He was, but it was after Clyde had signed him. It was either his debut or certainly not long after signing, that he did it.
  14. Good signing for them. Wish we could have got him, be a top player in that league.
  15. If that’s true, then the Board were surprisingly correct then, because we don’t need other coaches, at this time. If it’s simply in a player role, then it’s down to McCall, or it should be.