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  1. I agree that we have put this on ourselves and this solution is better than null and voiding it, it means QOTS a club we are 2 points behind with a game in hand and due to play a play-off stay up, and also Brechin cut adrift at the bottom of the league with a play- off also stay up while not rewarding Kelty and Bora for finishing top of the lowland and highland league.
  2. The record are saying De vita is being recalled and loaned to Falkirk hopefully Falkirk are willing to take Robson back as well.
  3. Storer’s volley vs Morton has to be up there
  4. The Ayr fans on pieandbovril hope he’s punted to us in January with one even saying he’s one of the worst strikers they have had. It looks like GRE saying he is done looks correct.
  5. Nisbit wasn’t good enough for us when he was at thistle including two disastrous loan spells at Ayr and Dumbarton he was very lucky to still be playing full time which to his credit, he has fully taken his final chance.
  6. Fox- been alright made some great saves and could have done better with a few. Sneddon- championship is probably his level decent keeper Williamson- in the right system and with some confidence think he could be a pretty good player just doesn’t suit 4 at the back Penrice- pretty consistent player could be a decent player if not playing in a car crash of a team Robson- not been impressed can’t cross, can’t defend , can’t pass pretty poor player imo O’ware- point and shout merchant but dose very little good Mcginty- average championship defender Saunders- steady for the most part would keep as a back up Hall- not seen enough of Bannigan- very poor season lots of mistakes and a lot of dilly dallying on the ball Slater- Again can take too many touches but always looks forward for a pass can also take decent set plays, has a shot of him also Palmer- really like him but of everything to his game don’t know why he doesn’t get played more Gordon- good for a goal but his shitebaggery when defending dose my head in will probably get into double digits this season Harkins- don’t know why we signed him looks completely done De vita- utterly pointless Cardle- off form just now but I’m confident he’ll get back to his best Zannatta- talented but frustrating at times still a good player at this level Kakay- signed as a right back but is not a right winger? Not sure about him yet Mansell- has his uses but could do with a loan spell in the lower leagues I think Austin- pretty good at fifa Jones- not sure about him yet Miller- grumpy tries to play too many positions at a time but also has an impressive 8 goals so far Cole- hope he’s not another crock as in the limited times I have seen him he looks a real good player
  7. I slagged him last week but fair play to Gordan
  8. Fox Willamsion Mcginty Saunders Penrice Bannigan O’ware Kakay De vita Cardle Miller I think?
  9. Aye but Caldwell left us all the right tools for a promotion push mind.
  10. Someone behind me said they would take him back!!
  11. Gordon’s a horrible wee shitebag of a player.
  12. They missed Zannata’s two chances so yeah I agree with allyo.