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  1. Thanks for the prompt BB, and good luck all H.H.H.H H.A.A.H. A.A.A.A. A.A.H.A.
  2. Would I be right in thinking we signed 2 players from St Midden in the late 80s. One was Billy Abercrombie, on the left (sent off in his first game, I think). Can't remember the other ones name
  3. Here goes A H H A A A H A A A H A H H H H A H H A Thanks, and good luck to all
  4. A- 3 4 2 1 B- 1 4 2 3 C- 1 4 3 2 D- 1 3 2 4 E- 1 4 2 3 F- 1 3 4 2 G- 1 2 3 4 H- 1 4 2 3 Thanks BB and good luck to all
  5. Here goes, A A H A A H H H H A H H A A A H HAAH THANKS, BB
  6. Thanks for doing this again BB. gives us all a wee extra interest in games we probably wouldn't bother with otherwise. Hope you are feeling better after your recent illness. Here goes, A H A A H H A A A H H A H H H A H H A H H H H H H H H H H H
  7. I have a card. renewed over the phone and was told my card would be updated. No new card being issued
  8. Did he have red hair, aged about 60 now?
  9. I don't really mind this, I usually thank them for warming it up before sending them on their way!
  10. I'll have a fresh orange and lemonade thanks, as I'll be working (driving) that night
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