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  1. I believe I was working that day
  2. Sorry Barney, but his debut was in 2018. 2 goals in the first 9 minutes and we thought we were going to score a barrowload, but as usual we managed to hang in there and hold on for the 2-0 victory
  3. Who was hosting that draw. “Clydebank came from behind to beat Clyde 2-0” Whit!
  4. Who was hosting that draw. “CLYDEBANK CAME FROM BEHIND TO BEAT CLYDE 2-0” Eh!
  5. Here goes. HHAH HAAH HHHA AHHA AHAH Thanks BB and good luck everyone
  6. Here goes HAAH HAAA AHHA AAHH HHHH Good luck to everyone.
  7. There are roadworks close to Hamilton, it took me half an hour to travel 1 mile last week. I believe they are due to finish on Saturday, so that time will do for me.
  8. Going with the ever popular, tried and tested method of copy and paste. Thanks for all your hard work BB. HAHHAHAAHHHAHHHAHHHHHHHAAAHHHH Good luck all.
  9. going to Arbroath, I cut off at the "Prudential Roundabout" and went west past Blair Drummond, through Doune and back out at the other side of Dunblane.
  10. Rankers playing in Perth at 12-30, road works at Keir Roundabout, Dunblane, the joys of being a coach driver. Lunch stop at Aviemore may need to be cut short.
  11. I called my doctor to make an appointment to see her face to face. I was told she was only doing telephone consultations. W hen I told her I needed my 5 yearly medical for my Coach driver licence she quickly changed her tune. Possibly because she charges £120 for the 40 minute consultation.
  12. Surely it would be a 3-1 forfeit to allow for their obligatory penalty.
  13. HHHHHHHHHHH Thanks BB and good luck to all.
  14. Italy 3 Ingurlandshire 1 Thanks BB Looking forward to getting the World Cup predictions all wrong next year!