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  1. Anyone else finding the video quality of the stream to be particular poor. Almost seems slightly out of focus and the ball dissappears any time there is a cross into the box.
  2. FYI if you have a season ticket make sure and use the the following url: https://www.ptfcpass.co.uk to log in which does not contain "PPV" as part of the address. I had used the following link: https://ppv.ptfcpass.co.uk/login which will not accept my username and password.
  3. Same issue here. Logged in fine during the week, user name and password saved, can't log in now
  4. There are definitley a few people in this thread getting Andy Wilkinson mixed up with the horrific Will Snowdon.
  5. Hi, Does anyone know of a ref that would be available on Sunday to ref a Jags Trust FC game at 2pm in Easterhouse. Cheers.
  6. http://www.vcfshop.com/products.php?1118 - TAPIRY
  7. It's a strip that has been mocked up by Nike for the 2011/12 season based on the colours of the Catalan national flag. Might never get used!
  8. http://www.wearethistle.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/1876-tapiray/
  9. Dougall


    Barcelona Potential new away top for Barcelona based on the Catalan national flag by Nike.