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  1. Aye, their number 22 was causing us lots of problems. I'm not sure why they would take him off. Agree it was good to see Lyons and Weston on. Weston surely deserves a start soon?
  2. I'm not convinced any notice will be taken of it was what I was meaning. I'm not disrespecting the fans who chose to stay away and protest.
  3. Thought it was Lawless rather than Doc who was the guilty party from what I saw?
  4. Not sure this achieves much, tbh.
  5. Totally agree. Weston, Dowds etc....much more deserving of a starting place
  6. I'd have huckled Fitzy off after 10 minutes of him pissing about doing nothing and shoved Weston on in his place. The wee man at least looks interested.
  7. Winning but not very convincing. Fitzy and McKinnon look like they've been up all night and are playing with a hangover. Midfield is very slight. Hopefully, Banzo and Tiff on for the second half, hopefully.
  8. I'll be there but really cannot be arsed.
  9. I'd rather have Neil from The Young Ones. No thanks.
  10. Looks like Ambrose is turning into a key signing.