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  1. Beaten by a team who have strikers able to actually score goals
  2. I'll be there. Me and the boy are leaving our usual ST seats in the JHS for the Northy for a change. I'll be sitting down, mind, due to my gammy knee and the fact that I'm a lazy bassa. Looking forward to a change of scenery.....and results wise....you never know.
  3. Enjoyed the win and the pie. The game not so much. Still....playoffs
  4. Agree about hospitality. Much improved since Lesley Ann took over. We were there at the Arbroath game and had a ball.
  5. I've stopped watching and am just keeping an eye on updates instead. Poor stuff.
  6. We didn't do that last year when we won the league, though?
  7. I can confirm the pie was great. Currently hiding behind an imaginary sofa.
  8. I'm heading down for this and am assuming it's not going to go well. Still, they do a cracking pie.
  9. Killie are going to hand our arses to us on a very large plate....
  10. Just put high balls up to Big Conor M and we'll be fine
  11. Tiff giving us some possibilities