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  1. I gave up after ten minutes. Absolutely dreadful stream quality.
  2. Completely agree. I also think Snedds has to improve his distribution. He often has an option for a quick ball to Foster, Holt etc and if there's a quick move up the park there's an option for an overlap, some width and then a good ball into the box or to Bannigan etc just outside the box. However, he seems to stop and wait for both teams to settle into a mix them kick the ball into a group of about 12 players. Time and again, Rudden or Graham struggle to get the ball because they're surrounded by opposition players. We then give possession away. I just don't understand that as a tactic, if it is a tactic. Add to that the way all players now seem to create a huddle at one wing of the park ( what's that all about?) and the persistence of a long punt up seems pointless.
  3. I didn't know about the exit from Motherwell, so will read up on what happened. Might be pertinent.
  4. Another ref would have shown at least one red card today, possibly two. Some really dangerous tackling indeed.
  5. They should have been down to 9 men and we should have had a penalty. I thought Moyo did well up on his own but they were a bunch of fouling barstewards, imo.
  6. I would love to see Lawless back.
  7. How much did we miss Foster today? Quite a lot, imo. Great result but frustrating performance.
  8. I just watched the goals on Jagzone. Graham's first goal was a belter, which we saw really clearly at the Railway End. The second goal was a bit of a blur from there, even with specs on, so great to see it properly. Great cross and the way Graham times his jump and places the ball is lovely to see.
  9. Now that was an enjoyable away day..
  10. Fantastic result and performance. Hopefully we can make it two victories in a row in deep and darkest Ayrshire ...
  11. Agree with every point you make here. I actually really enjoyed watching Inverness in the first half today. They were mobile, skillful, intelligent and playing as a complete team. We were like wee boys against them in the first 45.
  12. Not much of a game so far. My pal Gerry is the commentator along with Andy Ritchie. As I said to him in a text, he's been fair but pish.
  13. I have to agree re Turner. I really like Smith and I really like the solidity he brings but Turner brings a lot of creativity.