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  1. Hard to tell but he went nuts at the referee-I imagine a few choice words were used..Clown.
  2. Gordon, Rudden and Murray should have had one each.
  3. Rudden's been decent-the supply to him hasn't been great.
  4. Definitely a wind advantage-it's at our backs this half. Wright nearly missed a few balls in to the goal as they swerved about in the wind.
  5. Could be 2 up. At least we're hitting the target.
  6. Some of the balls which are being sent up to Rudden are shocking.
  7. I sponsor his home shirt and haven't seen him once. I suppose that means we'll get a brand new, unworn, shirt at the end of the season.
  8. Sammon up front. Nae pizzas for him tonight.
  9. Decent quality stream so far and the presentation is pretty professional. Not sure it's £13.99 professional but there you go. Come on the Jags.