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  1. Just watched the highlights on Jagzone and Spittal's goal is an absolute beauty. I couldn't really see it properly yesterday as the stream was buffering but what a peach of a goal from Spitz.
  2. So, the code between your seat number and the 'renew' tab (which is a mixture of upper case and lower case) has to be put in in ALL upper case for it to work? Seriously? I couldn't get on the stream to day at all-for future reference, is that all you have to do? That's also the stupdiest thing I've ever heard in my life-could the club not have made that clear in the email on Thursday??
  3. Good to get a victory but not at all convinced by this team.
  4. Great goal, I think. The stream is so crap it's like watching a game in Fifa 2005.
  5. Ended up paying after trying to get on the ST stream. Quality of the stream is pretty poor and pissed off having to pay twice.
  6. Agree with that. We were outplayed and outfought away to Arbroath last year. Don't know if it's a Billy Big Boots attitude or not but it seemed to be there yesterday too.
  7. Totally agree. Yesterday was harrowing but this is the worst time to make knee-jerk reactions, imo. The team yesterday didn't really resemble the team we saw in the Betfred games so hopefully they'll get a rocket up their arses and realise they need to do more than just turn up to win a game.
  8. Someone should really teach our players how to complete a pass. Some of the attempts today were shocking.
  9. Ran out of likes. First I've laughed today.
  10. Disorder. Lacking in Heart and Soul. Thankfully Sneddon didnt lose control
  11. Renewed early but haven't heard a tweet from the club. After today, I'm not that bothered.
  12. Had some Joy Division at the final whistle, which dissipated the gloom. No, wait...
  13. Sneddon the only player who looked decent today.