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  1. My American football team recently earned an amazing loss when a player chose to score a touchdown instead of time-wasting. A highly improbable series of events saw the opposing team score twice in the span of two minutes and win. Some fans chose to lay blame at the player who scored, even though the resulting events were entirely outwith his control. He had no direct way to influence the outcome. A statement like “what’s TJF going to do - send a questionnaire?” feels equally silly because the situation has been outwith its control as well. The questionnaires are the kind of engagement that has been sorely lacking from the club for years and was a major differentiator in TJF’s model and shouldnt be used as a negative, in my opinion. Edit: “shouldn’t be be” to “shouldn’t be”
  2. 3 subs or no subs, the players should be able to see out a game. Taking comfort in Ayr’s defeat - everyone at the top is at least fallible. Need to sort out these mental collapses though. Lawless outstanding and congrats to Banzo on the birthday goal (and card!)
  3. Interesting choice for Shay Logan - on the live stream he appears to be playing in an adult-sized blue nappy.
  4. I’ve never experienced errors accessing the site. FWIW I usually access on a mobile (iOS) using Safari browser. No special settings or private browsing set up.
  5. Trying to put a positive spin….maybe Tiff could use the extra rest to recover from whatever knock kept him out of our last game.
  6. These problems all go away if we can agree to a system of communicative grunts like the Rangers message boards.
  7. For the offside, does it not matter that the last defender was playing behind the keeper?
  8. I don’t think so either. Pretty sure Raith had a player fallen down along the goal line that the linesman missed.
  9. Haven’t read the proposal yet but wanted to note the site appears to be sending unencrypted traffic over http (as opposed to https). So maybe don’t send personal info if ever prompted because it will be sent as plain text.
  10. Embarrassing (and telling) that the club/3BC would “shoulder tap” an entity lacking process, governance, initiative, and infrastructure when an alternate that has all of those was already in place. I sincerely hope the good/dedicated folks of TJF can combine with, who I hope are, good/dedicated folks from PTFC Trust to form some kind of united supporters front with majority shareholding and reasonable board representation.
  11. Camallain, do you have a PayPal or something where I could throw some cash your way? I missed these last 2 goals due to the streaming issues but sure enough you caught them.
  12. So did any TJF reps meet up with any PTFC Trust reps and discuss business? Perhaps over a livestream? (And by that, I mean a chat at the urinal)
  13. Is the streaming no longer working? Just died over here a little bit ago.
  14. I am so very confused now. In the words of Adrian Edmondson, “Oh god, I’ve got to stop sniffing this Ajax.”
  15. Well this thread sure deviated from my original intent, but…..<looks over at linesman>…..play on, says the ref! Travis’ “Driftwood” seems apt for the situation…. You’re driftwood floating underwater, breaking into pieces, pieces, pieces. Just driftwood, hollow and with no use…. And you really didn’t think it would happen, but it really is the end of the line. So I’m sorry that you turned to driftwood, but you’ve been drifting for a long long time.