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  1. Are you using “turnover” to refer to top-line revenue here? Or in some other context?
  2. Thanks WJ - interesting to note the 2.1 million owed to them. Wonder where that number came from. Also will be interesting to see how our accounts change once the land transfer is complete.
  3. <spit take> Where are you getting that 8.5 million figure from?!? That’s bonkers.
  4. Doesn’t the split also typically offer increased gate revenue, considering the more successful teams are the ones who take along larger traveling supports?
  5. Sydney is tops on my list of places to visit. The craft beer info only sweetens the deal… Maybe a Jags fan virtual happy hour would be a good idea. I think with the time zones, I’d get more opportunities to day-drink!
  6. Actually if you go this option, I can PayPal somebody for the cost of the pints.
  7. Can we move this to a Zoom room or possibly a pub? I generally enjoy reading posts from javeajag and WJ, but we need to get you two to hug this out over a couple pints. (And that’s me proposing solutions with no ability to follow through - precisely why I did not run for TJF this time around!)
  8. Was wondering that myself. Not sure I saw the Twitter account updated either?
  9. Huh, didn’t realize he was Tunji Akinola’s teammate - fellow out-of-contract guy at West Ham. Maybe he could actually do a job for us.
  10. I’ll throw out Jahmaal Hector-Ingram, out of contract at St Johnstone. Formerly Derby County and maybe Stevenage if I read correctly? Striker who bagged 22 goals in Premier League 2 at the start of COVID. Career path seems like he still hasn’t found his level yet maybe? Striker but not proven enough to be “the guy” - possibly worth a flier? Didn’t seem to get much time in the Premiership. Alternatively, Charlie Adam can still deliver a nice ball into the box. As long as WHICH box is not important to you…
  11. Would seem shortsighted if true. I’d think someone like Duncan Smillie, who runs a professional sports team (what would be an “alternative” sport in Scotland), would be a valuable board member in terms of marketing strategy/advice even if he never put any of his personal wealth in. I figure their attendances are probably comparable?
  12. In point 1, I only meant that the end of the former TJF/3BC relationship got a bit finger-pointy, to the extent of ending the relationship - and that I hope that next incarnation doesn’t make the same error. There have been some comments on here suggesting a near-nefarious agenda on Jacqui Low’s part. As representatives of the fans, I’m just saying TJF should ensure they steer clear of this view for fear of the same end. Point 2 - agree fully. It’s why I mentioned the first thing new TJF must do is understand what went south with the former TJF/3BC.
  13. If I’m reading this correctly, I think you’re both making good points. And I think it’s best if they are executed in order: 1) Establish/identify reasonableness for “fit and proper” from a generally accepted legal point of view (so much the better if attorney input is available) 2) Ensure TJF gets to that baseline 3) Demonstrate this to 3BC/Low, understand where/why this falls short of their expectation. Because ultimately it’s 3BC’s ball and 3BC can go home if it wants to I think a full reset is required, including “good faith” discussions and assumptions that: - Jacqui Low/3BC is trying to do the right thing by ensuring the entity to which the shares are handed over is a sound, legitimate going concern (for the club’s sake) - Jacqui Low understands that TJF is trying to do the right things to demonstrate they are fit for this purpose - Getting into anything remotely combative is going to end in the same result Not saying that prior TJF didn’t do this - or attempt to do this - but something clearly went wrong. The very first thing the new TJF board should do is seek separate meetings with the prior incarnation of TJF, as well as 3BC, to understand past history in order to make a clean slate and attempt to move forward.
  14. Really? I watched a fair bit of League One this season and thought - at best - he’s bottom-to-mid tier League One right now. Seems inconsistent to me, but maybe it’s down to our style of play this season.
  15. You are 9 items away from a 12 Days of Thistle Christmas!