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  1. One of the CT players did something similar. I don’t get why they don’t just play on and make it look innocuous. Linesmen have multiple missed calls her game - law of averages will eventually be in the player’s favor!
  2. Neither keeper seems overly confident or decisive. Putting them in a competition where one mistake means you aren’t starting the next game won’t help that. Experience needed.
  3. Maybe refresh? Mine started with a connection error and then the stream kicked on.
  4. A little bit in the first half. Video got a bit grainy too. Second half has been just fine for me.
  5. Good to see Rudden get on the scoresheet
  6. Never mind. Swear it’s in a different place than last time!
  7. Anyone else having trouble finding the login for the stream?
  8. Had no answer for Nouble - caused us so much trouble. Thought Tiffs did well early on before going quiet.
  9. Pretty uninspiring first half.
  10. New slogan for Pixellot: “Better Than Nothing”