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  1. Oh the excitement of that summer that we signed Quitongo and O'Ware - seems a distant memory now!
  2. Hi all The purpose of the initial calls was to make sure any recurring messages were captured in the wider consultation, to make that as useful as possible. We do not expect to engage with everyone through a series of calls with 6 people a time! There will be a final round of these calls next week, and after that a wider consultation will be launched to a wider audience by a different medium than Zoom call. As I have said before, feel free to PM me on here and I am very happy to have you included on those calls. If not, you should have greater substance available to you soon for you to consider. Sandy
  3. That’s true but if we assume we would have got to 9th, would we have win the play off. Using past regulate as a guide as you have done, I think the answer would be no. The evidence? 1. Our previous playoff capitulation. 2. Our defeat to raith in the tunnocks cup. 3. We hadn’t won a league game in 2020. That included failing to beat Alloa, Arbroath and an out of form ayr, as well as queen of south and inconsistent Dunfermline. I agree with so little that GRE says but I do think there is a complete lack of reality about what the likely outcome to last season would have been by many. The circumstantial evidence against is considerable!
  4. Hi all I am putting my head above the parapet here. Myself and one other WG member are facilitating these Zoom calls. These will shortly be replaced by something designed to reach a wider audience more quickly. We have really welcomed the feedback that we have received on these calls to date, which goes far beyond what is mentioned in the programme. The programme works to a very early deadline, and another WG member has responsibility for that and so updates from those sessions have not all filtered through yet. The next calls are likely to be next week (with invites to go out shortly), and if anyone wishes to be included, I would be very happy to add you to the invite list. (PM me on here or send the WG email address an email). All are genuinely welcome - and I can promise carbon neutrality, not for profit, and board diversity are unlikely to be mentioned unless they are a burning issue for you! I know there is a scepticism about all of this for many reasons but this is a genuine reaching out to attempt to share the plans of substance with you, and I hope you can engage with it. The point of the consultation is to get the input of you all. Some of us are seriously passionate about that. Finally, I am sure there are many many more enjoyable ways to find that 15 mins of fame, AFK, I can assure you! Sandy
  5. I agree Furthermore, after a slow start to the season, if we win on Saturday and we consider our main opposition for the league to be Falkirk, that puts us only one point behind them Lose, and we are already 7 points behind them, and perhaps more behind Cove I know there is a long way to go but Saturday looks important already for determining our aspirations for season
  6. Trust Thistle to turn a supposedly short season into another 'long season', but less than the 7 points you mention above AJ, and it almost certainly will be.
  7. That's what I thought all along would have been the outcome had the season been played out.
  8. Agreed; chair, manager, community organisation all aligned.
  9. East Fife have a fantastic youth/community setup. Five star - its about more than the manager.
  10. Thanks to Beth for taking time on her Friday night to get me sorted. Super commitment from club staff to do that.
  11. Couldn't look at this until now as have been incredibly busy and couldn't escape work to do the test. Anyway, despite having three season tickets we haven't yet found a way to logon. I'm tired - will look again later but patience is pretty thin already! Feel a clown not being able to use this but given the thread above seems I am far from alone. Disappointed if I cant get this sorted before kickoff.
  12. I am not pro or anti McCall. I do think he was the popular appointment at the time, and I also think like LIB above, to call for his head after one league game is OTT. However, I do think there is a problem, and we may all be unwitting contributors to it. This squad was built not for this division, but the majority for the division above. Was it unfair the way we were relegated? Absolutely yes. However, when football stopped what was my expectation for the rest of the season? If I am honest, it probably was for us to finish 9th and lose the play off. The unfair narrative has allowed the abject failure of the team last season to be forgiven, or forgotten. If people are constantly told they don't deserve to be where they are, and they have been unfairly treated they may perhaps begin to have it filter into their psyche that they are better than they are. If they think they are big time charlies they will fail in this league, against hungry honest wholehearted part timers. History tells us this. It mystifies me that Sena and Lyons were two of the best players in this league last season but they seem to be bit part players for us, shut out by serial losers. Finally, just because you can use more substitutes does not mean you should do so, without good reason. I see this really disrupting second half performances.
  13. How come 7 months is not sufficient enough period to assess some statistics (per your good self) but it is sufficient period to assess economic statistics? (the economic argument in this tweet is also flawed btw in my opinion) I think that we will only be able to assess the outcomes (economic and social) at the end of all of this. Although, I do completely agree that the evidence to date on the wreckage of the UK economy is compelling, I probably disagree with you as to the root causes of that.
  14. I should add that I have been to England three times on business in last three weeks -Cumbria, stoke and Worcester. And today I fly to London. Whilst the stats don’t lie I feel no less safe there than here and have seen no great difference in how people are behaving.
  15. There’s no politics about it (from me at least) I made a comment. You said it was wrong. Provide the evidence you said. I now have. regardless of the politics of the source, which facts have they distorted then?q the problem - as is often the case with you - is you don’t read what people actually post You answer a different point and then defend your position belligerently let me be clear. I am not saying England and Scotland are similar. I am saying countries are not really directly comparable because there are many other factors to consider. The comparison between Scotland and south west England supports that theory. you (presumably for political reasons) want to suggest Scotland has done amazingly well. As has been discussed before the care home sector would probably disagree and as nerve has pointed out not in comparison to some other small nations. That said, I discount that for three reasons, firstly I understand The point about lack of comparability (which you don’t seem to accept) , secondly We are in unprecedented situation and to suggest any of us would have done much better and not made the missteps some politicians have made would entirely be with the benefit of hindsight and unfair regardless of their political hue imo, and finally it’s pretty unedifying time make political capital out of death statistics. That is after all someone’s granny, someone’s son, someone’s mate they go to the football with. So you can keep up the happy clappy politics of this if you wish, but don’t assume that’s wat drives the motivations of others.