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  1. Sorry for my tardiness BB!! Here you go..... AHHA HAHA AHHA AAHA AAHH
  2. Thanks Martin - plenty other things to do with those hours!
  3. Out of date now as I have stood down. Cheers.
  4. Jim, the class of shares is already known as the shares are already in existence. There is no proposition for new shares (and share classes) to be set up; it is a transfer of pre existing shares with known rights.
  5. Hi Jim (and Stuart), and others There is quite a lot of speculation on this thread which is well wide of the mark. You both know me personally, and can contact me direct if you wish to know more. In addition, there will shortly be a public meeting which will take the form of a Q and A to cover off what YOU want to hear more about. A couple of factual points though - It is commonplace for directors to have to approve share transfers in many, perhaps even most companies up and down the country. Partick Thistle is no different. It is inconceivable that the directors would not effect a transfer that their majority shareholder wished to happen, especially when it had been publicly announced. Secondly, it is equally common, in fact perhaps moreso, for Boards of directors to approve the appointment of any new Board member to any Board. Once TJF are the majority shareholder, however, it will be for TJF board at that time to consider what to do in the frankly highly unlikely event this would happen. The TJF Board will be considering that position from the situation of being majority shareholder of the football club after this transitionary period. Finally, the transfer of shares will be the entire shareholding held by 3BC. I believe everyone has understood that to be the case, but as there is contrary speculation above, felt it was important to reiterate that. Hope this helps and if not, my offer above is genuine, please feel free to contact me.
  6. My latest predictions - I am mid-table, I am Partick Thistle 21/22!! A A A H H A H A H H H H A H H A H A A H
  7. I don’t think the goals show how bad our defending actually was. Sneddon had another couple of good saves. Surely Hendrie starts next week?
  8. HAHHAHHHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHHHAAHHA A lunchtime well spent! Thanks BB
  9. Shocker from Stone. Graham was bossed by Arbroath defence. A lot of rain. A second half to forget.
  10. It comes around quick!!! AHAHAAHHAHA Thanks again BB
  11. Rudden, Turner and Graham all very good. Decent start - will be a very tight league I suspect. QoS will do well to stay up, but equally were probably improved as a team compared to when we last played them.
  12. There will be an update very soon. It will be the most information packed one yet. It is envisaged that the information contained therein will be sufficient to be a catalyst for transitions to full membership. Keep the faith and thanks for the support.
  13. Sneddon unlucky to be on bench again. That was some save in 90th minute on Tuesday.
  14. Thanks to BB for his efforts to keep us entertained this summer - been good fun. Congrats to all those near the top and of course the winner!
  15. Italy 0 England 1 hope I’m wrong obviously! Just feel it’s fated.