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  1. When it comes to football, history has taught me to be a glass half empty character. However, somehow I still think we can get promoted!! the logic? No one else is winning games. We are capable of playing better whilst most of the others around us are not now I know we have been honking , but I can’t see any of the potential teams that we would play that we couldn’t beat over two legs if we find just a little form and have the right attitude. I will revert to glass half empty mode if they let me down over the next ten days. Surely Clyde will be knackered playing us after a run of sat tues thurs sat tues. surely that’s 3 points in a league of so many draws a few wins change everything.
  2. Freezing ground - glad I am not there They are a decent team with a good manager; club all pulls in same direction That said, with the disparity in budgets, we really should be taking teams like this apart
  3. Yes. He could be as important as Scott mcdonald was. But of course he has less time to make the same impact. incredible that we are relying on a signing who seems to have been an afterthought!!
  4. I have high hopes for Tiffoney being this seasons equivalent to what Scott McDonald did for us
  5. H, A, H, H, A, H, H , A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A Thanks for keeping putting in the effort BB
  6. It’s a great team, all prepared to roll their sleeves up and work as hard as Danny Lennon in midfield! Plenty work ahead! Thanks everyone for your support so far.
  7. I will ask the legal member of the team to draft something explaining this, and post it on website.
  8. My pal is a chemist. He got Pfizer jab today and so did all his staff.
  9. The membership organisation is a company limited by guarantee.
  10. It will be Inverness. They have no money. They will be trying to trouser the 500k without the expense of testing.
  11. So let me get this right. they get paid 500k and asked whether they want to keep playing, despite the higher amount being to justify all their additional testing costs etc. we (and others) get 150k and compelled to stop playing i understand football is the ultimate meritocracy, but that just seems completely baffling and wrong
  12. League 1 average attendance last season - 1148 Assume average spend on tickets and MARGIN on pies bovrils etc - £20 per head Less Vat multiply by 18 home games in League That's an average total of £344k Money received 200k However average is pulled up greatly by Falkirk attendances (if we instead look at Dumbarton in isolation, the amount is £199k for example). Perhaps at weekend I will do a calculation for each club This ignores the positive impact of the fact season ticketholders have still paid, live stream revenues, furlough, and not having the costs of games to put on, whilst ignoring the negative admitedly of lost hospitality MARGIN Conclusion : for most of the clubs in the division, £200k of funding should leave them in a similar position to what they would have been, with notable exceptions being Falkirk and ourselves, and to a lesser extent Airdrie. For these clubs the proportion of season ticket sales to total attendances is a key factor in how badly impacted the three clubs will be. So in answer to your question AJ, I agree.
  13. jaf


    Would that need Cove's agreement? Can't see them agreeing if we have an injury crisis!