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  1. Where do you get the "2000 people die almost every week in UK from the Flu" ? Even looking at the ONS stats for Deaths due to Influenza and Pneumonia published for England and Wales in 2020, it varies between 215 and the two maximum weeks were 821 and 931. Even adding in approximately 10% for Scotland and NI it would not reach 2000. I would also assume that some of the pneumonia deaths would be due to pneumococcal strains of pneumonia.
  2. I was as Hampden last night, did a lateral flow before and I reckon mask wearing was only about 10%. Disappointing particularly with the complete shambles at the turnstiles with vast numbers missing the kick off by about 20 minutes. We queued from well before kick off and only just got in to "hear" the goal from the stairwell. It was a visual inspection of the ticket rather than scan, the majority of the fans outside were unmasked and pretty vocal. Little or no stewarding. No point in the SFA setting guidelines and not ensuring that they are effective. "No point in the SFA " also stands alone as a statement in my opinion.
  3. Having retired from a career in heath care and having family members still on the front line, I am all in favour of anything that can restrict the spread of Covid. I know of at least two close associates that did not stick to guidance because it "interfered" with their freedom who subsequently became infected with Covid and required hospital admission. One also infected family members. It is up to individuals whether the want to have the vaccine, but my concern would be the effect of passing on infection to others. Before attending matches I currently take a lateral flow test, it may not be 100% accurate but I believe in trying to do my bit to protect others around me. I have had both jags and am in possession of a vaccine certificate. I have no issues with it being required to attend some events. It is unlikely that it will be required by many of us for Thistle games this season unless circumstances change. Having considered the consequences of infecting others , I will do all that I can to protect others. If this includes showing my vaccination status before entry to some events, I will happily do so. I realise that others will have a different opinion, which they are entitled to. Attendance at events which require vaccine status certificates is not mandatory after all.
  4. I think that McDaid is unlikely, he seems settled and unlikely to drop a League.
  5. Any idea who the trialists are? Is Jones one again?
  6. Kelty treated it like a cup tie. A bit fiery at times.
  7. He had a few very shaky moments when he came on but one or two nice touches as well. I noticed him in the warm up, he seemed a bit lost and didn't look like he knew anyone.
  8. Yes it was in the under 55 age group that they claim 90% . I understand 60-70% across the population. Lets keep our fingers crossed. They are a few other vaccines being developed one intriguingly called Sputnik. Pfizer also ran a trial which initially found 90% efficacy but the major caution should be that their placebo group also showed 90% . Its early days and I feel that any potential vaccine may detract from the need to stay safe in the short to medium term.
  9. I think that the issue with the 90% was that it was in the younger cohort tested. My issue with the Pharmaceutical companies is that they tend to over sell the potential of their products. (After all that is their own products that they are promoting). We had a few managed service contracts that tied us in to companies and their products. On very rare occasions things went smoothly.
  10. I don't get the opening up the stadium to help clubs financially either. Season ticket holders have paid , there would be no hospitality or food stalls. Club shops are unlikely to be open and you would have additional costs in stewarding and staff. I would assume that there would also be additional costs in deep cleaning of toilets, turnstiles etc. and at least wipe downs of seating areas before and after use. I would love to be back at games but I cannot see how "walk ups" on game days could save clubs from the financial abyss during the pandemic.
  11. My background is Biomedical Science. I would be very cautious about the potential for an vaccine being rolled out soon that will be effective over vast swathes of the population. At least one pharmaceutical company has had to draw back from their claims when they discovered that their own data was flawed. A number of companies are working on vaccines which may be effective but we have to remember that they are commercial companies selling "hope" to willing buyers worldwide. My concern is that there is a lot of hype about at present with very little substance behind it. I hope that I am wrong.
  12. Yes, that was my understanding. What seemed to be a very risky way to save Clubs money.
  13. So it looks like the only way that football stadia may be safe is if we dont let the players in. Looks like we are a long way from football games with fans present. If football squads cant be guaranteed to be Covid free, how can crowds?