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  1. The difference is, Celtic and Rangers consciously try to appeal to bottom feeders by exploiting sectarianism. We don’t. Depressing to read about this story all the same.
  2. This nightmare is never going to end, is it? Thistle’s answer to Karl Oyston.
  3. As is often the case with our club, we rarely learn from our mistakes. We’ve had a flavour of what Celtic’s horrible fans are all about with their behaviour at the Youth Cup Final and on the night they won the league. Yet Thistle are prepared to indulge them yet again for the sake of a quick buck. I think most of us reluctantly agree with giving them the JHS and the John Lambie - a club at our level can ill afford to waive such a financial bonus, but to do so at the expense of our own fans’ safety is unacceptable. As other posters have alluded to, the ingredients are there for a night of shame. In recent years, the worst behaviour by Celtic fans saw them destroy seats at Fir Park, riot in Motherwell town centre and Dundee’s General Manager described their behaviour at Dens as the ‘worst he’d seen in 50 years’. The Motherwell match was a Friday night and the Dundee game was an evening kick off on Boxing Day. I really feel sorry for our fans who bought tickets in good faith. It could be a toxic evening. The club have been shamefully negligent here. It wouldn’t have been difficult to deploy a database system where ticket sales are restricted to season ticket holders and to those with a purchase history. Allowing Celtic fans to buy tickets en mass, online is inexcusable. This whole fiasco is even more regrettable given the excellent work of Ian McCall in making us competitive again with such a limited squad. When you listen to his interviews he exudes positivity and is constantly talking our club up. Yet the club have managed to undermine his efforts in restoring morale. Partick Thistle - always the cuddly toy.
  4. The gate receipts we’ll receive from 6,000 peasants is most welcome, but in football terms it’s the last thing we need. Take the giro money and move on. Arbroath the following week is of far more importance to us.
  5. I’m one of the ‘so-called’ supporters who chose to stay away from today’s game. I made the decision a few seasons ago never to set foot in Firhill whenever we play either arse cheek. This is for a few reasons; - I don’t want to sit and listen to sectarian chanting for 90 minutes. - I don’t agree with the huge allocation we give them. Not least because of their behaviour during the youth cup final. - I don’t think any Thistle fan should be forced out of their regular seat to accommodate these scumbags. I understand where the club are coming from in terms of maximising revenue, but I won’t ever accept Thistle fans being treated as second class citizens in our own ground and as such, I won’t ever return to this fixture unless Celtic are given the same allocation as any other club.
  6. I’d rather we treated this competition with the comtempt it deserves.
  7. We have a limited number of seats left on our bus. We will be leaving from the Village Inn at 18:00. Cost is £12 per person. To book a seat, text 07760165168 or DM me.
  8. It’s an absolute disgrace that the Old Firm fixture is always guaranteed to be two home games each. Also, if I’m not mistaken, they actually published the date and time of the final post-split Old Firm game several weeks before the split had even been decided. Not only does it completely undermine the rest of the teams in the competition, but it also brings the sporting integrity (remember that phrase?) of the league into question. Those in charge would have no problem sending Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts or Killie to Celtic Park or Ibrox for a third time, but they wouldn’t dare send either cheek away to the other for a third time. Scottish football is rotten to the core. I don’t think we realise just how good we had it when the newco were in the lower leagues. I went off on a bit of a tangent there, but aye, I fully expect us to be shafted over our fixtures in some way or another.
  9. I’ll happily buy said moron a pint. Ross deserves every bit of abuse he gets and more. He’s an absolute scumbag.
  10. Well that’s just nonsense, isn’t it? The ‘Scottish cringe’ at its very worst.
  11. Booth was outstanding on Saturday. Best player on the pitch.
  12. Looking at our run of fixtures between now and the split, it really brings home how damaging today’s collapse could be. Hamilton (A), County (A), Aberdeen (H), Hearts (A), Hibs (A) and Killie (H). In my opinion, we really need six points from our next two games to give us a fighting chance. Given we’ve managed a solitary victory on the road so far this season, that will be easier said than done. Archie’s record against the top six clubs has been well documented recently, so we can pretty much forget taking any points from our last four games pre-split. It really has been a dreadful season.
  13. This kind of result has been a constant feature of Archibald’s reign. Sick to death of it.