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  1. We are shite and on a one way ticket to going out of business. Theres nothing positive at all about this club now and the fans have let a culture seep throughout the club of accepting failure and constantly sticking with people not up to it.
  2. Bollocks. The fans put the previous shareholders under pressure with scare stories of shady investors taking out loans, people wanting to turn the ground into flats, media scaremongering about the fans being concerned of these people taking over the club, nonsense stories about moving to Scotstoun. I'm so glad the family club got their way! The way things are we are dying as it is . Beat again today eh?
  3. Matt Slater @mjshrimper 6h Meet the Pacific Media Group gang, the data-led, hard-pressing, youth-oriented, multi-club model storming leagues across Europe: Barnsley Thun Oostende Nancy Esbjerg Who they are, how they’ve done it, what the fans think & what’s next. https://t.co/xH4TLUyFGI?amp=1 Thank God we ended up with Jacqui Low still running the club, the Jags Trust mark 2 telling us that Chien Lee and Paul Conway would turn the ground into flats, Ian McCall and all his mates running the team into the ground, a bloody full-time team 4th in League 1. Thank God we don't have a training ground, we have a pile of weeds and dirt behind one goal and we don't even have a scouting network. If you join the dots together from google searches, Martin Christie our one time "Head of Recruitment" has quietly left and is now at ******* Forfar doing the same job according to his Linkedin page. Nothing on the club website or the directory regarding a replacement or "restructuring" or changes or nothing. I give it another year in this league before the begging buckets are out again. We are an utter joke.
  4. Just imagine we went with the rich owners we could have binned this loser McCall tonight. We wanted the family club model though. You reap what you sow as they say.
  5. If you extend it beyond basic league/Scottish Cup wins it looks even worse. Final appearances, semi finals. Even the Challenge Cup our record is terrible in, and we've played in that completion a lot. The club is low self esteem as ****. A lot of that is down to the fans putting up with shite. The big one for me was when Hamilton feckin Accies supporters were trying to run Martin Canning out the door every week and yet whilst we were doing even worse we were happy with Archie! The cosiness of Thistle is a noose around our neck.
  6. Thank God we turned down the Lee and Conway money. Without fan ownership we would have died! Oh wait we are dying anyway. ******* shambles.
  7. Its funny how with Archie back involved the injuries are piling up again just like last time he was here.
  8. Spot on. Next set of people running the club should be outsiders if these clowns don't kill us first. Various individuals and fans groups over the years have totally run the club into the ground. Bowling Club FC. Jobs for all of the boys and girls. Same old woe is me interview on jagzone from the career victim McCall, hard luck, blaming the weather. Makes a change from talking about how well off the opposition are, which he can't do anymore. McCall has always been a nearly man, a myth of a manager who hasn't achieved all that much in the game, but the one thing he was good for before was bringing in players we can develop. Now its all shite on loan and bench warmers from teams like Ayr, has beens circling the drain of full-time football trying to delay the inevitablity of the real world. Him and all the other pals like Archie, Bannigan etc need fired out the door before they do anymore damage. The softball questions on jagzone are embarrassing. No subs, barely created anything worth a ****, and all he can do is crawl up McCall's arse.
  9. McCall is the biggest blowhard in Scottish Football. Talks as good a game as anyone but delivers nothing. He's damaged goods and needs to go.
  10. They should be ashamed of these results and performances against part-time teams. Going to work all day and then going to training at night is hard going and these clubs continually match us and beat us. Pampered ******* won't know how easy they've had it until they're in the real world. They are kidding themselves on as full-time footballers getting beat every week against plumbers and joiners.
  11. Our next set of accounts will be worrying. Especially if we continue struggling on the park and need to keep adding panic signings to address the problems. Outwith Celtic and Rangers we must have one of the biggest first team squads and staff in the country as is.
  12. Really bad as usual. Pathetic that we are literally a one man team with Graham in a league like this. Appalling record against part-time teams. We could barely even beat Penicuik! Clyde will be in the bottom half of this league, we're definitely going to play better teams than them which is worrying as there wasn't anything between the teams. Archie's shitty training showing again. Several injuries already and there was no difference in fitness even towards the end. Glass out before he could sit down and Rudden looks like a crock who can't be relied upon. Only obvious pass marks was Sneddon. The weird thing is if billy big time Fox didn't leave he'd be starting as McCall fancied him more. McCall is a spent force. Overrated. Even his successes in the game have been small and relative. He can't handle pressure. Gobshite of a man. Squad is big and we still need players, especially a solid bit of competition on the left to get Penrice out of the team. Speaking of Penrice, him and Bannigan are two players typical of the Thistle cuddly attitude. Shite but get a pass because they're one of our own. Methinks a lot of these boys won't be playing full time football again when they leave Thistle, delaying the inevitable. Between the clowns like J Lo and her clique running the club and the shit on the park I've run out of patience. Its not good enough, ****** sort it.
  13. Looks like thats the lid finally shut on firhill developments https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/SC353372
  14. I'd quite like to have seen Lee and Conway tbh but the Thistle cult ran them off.
  15. Aye but he's a thistle man just like Gerry Britton Archie and all the other jobs for the boys cronies at the club.