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  1. They should be ashamed of these results and performances against part-time teams. Going to work all day and then going to training at night is hard going and these clubs continually match us and beat us. Pampered ******* won't know how easy they've had it until they're in the real world. They are kidding themselves on as full-time footballers getting beat every week against plumbers and joiners.
  2. Our next set of accounts will be worrying. Especially if we continue struggling on the park and need to keep adding panic signings to address the problems. Outwith Celtic and Rangers we must have one of the biggest first team squads and staff in the country as is.
  3. Really bad as usual. Pathetic that we are literally a one man team with Graham in a league like this. Appalling record against part-time teams. We could barely even beat Penicuik! Clyde will be in the bottom half of this league, we're definitely going to play better teams than them which is worrying as there wasn't anything between the teams. Archie's shitty training showing again. Several injuries already and there was no difference in fitness even towards the end. Glass out before he could sit down and Rudden looks like a crock who can't be relied upon. Only obvious pass marks was Sneddon. The weird thing is if billy big time Fox didn't leave he'd be starting as McCall fancied him more. McCall is a spent force. Overrated. Even his successes in the game have been small and relative. He can't handle pressure. Gobshite of a man. Squad is big and we still need players, especially a solid bit of competition on the left to get Penrice out of the team. Speaking of Penrice, him and Bannigan are two players typical of the Thistle cuddly attitude. Shite but get a pass because they're one of our own. Methinks a lot of these boys won't be playing full time football again when they leave Thistle, delaying the inevitable. Between the clowns like J Lo and her clique running the club and the shit on the park I've run out of patience. Its not good enough, ****** sort it.
  4. Looks like thats the lid finally shut on firhill developments https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/SC353372
  5. I'd quite like to have seen Lee and Conway tbh but the Thistle cult ran them off.
  6. Aye but he's a thistle man just like Gerry Britton Archie and all the other jobs for the boys cronies at the club.
  7. Just as well we've got thistle for ever eh?
  8. we need outside thinking at the club. the post stj regime left us in a heap. it was all down to john lambie turning it round on the field and it collapsed when he left. what was their end result. no youth academy, a three sided stadium, no training ground, and a mountain of debt. we are almost back where we started. all the above more or less still exist and we also have an even worse team now. gerry britton saying today in the daily record this is going to cost the club 300,000. part-time football may have to happen. fan ownership has really paid off hasnt it. if that the case the first thing a rubbish third tier football team should be doing is getting rid of the chief executive. we don't need one if we're going to run a small time setup. thistle has always been jobs for the boys anyway. archie, gerry britton, mccall, kenny arthur, maxie, fans working for the club and running it. far too cosy. its alright, a guy run out of stirling bloody albion will sort it. lets face it the pool of thistle fans with the knowledge and the money to offer the club has dried up. chien lee should have been welcomed with open arms, we are on our arse as it is with the bowling club mentality rife as ever.
  9. i wont be getting a season ticket, cant be arsed and to be honest, id be hard pushed to pay anymore than 16 quid to watch us play pub teams followed by two men and a dug. will watch the walk up prices with interest.
  10. statement reeks of the usual cuddly attitude. britton and low's leadership has been nothing but a disaster and i have no confidence in them. will our financial situation be so rosy after a year of playing teams like forfar, peterhead and montrose every week? mccall will be two games from the sack for the whole of the season, im not sure he can cope with the pressure - second place, semi final, relegated etc, thats mccalls thistle cv. the fans are completely drained by the last 3 years and back to back bad results is just going to make the irritable wanting a scapegoat its going to be tough next year. falkirk, cove have money behind them and we've struggled mightily against part-time teams recently. badly need to keep brian graham and zak rudden, they would score 30 each in that shit league. start with getting a decent goalie in fox is rubbish and should never have come back after the way he left.
  11. would have had a better response for a legal crowd fund i reckon
  12. Good. For too long we've taken things on the chin. Fans will help out with legal fees if need be.
  13. Will be boycotting any club who votes against us. There will be diddy clubs like Clyde in the league below who want the cash from our support. Sadly too many people in our fanbase are spineless so can never see this working as a collective.
  14. Can someone name anything we do well? The first team is rubbish, the youth setup a farce again, we don't engage with the local community, we don't have a training ground, the stadium is a three sided mess, hospitality rank rotten, unreliable ticketing system, home fans constantly made to feel like visitors at the club. You reap what you sow I suppose. Place has been rife with jobs for the boys and the pals act for years.
  15. There is no community at the club. the majority of the fanbase (myself included) lives outside the local area and travels in from a scattering of places. as a club we have totally neglected the possil/ruchill/maryhill/milton type areas in the vicinity of the ground. if you went through the databse of jagzone/season ticket holders etc how many would live in milngavie, bearsden, bishopbriggs, cumbernauld, the west end etc compared to these places? we're too busy spending time doing pointless pr exercises on things like funny looking mascots