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  1. It worked in as much as it elicited a response. We've still to see if that response is accurate.
  2. Some people are easily distracte ....... Oh look a sausage roll.
  3. Doesn't it also include finding out if there is any hidden debt or liabilities the potential owner is taking on?
  4. There is a third explanation for 3BC rejecting the TJF model of ownership which has nothing to do with sustainability and everything to do with the control over that organisation.
  5. I've not being paying much attention lately due to family issues but is there a timescale for the elections?
  6. I don't think that we, as fans or a fans's group, should wait to be dictated to by 3BC on what fan representation or who is elected as representatives. Even if the organisation we have developing is not what JL wants it is what the fans want. TJF should continue to organise (and in my view gather donations) to put pressure on the board and 3BC to listen to the fans echoing what Colin Weir wanted when he bought a majority of shares in our club.
  7. This thread is certainly taking a non-secular turn.
  8. Whichever one we were playing. But I wouldn't be shouting about Rangers if we were playing East Fife.
  9. Subbuteo does absolutely nothing for me but I can appreciate the craft in this.
  10. Why not just ignore them? Especially when you're supporting your own team.
  11. I hit post before I finished typing. The PTFC Trust was set up by the club and seems to claim to be representing season ticket holders of over 2 seasons standing.. The Jags Trust was set up and given shares following the Save the Jags campaign. It's not clear who actually runs it as you can see from their web-site.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/ptfctrust https://www.jagstrust.com/ https://thejagsfoundation.co.uk/ These are links to the on-line presence of the 3 "supporters trusts".
  13. As a member of all three supporters organisations, it is my opinion that the only one which goes any way to represent the fans wishes is TJF and even then it's not perfect. But as TJF is at least showing some semblance of being a democratic organisation, then in my thinking it is the only one we should be considering supporting and pushing to take on the ownership of our club. I set up a standing order to The Jags Trust several years ago and apart from a notice of AGM (don't even think it has been issued annually) have had no communication. As a season ticket holder for a good few years I apparantly am a member of PTFC but only know this from reading it on here. It's time we all started to push for TJF to be our sole representative organisation and try to find a way to communicate to the people controlling the other two "fans organisations" that this is the way forward.