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  1. And it will give the conspiracy theorists something else to anguish about.
  2. It doesn't say what you are signing up for. Mailing list?
  3. And not have it hi-jacked by the SPFL and diverted to the top flight maybe? Have the lower league clubs already received their share of the SG money? Maybe they won't need it now they're not playing and the authorities can give it to the needy premier and championship clubs.
  4. We get cold weather every winter so how can that be a reason not to move football to the milder months?
  5. Well there were 13 Scottish Cup ties yesterday. We had one last weekend. Dundee Utd yesterday and more that I can't be bothered looking for. Livingston have cancelled 2 games recently so plastic pitched don't always guarantee games will be on.
  6. So, are you saying that 3BC will decide how the fans' organisation is set up and run and not the fans themselves?
  7. Only if there are members! Why not have a fans' representative organisation up and running in advance? It will have a role as such even if the shares are not handed over. That way it is not a brand new organisation, still trying to sort out governance etc and will be ready and functioning when the estate is finalised.
  8. Shortly is a bit vague. Surely the foundation should be ready to be looking for members? Nothing has moved on in almost a year.
  9. Still saying nothing new. Just presenting it with some extra bells and whistles. The Jags Foundation needs to get up and running in order to get fans actually involved.
  10. Just listening to Sportsound and realised that there is an upside to a postponed game. Not having to listen to the manager's excuses.
  11. OK here goes:- A, H, A, H, A, A, A, A, H, A, A, A, H, A, A, H, H, A, H, H.
  12. Looks like we've got a game every Saturday until the end of the season. So this (and any other postponements) will be played mid-week. The heating and floodlights will need to be paid for then too.