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  1. How often do we read/hear this in relation to Thistle?
  2. Which fools are those? All thistle fans or just the ones you don't like?
  3. Just saying "beginning shortly".
  4. Read back over the thread. Try upper case in your password.
  5. Turning football into a TV sport has signalled the long decline of the game as an event which people go to watch. Post covid could see this long term death speed up, as broadcasting companies see streaming as another way to monopolise the income. Season tickets will become no more than a TV subscription and as clubs and the governing bodies become more reliant and tied in to the media the cost of up-keeping stadiums to allow fans in will become, in the thoughts of club owners, burdensome. So, for people like me who don't particularly like watching my football on a screen, streaming not working well would actually be a good thing.
  6. What's the odds on Thistle changing the log-in procedures before tomorrow, "to make things easier"?
  7. Thistle just tweeted this message:- Our stream log-in test for Partick Thistle season ticket holders is now underway. We encourage all ST holders to test their log-in ahead of Saturday's match. Capitalize all characters in your code if you receive an "invalid credentials" message.
  8. You do realise this is only Thursday?
  9. That worked. Did you work that one out yourself? If so well done. I was just about to phone Firhill.
  10. What's the Scottish Cup? (I'll keep mine as it is) Thanks.
  11. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/live-stream-update-for-season-ticket-holders/ I really do hope it works as I'll be at work when the tests are available so will only know when it goes live on Saturday.
  12. I bit the bullet and downloaded the app. I entered my e-mail address and any old password. I then clicked on the forgotten password link and re-set my password from the e-mail it sent me. God knows where I go from here. For some reason thistle's on-line presence has always been a nightmare.
  13. The item on the web-site says to go into the app and ensure your details are correct. I don't want to download an app so went on-line and just can't find how to get into my details to check them. The cookies on my lap-top mean I log in to the ticketing web site automatically but from there on it's a maze.
  14. Just read through it and it's clear as mud. I forsee problems!