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  1. Did you try searching using "Patricia" Thistle?
  2. 50% or 100%. Is it ok to make fun of a characteristic someone is born with?
  3. I think if IMcC had made a remark about them never putting Richard Foster's media career in jeapordy it would have been just as funny without referring to a characteristic that no-one has control over. We can educate ourselves but intellectual capacity is something we are born with. On the subject of RF in the media. I wonder if we would have been as much the talk of the airwaves if he wasn't a regular on BBC sports programs. I haven't listened or watched other outlets so can't compare coverages.
  4. Round Two predictions H H H H H A A H A H H A H H A H H A H H
  5. As the flag is for the Burgh of Maryhill, I'm sur the team that play in red and black would dispute that!
  6. It certainly worked in France, where the necessity to have a vaccine passport to get into clubs, events and the like resulted in a massive uptake of the vaccine.
  7. As we're not likely to need them for attending Firhill (10k fans) and I've had both I think it's a good idea.
  8. After all the work put in to devise the randomiser it would be extremely daft of me to think I could guess any better, so here's the results I was sent! HHAHAAAHAHAAAAHHAHAHHHAHHHAHHH
  9. Deadline for submissions 7pm, Friday 17 September. it's going to take me til then just to read the $**$ing instructions!
  10. A few minutes before that went in I said to my pal, " What's going on? Two Goals and Brian Graham hasn't scored!"
  11. This is a bit like a drum roll to introduce a ............... drum roll!
  12. Don't know about anyone else but I got about 40 minutes of commentary. Like the team the second half was mostly missing!
  13. Nah, but don't tell the SPFL that.
  14. The sort of people whose capacity for hope outweighs their grasp of realism.