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  1. Know the feeling. I couldn't watch the live stream as I was on a zoom meeting to do with work. I was getting alerts lighting up my phone and by the time I could check them I was too scared to look!
  2. I wonder if the ladder, which I'm sure was there when we played there too, is supplied by the sponson who advertises on the hoarding behind the goal.
  3. I said that when I responded. Hopefully others will too and they'll listen.
  4. The question keeps getting asked why we didn't go with the rich people who would have saved our club and sorted all our problems. WE didn't have a choice. No matter how many (or few) people on this forum who were against the takeover voiced their opinion, the decision was entirely that of the shareholders who were wanting to sell up. They decided to sell to 3BC and that brought us to where we were now. If there was a better option for both the sellers and the club then why didn't they take it?
  5. Anyone listening to the commentary on Jagzone? Is it my end that's only getting it intermittently?
  6. Well as she has only employed one manager I suppose you could say her record is 100% negative (or positive).
  7. ... or maybe the bottom?
  8. It's more our record of either keeping clean sheets or scoring more than the opposition that will have a bearing.
  9. You're talking quality not numbers? I'm honestly not sure what you meant by "nose-dived" as we seem to have had a good few appointments in the time the current CEO has been in position! Whether they have improved the situation at Firhill is the question I would ask.
  10. Not sure what you mean. Are you saying we have recruited less?
  11. Are we actually playing this game? Thursday afternoon and not a mention of it on the Thistle web-site. It's not even on the fixture list. I'm can feel myself gradually losing all interest in things red and yellow!