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  1. The area up for sale, as far as I remember, did not include access. It is in an area called Dryfield. Cala Homes were refused permission to build houses on it because it was a former sewage works.
  2. We don't even take second halfs that seriously either!
  3. Bit like jagzone commentary!
  4. A lot of words to say "It wisnae me"!
  5. Maybe there is also an option for TJF to consider purchasing shares held by individuals. I don't know what percentage of shares is in other hands.
  6. I suppose TJF could have called for season ticket holders to withhold their money at the start of the season. All it would have taken was a quick look in a crystal ball.
  7. Why do you care? Or even why, do you care?
  8. If this goes through it's Partick Thistle Football Club who has lost.
  9. If you are referring to the publication of the questions TJF put to the PTFC Trust what is it that you find appalling? The audacity of them asking questions? Or maybe you find an organisation which communicates with its members about what it is doing, somehow wrong.
  10. What is that other way? Maybe if you replace some of the rhetoric with actions or at least concrete suggestions then others will agree and go along with it.
  11. In what way did "they" connive? Who are you calling on to SACK THIS CHAIR/SACK THIS BOARD?
  12. I go into the app and then to the icon that says member cards. That gives the details of my season ticket. When I click on that it brings up a QR code which I scan at the turnstile. It doesn't have anything about particular matches.
  13. Don't know what you mean. Is the app updated for each game?
  14. Maybe they'll claim some more beneficiaries through this!
  15. Maybe that was the initiation ritual they went through to prove themselves as worthy fans!