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  1. Another case of common sense going out the window in the rush to return to "normality"?
  2. It does read like this. Hopefully this is just another case of poor communication from Thistle. If not then it looks as though the club is trying to charge ST holders for the stream but not being open about it.
  3. According to commentary it's Bannigan who's captain.
  4. Can anyone get a message to the Jagzone commentary team and tell them to switch microphones.
  5. Are they being tight with the anniversary strips? No squad numbers!
  6. It surprised me that none of the pundits mentioned this at the time. I don't follow English football enough to really comment but scapegoats came to mind. Had they scored it would have been plaudited as a bit of managerial, tactical ingenuity.
  7. Tonight's is a test game. Will be strictly controlled and reported on. Don't know if the EK friendly was the same for them.
  8. I wonder if clubs started selling sponsorship on baselayers if the rules would change to allow players to take their tops off to celebrate?
  9. Been trying since 10 this morning to get through on the phone to Firhill. Must be busy with lots of ST holders buying tickets.