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  1. Should have been The Moody Blues "Go Now"
  2. Just to ensure no doubt - the numpty that picks the team
  3. Still got one big problem that will cost us
  4. What a completely inane comment. Really ? I thought he might want to be more defensive and score fewer goals.
  5. Underwhelmed overstates how whelmed I am.
  6. Because of his proven track record. Besides, Scally has talked sense whenever I have heard him and lets be honest, any manager with a proven track record that we could get is going to be pretty crap. The only way we will get a decent gaffer is by taking a risk on someone unproven. There has been lots of posts requesting that we go for young players from Juniors or academy, so why not also give a young manager his chance, assuming that those making the appointment think he is upto the job.
  7. I'd keep Scally and remove Archibald and McCall
  8. And a very interesting article from 2007 on McCall http://www.scottishfootballblog.co.uk/2007/04/mccall-over-bar-shouting.html note the "amicable" in quotes
  9. From his wikipedia page .... Despite narrowly avoiding relegation, Ian McCall was sacked by Queen of the South, with his assistant Gordon Chisholm taking over. His departure from Queen of the South was in bitter circumstances. McCall fielded an ineligible player in Jamie Adams in a Scottish Cup run early in 2007. Queens were fined £20,000 by the SFA. Chairman Davie Rae described the fine as, "A considerable sum".[6] McCall's departure from Queens was at the season's end
  10. The reality is that by the time football restarts, there are going to be a lot of players desperate to find clubs and wages offered will be significantly lower than current player demands. We absolutely must be pushing for promotion at the first attempt.
  11. Other teams don't have a manager who has failed as miserably as McCall has
  12. Why do we need a manager when there is no prospect of football in the immediate future ? We would immediately save on the National Insurance and other add-ons to the basic salary We could negotiate a compensation package that would be less than the total wages owed I would suggest that you do the sums.
  13. Bollocks to that. If we are not pushing for promotion from the off then heads must roll. (I'd rather they rolled before)