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  1. I don' suppose that McCall said when he was going to p**s off ?
  2. It was slightly tongue in cheek as this would not be the right time. End of the season will do. Wouldn't want Mourinho and his park the bus tactics, but a joint player management team of Messi and Ronaldo might be interesting. Think they could do a job for us in either Championship or League One. As for Rudden and Tiffoney. Scott is only here for another 4 games before returning to Livvy. (Yes McCall has taken us so low that our star player is on loan from Livvy. Sad times). Also, upto two weeks ago Rudden was a total Donkey, so it remains to be seen if this is his true form or just a purple patch. I'd also be concerned about his glass legs. I doubt if either are on the radar of other clubs, so "best attacking talent in the Scottish Leagues" is pushing it a bit.
  3. To repeat the original poster .... CAN WE DO IT ?
  4. I've not gone away and I still want him punted. Credit where it's due and the last 11 days have been great for all who support The Jags and McCall has played his part in that. However it does not make up for the past 11 months (and more) of utter dross and simply highlights how poor this league is and what might have happened if we had played like this from the start. Someone above posted 1 point out of 6 from Cove and 2 points out of 6 from Falkirk. If we had just won those home games we would now be 7 points clear and pretty much wrapped up.
  5. I'm led to believe he's a unit.
  6. Seems like McCall is doing a good enough job without my help
  7. No. I'm desperate for no one to defend him so that our board (who do read this) get the message
  8. Aye. You can tell from this squad what a brilliant eye for talent he has. Rudden and McIver are absolute gems and I've no idea where we would be were it not for Lyons Anyone want to defend McCall after last nights omnishambles ? Perhaps some thinks he needs more than 45 games to prove he is a dud. The time to act is now. Lets not make the same mistake we made when keeping Archibald for too long. We have 7 wins in our last 28 games (from start of 2020 when he had his own team) How bad does it need to get ?
  9. 'koff. I'd rather have McCall
  10. It's weeks since McCall last ****ed something up. Life is not the same without it
  11. I wonder what the chances are of getting supporters into stadia by September THIS year ? Based on 1,000,000 vaccinations a week, I'm not expected to get my 2nd jab before late September, and I am over 60, so I can't see them letting the public go to stadia without significant social distancing measures in place.
  12. I think you have your answer https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55622874
  13. Never thought I'd say this, but thank god McCall is our gaffer.
  14. Another weekend without a win Another weekend without a goal How long can this be tolerated ?