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  1. How about stop McCall spouting hot air. Artic would be refrozen within weeks.
  2. Hilarious ! Even after a 6-1 win, Golden Bollocks can still **** up the post match interview. (No harm to anyone with abnormally coloured genitalia intended)
  3. It is a conundrum. I wonder if we need to somehow embrace the imbalance. Playing a second winger may just expose Banzo and Doc in midfield. So far they have looked weak against the better sides so there is a risk in taking that route and playing both Rudden and Graham. If we bring in the midfield gaffer ( @Weebaw1 ) then who gets dropped without taking away some of the attacking threat and we would still have 90% of our attacking options going through Tiff. I do think we have the players (note to @dl1971 I have previously acknowledged that McCall has been a good scout) so what we need is an alternative tactic as opposed to looking to get the ball to Tiff every time. That doesn't need to be down the right, it could be down the centre. Having a second threat would also take the pressure away from Tiff. Currently if plan A isn't working, the alternative is hoof-ball.
  4. Interesting post. For someone who doesn't want to listen, you do appear somewhat obsessed with responding to every post. It is also interesting that you rarely have anything positive to say. Many on here have already commented on how bad Ayr were, yet you chose mine to respond to, negatively. Can you remind me of that definition of vindictive ?
  5. As promised - ****ing hell ! Ayr have a sh*t team ! Ayr were so bad it is hard to tell if we were good or not. Akinola and Mayo did look good, but they weren't really tested that much and there are still issues in midfield. Tiffany is a great player and a huge asset, but playing him does cause us a problem. Without a similar threat on the right, if the opposition can shut him down we don't have any plan B. Playing 2 up front and 2 wingers leaves Banzo and Doc exposed in midfield. I don't know what the answer is as Tiff has to start when fit, but clearly McCall doesn't have an answer either.
  6. I could ask for him to have not had us relegated in the first place. He won a league he should never have had us in. EDIT TO ADD .... I forgot that being bottom of the league was part of McCall's master plan to save us from relegation, and it was only scuppered by those pesky SFA/SPFL and their unscrupulous vote.
  7. ****ing hell ! Ayr have a sh*t team !
  8. Clueless. I still think he has some decent players, but no idea how to make them a team. Lost to all of the top 4 now. Did golden bollocks not say (as Ayr manager) that Ayr should not be winning at Firhill ? Time to stand by your own mantra. By my count it is 5 games v Ayr at Firhill since we last won.
  9. I think you miss the point. Most of the squad have played better, often at a higher level, than they are under McCall. It is no coincidence that the entire team are playing way beneath what they are capable of. Docherty and Bannigan should not be getting bossed by Nicky Low at Arbroath. Mayo plays for Scotland U21
  10. Thank god you didn't say Dools. I might have screamed ! Would Nouble do any better in our set up than Graham ? Would Banzo or Doc be bossed by anyone in this league if playing at their best ? As for Campbell, "the kind of manager" yes, but not him. Been there done that and don't want the sort of negative football that he usually sets out with (I know they are scoring this season, but it is an exception). I do admire that his teams usually play way above what is expected from the players available. We need someone like that who can gel the team so that every player plays to nearly 100% of potential most games and I don't think McCall will ever be that. I don't have any names to put forward, but I'd be surprised if we would get that from any of the usual suspects, so it would need to be someone from left field.
  11. I've kept quiet letting others enjoy the honeymoon of our fortuitous promotion, but that honeymoon is well and truly over. I'll give McCall some credit as he was able to profit from Falkirk's capitulation and he has brought in some pretty decent players, but there in lies his failings. Leaving aside the goalkeepers where there are issues and I don't think either are ready to be Championship regulars yet, we have some decent players throughout the rest of the squad. Akinola, Mayo, Holt, Foster, McKenna and Hendrie should be able to form a defence worthy of a Championship challenge (even better when Brownlie returns) The midfield must, on paper be one of the best, with Bannigan, Docherty, Turner, Tiffony, Hastie, Murray and Smith, all of them would walk into any other side in this league Up front, Graham and Rudden have shown that they know how to score goals. On paper we probably have the best squad in the league Clearly it is not the players that are the issue, but some how the team plays to less than the sum of the components, in direct contrast to Arbroath. How many of their players would we want and how many of ours would they want ? It is the managers job to get the team playing to their potential and this is where he has failed. Badly. It's not like he doesn't have form in this respect. It took the nous of McNamara to turn the team he built into title challengers first time round (does anyone think that McCall would have won the league ?) and for the first half of last season the team was playing way below its potential. It is pretty clear to me that with McCall we can bumble along in, as others have said, "mid-table mediocrity", but we could do so much better with a manager who could galvanise the players he has found into a winning unit. We don't need a scout. We need a manager.
  12. I don' suppose that McCall said when he was going to p**s off ?
  13. It was slightly tongue in cheek as this would not be the right time. End of the season will do. Wouldn't want Mourinho and his park the bus tactics, but a joint player management team of Messi and Ronaldo might be interesting. Think they could do a job for us in either Championship or League One. As for Rudden and Tiffoney. Scott is only here for another 4 games before returning to Livvy. (Yes McCall has taken us so low that our star player is on loan from Livvy. Sad times). Also, upto two weeks ago Rudden was a total Donkey, so it remains to be seen if this is his true form or just a purple patch. I'd also be concerned about his glass legs. I doubt if either are on the radar of other clubs, so "best attacking talent in the Scottish Leagues" is pushing it a bit.
  14. To repeat the original poster .... CAN WE DO IT ?