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  1. I wonder what the chances are of getting supporters into stadia by September THIS year ? Based on 1,000,000 vaccinations a week, I'm not expected to get my 2nd jab before late September, and I am over 60, so I can't see them letting the public go to stadia without significant social distancing measures in place.
  2. I think you have your answer https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55622874
  3. Never thought I'd say this, but thank god McCall is our gaffer.
  4. Another weekend without a win Another weekend without a goal How long can this be tolerated ?
  5. I would happily pay double admission to see us in another final
  6. I hope that we have enough room for all kinds of supporters, but no room for "I'm a better supporter than you" arguments. I hope that we are allowed to express dissatisfaction when the team is regularly underperforming
  7. It wasn't my list. But even so, very few players would get in our team, but we are 5th. You could put Robert Lewandowski up front and I doubt he would score many the way we are set up. I've not been counting the likes, but I am on +6 and was negative last time I looked.
  8. My counter argument to this is that we already have the best squad in the league. By laukats analysis (Posted Tuesday at 12:00 PM) Callumn Morrison was the only player from all the other clubs in this league that would get into our team. I would therefore argue that we have the players, but need to play a different style (same comments on here every game, even when we win) and I very much doubt that McCall has the ability to do that.
  9. I'm not playing your trolling games. You are not going to accept any argument, but put up no counter argument yourself. Fine, you carry on crossing your fingers and praying for the best, but I'd rather do something more positive. Judging by the likes, which now outnumber the dislikes (new ground for me) I am convincing some, so I should probably thank you for your help. As for financing the removal of McCall, I suggest that you reread some of my posts (there is evidence that you don't always do this)
  10. At least I have a plan. I have laid out why it is important to get promoted THIS season, and why, in my opinion, we have a better chance of achieving that with a change of manager. I have also said how I would finance that and backed all of that up with some data to provide evidence of why I have this view. As far as I can see, your alternative is to cross your fingers and hope that McCall can pull a rabbit from a hat. So why do you think that has a better chance of success and what data do you have to back this up ?
  11. Like DD said. 35%. However I guess you are looking at league games only which as you say is 40%. However staying with league games, are you satisfied with 5th place (outside of playoffs ?) Are we over or under performing ? Are we getting better or worse ? (33% league wins October, 50% November, 25% December) Why do you persist in defending mediocrity
  12. I believe Airdrie have a mixture of full time and part time players. Even so, just 2 wins against full time times in 2020 (11 games) is still dire. It also provides evidence that McCall does better when up against it. He did better with GC's players last season and this season did better when the injuries were at their worst and player selection was enforced
  13. What are the odds on us not making the play-offs
  14. I have made my opinion known to Jacqui Low. Surprisingly no reply
  15. Even a Dick gets it ! (Sorry mate. I think we're on the same side.) The form this season is not good enough and shows no sign of improving. Remeber, Queens Park are the only full time team that we beat in the whole of 2020 ! Look at the comments on here from pretty much every game and you see the same complains repeated. No pace, no attacking threat, endless crosses into nobody in particular, ponderous cross field passes. Still nothing changes. McCall's history shows no record of being able to turn round a team in the short term, and that is what we need, not when we fail to get promoted, but right now.