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  1. The news we were waiting for: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/tunji-akinola-extends-contract-until-2023/
  2. I heard somewhere that they had the option to buy him back in summer 2021 when he would have been playing for us for 18 months had everything been normal. If that is the case I'm not sure if the option has now expired.
  3. Queens Park game on Boxing Day also off so that will give the Firhill pitch a much needed break
  4. Ballot details now on club website https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/upcoming-home-games-update/
  5. As a number of people have said similar completely untrue figures this is a summary of the latest data from Scottish government: https://twitter.com/FreedomPodcast1/status/1471201265178845186/ Data can be found at this link: https://publichealthscotland.scot/media/10853/21-12-15-covid19-winter_publication_report.pdf
  6. Yes, I suspect if the club does some sort of ballot like they had suggested in past then any season ticket holders who wish to attend will probably get to one game.
  7. Looks like club were given no prior warning of today's announcement https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/club-update-21st-december-2021/
  8. I would assume from previous posts by the club it will be home fans only and there will be a ballot of season ticket holders so 500 will get to game on 29th and presumably a different 500 on 2nd and same on 14th. How many season ticket holders are there?
  9. They call it 'key moments' but fail to show the potential red card, just the resulting free kick.
  10. If you read 'spoiler alerts' (previously known as conspiracy theories) this is beginning of a second attempt at bringing in digital ID (after first failed when Tony Blair was PM) where everything about you will be held in one place (health data, criminal record, credit score etc) and will be required for accessing bars, restaurants, concerts, football etc. They are starting with 'covid vaccination status' as by this point majority of people would appear to be in favour of this and then it will just grow arms and legs from there. The fact that banks are now making it no longer cost effective to deal in cash and as good as forcing venues like Firhill, Hampden etc to be card payments only may not be unrelated. Let's look back at this post in 6 months or a year's time and see where we are. If this is all nonsense and 'covid passports' were only temporary and introduced for a short period of time before being cancelled and life went back to normal then I'll admit that I was wrong.
  11. I has able to buy a ticket for the South Stand but confusingly it said 'Home Fans' all through the process. I clicked on the link from Thistle website and was on a chromebook. I know sometimes there are problems using a phone.
  12. This seems to be the same for Hampden for game next Saturday, no cash accepted anywhere in stadium. This has obviously been something put in to place by Scottish Government and/or Glasgow City Council as part of 'new normal'
  13. We will just need to agree to disagree but I have personally witnessed the same individual behaving in the past on other trips to away matches in a manner that I would consider totally unacceptable. I have no idea exactly what happened yesterday and it may well be that on this occasion he is completely innocent and did nothing wrong.
  14. Some well known troublemakers in away end were escorted from the ground during the game (not for the first time). I'm not sure what exactly they were accused of doing or if it had anything to do with this incident. EDIT: Have just looked on match thread on P&B and it would appear that this is the incident in question.
  15. I'm assuming Davie Moyes may have recommended him. A player not good enough to make West Ham first team could still do a job at our level.