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  1. Stream has started now if you click on 'Live Video'
  2. I was actually only making the point when someone said Dundee would be envious of our history that they had been European Cup semi finalists. I think the cities are Dundee, Milan, Madrid, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Belgrade, Budapest, Bucharest, Prague. It was only 8 when I first heard question but London & Manchester have been added since then.
  3. Bizarrely in an answer to a popular trivia question Dundee is one of only something like 6 cities where more than one team has reached at least semi finals of European Cup/Champions League. United obviously did so in 1984 vs Roma but Dundee had previously done the same in 1963.
  4. David Weir and Graham Alexander both played in to their 40s as well.
  5. Took me a couple of attempts to get it started but has been playing through my chromecast since start of game.
  6. I don't think it's a coincidence that vote to extend emergency powers is in a few days just as things would appear to be getting much worse again. Fortunately there are a lot of MPs who seem to not have fallen for Monday's presentation and are still intending to do everything they can to block them being extended.
  7. I think it is for anyone who will not get paid if they have to stay home to self isolate so would therefore include hospitality workers in that situation. I don't think they can claim it if furlough ends and they get their pay reduced as hours cut.
  8. There was 1 week when number doubled starting from a very small number. Since then it has taken 2 or 3 weeks for number of 'positive tests' to double so taking figure and doubling it for every week is incorrect and easily discredited. Number has also started levelling off in the only countries they were willing to compare UK to that are supposed to be weeks ahead of us. Also using the word 'cases' is incorrect as lots of doctors are pointing out that is normally only used for someone who is actually ill and needs treatment, majority of these people are not ill and probably not even contagious.
  9. The 5% is also thought to be significantly overstated as according to reputable scientists 1 or 2% are false positives and a lot of the rest are fragments of virus left from months ago so it is probably only 1 or 2% being tested that are actually positive and contagious so even less justification.
  10. This is from our leader today: Nicola Sturgeon has urged Scottish families to not book holidays abroad during the October school holidays. In her address to the Scottish parliament, the first minister said Scottish families should treat the autumn term holiday as an opportunity to limit social contact with others. And she told MSPs proposals for a temporary "circuit break" lockdown over the school break were under review. That was a policy suggested by the UK government to interrupt virus spread. The idea is that a short, sharp period of tightened restrictions for everyone could curb the spread of coronavirus. However, Ms Sturgeon said: "The Scottish government has not made any decision at this stage to implement such a policy - however, we are actively keeping it under review." This document leaked yesterday allegedly from a civil servant suggesting they are planning to shut down country for October school holiday: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EiYZYR4WkAEcGc0?format=jpg&name=900×900 She refused to comment when asked if it was accurate. Let's see what happens.
  11. They also started the graph in June or July so that current situation looked much worse when not compared with March/April. Unfortunately we will have to put up with lots of this nonsense for next week or so in lead up to the vote to extend emergency powers. There are starting to be some dissenting voices including some influentual members of Conservative party. Sadly still no sign of any sort of opposition party in Scotland.
  12. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-54000629
  13. Walter Smith rather humiliated himself in court as he was a full director of the original Rangers when financial problems started, so had all these legal responsibilities, and said 'I didn't take any notice of the club's finances'
  14. Really good blog post. https://drmalcolmkendrick.org/2020/09/04/covid-why-terminology-really-matters/