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  1. The club has to do this as apparently council insists on it but at 2 previous games I have seen no evidence of anyone being refused entry or being told off because they had missed their timeslot.
  2. Email I got telling me my seat number for tomorrow said that they hope to have everything back to normal for next home game on Aug 28th. We should find out for definite in next few days as next changes meant to come in a week on Mon.
  3. I took out an online subscription for a month for £12.99 and you can cancel before end of month. If you have a chromecast or smart tv works fine.
  4. There needs to be 16 teams in next round so that makes sense if 5 teams got a bye as in European competitions.
  5. Seems to be home fans only, capacity 350 https://www.stenhousemuirfc.com/2021/07/11/welcome-back-warriors/
  6. This link (from club twitter) took me straight to page for game https://t.co/JrhqtYMXZT?amp=1 It doesn't seem to work now but will maybe be back on in morning.
  7. If Falkirk don't win on Saturday then Thistle win all 5 remaining games they are guaranteed 1st place.
  8. Stream has started now if you click on 'Live Video'
  9. I was actually only making the point when someone said Dundee would be envious of our history that they had been European Cup semi finalists. I think the cities are Dundee, Milan, Madrid, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Belgrade, Budapest, Bucharest, Prague. It was only 8 when I first heard question but London & Manchester have been added since then.
  10. Bizarrely in an answer to a popular trivia question Dundee is one of only something like 6 cities where more than one team has reached at least semi finals of European Cup/Champions League. United obviously did so in 1984 vs Roma but Dundee had previously done the same in 1963.
  11. David Weir and Graham Alexander both played in to their 40s as well.
  12. Took me a couple of attempts to get it started but has been playing through my chromecast since start of game.
  13. I don't think it's a coincidence that vote to extend emergency powers is in a few days just as things would appear to be getting much worse again. Fortunately there are a lot of MPs who seem to not have fallen for Monday's presentation and are still intending to do everything they can to block them being extended.
  14. I think it is for anyone who will not get paid if they have to stay home to self isolate so would therefore include hospitality workers in that situation. I don't think they can claim it if furlough ends and they get their pay reduced as hours cut.