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  1. Patience has rightly already worn thin among the Thistle support (who have stuck by the club manfully over the last few years - I just noticed the Gofundme is at £57,000). There won't be much stomach for many more performances like that today. If current management and players can't achieve results quickly - they will have to move on.
  2. Caldwell got 5 games last season. A shorter season this year, he has half a dozen games to prove his worth, that's it. He has to be under pressure already.
  3. OK Woodstock Jag, we get it, you're a lawyer. Your opinion is we won't win. However, some other lawyers (who I suspect are more experienced than you) think it's worth proceeding with this. Perhaps you are deliberately being pessimistic so we won't be too disappointed if Thistle lose the case. As for the goodwill argument - I for one am not interested. We are well past any goodwill or warm wishes from any other club being of value to us. This is competitive sport and we need to try to protect out interests.
  4. I think you're right. And I don't think the story is finished yet. Balance of risk now I think is to wait and see on reconstruction. Our interests seem to coincide with Hearts and Sevco and I don't think they are finished with this. By contrast, in 2004 we were completely on our own.
  5. My first thoughts as well on reading the club statement. Out interests appear to coincide with those of Hearts and Rangers who have more power to wield than our solo legal attempt. Rangers will push for some null and void. Hearts for reconstruction. Both could have saved Thistle from relegation before our court case ends up on any other lawyer's desk.
  6. Difficult decision now for Thistle to balance up. Continue to challenge the resolution vote and it could be re-run - and pass straight away as yes. Bide time and league reconstruction with no relegation may happen. No idea what the best thing for our interests is now!
  7. Why would you have any need to send a message saying "please don't count our vote" if you hadn't sent in any vote? Dundee have known that their 'No' vote was cast and were trying, in a very devious way, to seize an opportunity. This all needs an independent group of lawyers to go through the timeline of events. Which is what Sevco seem to have suggested - and they are right.
  8. The injustice of 2004 pales in comparison to this proposal. Thistle will be seen as a soft touch and easier to disadvantage than Hearts, Celtic, Dundee Utd. I'd almost rather watch Thistle play non-league in Ruchill Park than accept this...
  9. The cynic in me agrees with you. In terms of sporting fairness, to me the only 2 options are void the whole season or restart it from it's current point whenever football can be played again. Coincidentally I think both these options would be in Thistle's favour. To have Hearts and Dundee Utd in the top flight they would need to have league reconstruction with no relegation. Ultimately I think this would work in Thistle's favour too with no relegation from the Championship. My gut feeling is that with all the most likely options, we won't be relegated. Which I think also happens to be fair.
  10. Spot on. Football matches are played until a final whistle. Seasons are played until the end of the final match. Thistle being condemned as relegated right now would be a sporting disgrace. I'd he happy to financially support PTFC specifically in the future but would find it difficult to support Scottish football in any form if this happens.
  11. I would find it difficult to believe that sporting integrity had been upheld if Thistle were relegated with a quarter of the season to play and winning just a single game in hand would have us off the bottom. There is no precedent for that.
  12. Absolutely nothing going right. Think we're down to be honest. And we deserve it.
  13. Disorder at an organisation starts at the top. Bad leadership at the top filters down to poor performance and outcomes at the bottom.
  14. Every time I have seen us play against an Old Firm team in the last 15 years the players have looked like they don't believe they can win, aren't interested in the game and just want to get to the next one, or see the badge on the other team's shirts and chuck it. Hamilton see every game from the start of the season as a battle for points which is why they have survived in the top flight longer than us with lower crowds and less resources. It would take a whole paradigm shift at PTFC from top to bottom for us to achieve a result like that at Ibrox - and it won't happen any time soon with the current board.