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  1. 3 points and coming back from a goal down we've had worse Saturdays, but it was a bit twitchy at the end.
  2. beautiful finish by Spittal.......nice work.
  3. arses appear to have been kicked at half time....much better.
  4. That's been coming for the last 5 mins
  5. Changed to link 2 and it restarted ok.
  6. Stream stopped here...anyone else?
  7. Another slow start to the season...what a surprise. Only good thing was deciding not to give that lot £12 for the stream. McCall needs to kick some arses and sort this out quickly.
  8. I renewed in June and I've had nothing yet. Will give them till Wednesday before I contact them, to get us sorted out for next week's match.
  9. Agreed........ he had a great game and topped it off on the penalties
  10. Fortunately I had Jagzone commentary on....
  11. ..stream went off before the end of the pens
  12. yeah same here...piss poor.