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  1. Almost wish I'd given Ayr the £18 now....
  2. Brilliant win. Great performance all round......Lewis Mayo ....how good is he!
  3. When he came on, I said to my mate, MacIver will not score...he just doesn't do that" He even had a couple of half chances but didn't threaten......why is he still with us? I hate slagging off our players by the way.
  4. Very enjoyable afternoon in the sunshine that. Morton were rotten though,so we should maybe avoid getting carried away. Two things for sure though - we have proven goal scorers in that team and Tiff is going to be massive for us this season. Bring on the next victims.......not that I'm getting carried away of course.
  5. Two wins out of two....this league is a doddle.
  6. Looks like they score when we want too.....
  7. Nice of Pars Tv to put a half time interview will Higgy talking about how much he loves PTFC and still looks out for our score every week.
  8. Opposition fans booing their own team.
  9. Cheers. Plenty of snacks and a battery pack for our phones then,....
  10. Does anyone know how strict they are at Firhill around the allotted entry times on our tickets? I'm supposed to be in between 1.00 and 1.30 which is crazy early
  11. Ha...after all that moaning , I got through online and all is well.
  12. I'm still trying to get past the voicemail. Did anyone get the online system to work...keeps telling me I dont have an account (which I do).