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  1. Imagine being a Montrose defender and seeing Zak coming on.....
  2. Super Joe...deserved that for his all round play tonight
  3. 1-1 well done the wee man!!!
  4. Hi Folks, great thread. i'm John Butler, 52 from Partick, although I’ve been living in Aberdeen for 30 years now. I have a flat in Glasgow so I’m home every other weekend in normal times.....usually to match in with trips to Firhill. Didnt follow football at all as a kid but first went to Firhill when I started at Strathclyde Uni in 1986 ( the classic tale) and got hooked. For my 30th birthday my wife bought me my first season ticket and I’ve had one ever since. started taking my youngest daughter to see Thistle four years ago...hence the photo. We are both looking forward to getting back next season.
  5. Poor wee soul was bored out of his mind tonight....probably touched the ball halfa dozen times
  6. anyone watching the live video feed from the facebook FTOF site?. Brilliant.
  7. right, if we get another goal I want a DVD of this from the club. What a performance.
  8. Glad to hear they are showing some sort of celebration after the game on the live stream. maybe burning an straw man of Neil Doncaster?
  9. Just as well for Falkirk, otherwise we would be in double figures (nearly)...
  10. Think we should play Penners on the right midfield all the time.....he's having a belter.