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  1. I can’t say Rudden’s finish against Cowdenbeath filled me with confidence he’s going to start pinging them into the top corner from thirty yards out any time soon.
  2. Best part has been the sincere and fulsome apologies from the posters wanting McCall and Graham punted after half an hour.
  3. Colts teams were introduced, over bitter and vicious opposition, to the league my Australian rules team play in and overnight it killed the competition and my interest in a team I’d supported for 45 years. Fight this with all you’ve got.
  4. I both applaud and condemn this post. I applaud it because anything that provokes apoplexies in the ‘it’s still 1973’ element of our fan base is a good thing. And condemn because it makes me all too aware that not all Thistle fans can be found pre-game discussing the relative merits of John Schlesinger and Lindsay Anderson. Such was my romanticised view of Thistle supporters from over land and over sea.
  5. I’d hope we’d vote no to reconstruction in that scenario.
  6. If it’ll p*ss you off, hopefully. I’m hoping for Free the Symbionese Liberation Army away shorts myself.
  7. If you set an infinite number of monkeys to work on an infinite number of typewriters they’d eventually type ‘hey hey we’re the monkey’s’
  8. The joy of supporting a club and the thrill of football is alive and well in your house I see.
  9. And, just in my humble nomad opinion, we’re still a million times better off than if we’d bought by the other shadowy mob.
  10. LOL at posters throwing pelters at Bannigan and ignoring Rudden. Hopefully he’s got some improvement in him is the kindest thing that can be said. Apart from one brain fade, Bannigan was pretty good, composed with good distribution.
  11. Anyone who thinks we should punt Penrice has got rocks in his or her head. From watching the game tonight he seemed to be one of the few Thistle players who wanted the ball at their feet or had the skill to do something meaningful with it when it arrived. Yes, we lost and no, we’re not in the next round but there was a lot to be proud of in tonight’s performance. And McCall’s after-match comments always leave me feeling as if we have the right man in charge. Onwards and upwards.