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  1. That third goal was a thing of beauty. Lovely ball from Docherty and a great cross from McKenna too.
  2. I’ve got happy memories of Rugby Park. It’s one of three grounds I’ve seen Thistle in the flesh at as my family were over in the UK and I convinced my wife to let me take my son on a ‘day trip to Kilmarnock.’ Liam Lindsay scored a last minute equaliser and I heard some truly entertaining patter from the angry wee bald man next to me. That’s a great result, and hopefully shows we’ll be around the mark come seasons end. In forty plus years of watching football, not sure I’ve ever seen such a stonewall red card not given.
  3. Tough times for a single issue campaigner as we enjoyed promotion and then sat top of the table. I’m very happy for you that you’re now able to post again.
  4. Jesus, ‘a rising tide lifts all ships’. Away with this Thatcher-ite pish.
  5. And gave a fair impression of Gerd Muller as well.
  6. Any feedback on Akinola for us exiles who just see highlights? No one is moaning about him, so I'm taking this a good sign so far.
  7. Not quite the beautiful game at this point.
  8. C’mon Thistle. (Before I go to sleep in front of an overpriced live stream)
  9. Going to need this explained in a simpler fashion as I am still waiting for my FIFA coaching badge.
  10. Can’t reiterate strongly enough how destructive the admission of colts/ reserves teams is to a sporting competition. It really, really f*cks it up.
  11. I’m feeling the need for that shirt immediately.