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  1. Surely there’s a meaningful legal case based around Colin’s wishes and 3BC’s interpretation of those wishes and what constitutes a fan-ownership model? Be interesting to ask TJF members, of which I’ll be one tomorrow, if they’d be happy for their subs to help fund this. I’ll also be cancelling Jagzone and emailing Gerry as to why tomorrow. Well done to all on TJF for their sangfroid in dealing professionally with what was obviously a particularly unprofessional process without stabbing anyone.
  2. Just handed over more of my cash to that club-stealing, will-ignoring bunch of power mad nufties in the boardroom in the forlorn hope that the team on the pitch will transcend such earthly travails. (Is there a Buddhist team somewhere out there for me? Contentious question on an avowedly agnostic football club’s forum I know.) Intae them…
  3. Just over 24 hours until kick off and no update on streaming for those unlucky of us not to live in tropical, verdant Glasgow.
  4. This is a very, very early match thread. Doomed, I tell you, doomed.
  5. An update on streaming for exiles like me and sneaky VPN users.
  6. Great first half, a second half of shitey sclaffs out the park now please.
  7. Signed up to Dundee TV to watch tonight then got told I had to go out tonight. FFS.
  8. One thing I’ve enjoyed seeing so far this season, albeit from highlights, is a willingness to attack through the middle and with passes along the ground. It’s annoyed me in previous seasons that we seemed intent on getting it wide for a cross into the box at every single opportunity. With decent wing backs and wingers surely this will drag defences wide and give us more opportunity to attack through the middle?
  9. If we don’t win this by at least four goals and McCall and Archie don’t arrive at a solution to catastrophic global ecological collapse, then I’m not sure what we stand for as a football club anymore.
  10. ‘Tiff has his hands full getting into our team.’
  11. Saw them in Australia around the time of Save The Jags and I suggested they play a benefit gig and the mouthy drummer, not Brendan, gave me pelters about being a Thistle supporter. Was very happy when he got sacked a album or so later. Can we please sign someone young and outrageously talented soon please?
  12. There’s a tiny local interest angle to this for me, other than him playing for the club SOD left for, in that he name checked Josh Cavallo. Josh plays soccerball for my wee club in the Australian A-league, Adelaide United. There’s every chance that we’re not as equipped with emotional intelligence over here as you lot are, so his statement was huge news. We’re a bogan nation so that, sadly, didn’t surprise me. Hopefully Jake saying what he said is just the beginning of something that means that in five, ten years time whatever orientation someone is is totally irrelevant their ability to sclaff shots or welly a bobbling ball into the bing.