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  1. I’d like to write them off the planet
  2. It’s what @Auld Jag would wear
  3. Auchenleck Talbot leading Hamilton 1-0 at the moment
  4. Like Byres Road Baristas
  5. No idea how the game was, but a cup win is always good. Great to see Snedden turning things round after the criticism of his early form
  6. We should play our first choice goalie. That is Sneddon. Playing Stone to benefit Hertz is just daft.
  7. I agree @Auld Jag. Archie took us on from where Jackie left off.
  8. He’ll be busy auditioning for a part in the Hobbit sequel.
  9. I see (Nigel) Mansell has scored for Accrington Stanley today.
  10. What is it about McCall that he doesn’t understand big punts forward don’t really help us? Set out an attacking passing formation ffs.
  11. Akinola & Snedden are the key ones to be extend