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  1. I agree @elevenone. There is no way Colin Weir would have wanted a disgruntled, divided fan base with 5 random blokes somehow second-guessing his wishes and getting the shares. This is our Club, not a plaything for 3BC
  2. The Daily Fail, eh? Since when was securing your own place on the Club Board a ‘moral duty’? Loose words that don’t convince me at all.
  3. The BBC reckon we had 3 shots on goal all night. Falkirk had 18. If the manager doesn’t rate the competition and the players can’t be bothered, best tell the fans in advance so they can avoid the trip?
  4. Here are mine Phil AHHHH HAAHA AHAAH HAAHH
  5. Read up the thread and you shall see
  6. I hope Graham succeeds. I’d like to see Gerry’s role in this put to the test.
  7. A not so classy way to treat a fellow Jags fan sadly
  8. One might speculate that the Club Board used Stewart to create a solution for the shares so that the Club Board remained intact and unaccountable. The Club Directors can continue wining & dining their business contacts at Firhill. A useful thing if you are in the PR industry perhaps.
  9. Someone with established links to the Club facilitating the coming together of the famous five plus the social media creep. It was him.
  10. Denis, it’s just that we have you & Lenziejag both criticising the TJF for lack of action. But at the same time neither of you seem to have acted individually to register a protest. Happy to be corrected if I am wrong. It’s easy to criticise a fans group, but it carries less weight if you haven’t acted either.
  11. Denis, what did you do to protest? I cancelled a Premium Shirt Sponsorship and took back £400. I’m also following the ‘not another penny’ approach till meaningful change.