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  1. What a wonderful interview. Sena is quite a guy.
  2. Signed up, good to see @jaf involved
  3. Norway, New Zealand etc. Countries that are well led. We in the UK and Scotland? We have been pissing in the wind when it has come to Covid-19 responses
  4. Well, Ian Maxwell getting a kicking on OTB for making assumptions about a Championship team wanting the season ended. Bless
  5. Yep, we blew that one. He’s really matured
  6. What happened to your alter ego GRE (1)?
  7. I left mine in the Championship Bar
  8. At least you have a glass
  9. The Covid strategy of NZ and Scotland are essentially the same the key difference being it’s easier for NZ to isolate itself than Scotland and we are connected to a useless govt in Westminster That’s simply not true
  10. Our Board is transitory in nature; like a yo-yo of names that come and go and come back again.
  11. Not true. Her popularity ratings are high. She has been receiving global recognition for her approach to Covid19 and her compassionate leadership. Just one example was the way she dealt with the aftermath of the Christchurch mosque attack. She met the relatives, showed cultural respect and refused to give the killer any status by not using his name. @gianlucatoni is bang on the money here. If Scotland had a leader like Jacinda Arden, we’d be much better off; and football stadia would have reopened by now.
  12. This. Let no-one be uncertain on this point. All UK politicians have not been at their best before & during Covid. We have been a shambles with late lockdown, shit testing strategy, care home exposure etc. Yet some folk claim SNP have played a blinder?! Yes they communicated more clearly than Boris, but they too have been blind to actions that would have saved lives. Yes saved actual lives and family hurt. A blinder @javeajag ? No mate