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  1. I’m with @Norgethistle here. We are a third tier team, why do we need a DoF? As a Club progressing to fan ownership, we can’t afford a top heavy management structure - especially with ongoing concerns about when gate income might re-commence. Maybe it’s back to basics. A Manager plus an Assistant Manager/Coach. Two salaries. Put any savings into a part-time scout
  2. Surely nobody can look like Davie Dodds other that Davie himself? David Lynch is still trying to get him to make that sequel as John Hurt isn’t available
  3. You know you are missing the football when the forum turns its attention to swans.
  4. This is building into a great archive, well done folks. Good also that you reference Niall’s excellent ptearlyyears pages.
  5. Delighted for Dools. He may be past his best, but he’s in the enviable position of still being able to play football right now and score.
  6. What a wonderful interview. Sena is quite a guy.
  7. Signed up, good to see @jaf involved
  8. Norway, New Zealand etc. Countries that are well led. We in the UK and Scotland? We have been pissing in the wind when it has come to Covid-19 responses
  9. Well, Ian Maxwell getting a kicking on OTB for making assumptions about a Championship team wanting the season ended. Bless
  10. Yep, we blew that one. He’s really matured
  11. What happened to your alter ego GRE (1)?
  12. I left mine in the Championship Bar