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  1. If only that was a page from PTFC accounts. The Spiders have obvious backing and ambition. But their playing squad is still pretty lightweight, looking at their performances in the playoffs. An afterthought, it’s clear even from the 2019 figures that we could have charged much more for groundsharing. Hmm…
  2. Impressive stuff from The Well Society. While they had existed prior to Les becoming the majority shareholder in 2015, it only took him a year to transfer his shares to the fans. There is a lesson in there that 3BC could perhaps learn from.
  3. Although geographically Airdrie does lie in North Lanarkshire with an ML postcode, so technically not a Glasgow side. Clyde have more of a claim, prior to their move to windy lego wonderland.
  4. Only the one with silly Killie
  5. Can you rename you ‘Oor Wullie’ ?
  6. Ach not an issue as you know now I was laughing more at how anything to do with GC is tainted now
  7. Laughing about your Caldwell reference, like it! I rated big Muirhead, still playing well. Interesting to see how he would fit alongside Milne
  8. I didn’t know Dennis Hopper flew kites.
  9. Ah that’s grand to know that Alan. Thanks
  10. LIB is correct above. For me the 2012/13 squad should be our benchmark. Attacked under Jackie, learned to tighten the defence under Archie & Shaggy. That was a fine season.
  11. I can vouch for the fact that voting is a painless process. I sat down, poked the screen a few times and didn’t need to remember the ‘Gary Caldwell’ days.
  12. If you in any way understand my post, do please explain it to me @Garscube Road End 2. I’ve no idea what it means