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  1. If true I can't see how he can remain a Director at Thistle.
  2. It's a long time since I have been on the forum ,but I have had to ignore (block) a member for their total disrespect to fellow users
  3. Gerry is a Lawyer so I would imagine he will have all the rules checked properly
  4. A few players in England tested positive, does that mean their team mates will have to isolate meaning they can't play matches.?
  5. Not what was said by a WHO official as quoted in the I paper this morning
  6. I would not be surprised.I would not imagine Football will be near the top of the list of industries the Government will be pushing to get back to normal.And players in England not keen to play behind closed doors
  7. Another 800 people died yesterday,but they are still talking about playing Football in May.All the testing and tracing facilities will not be ready by then.
  8. Thanks for that, but I don't see Ms Lows name listed as a member of the interim Board.
  9. Pardon my ignorance who is Marie Macklin?
  10. That's what most fans will want to know. What is the situation. Have the Cosortium pulled out, have the Board and Colin Weir come to an agreement. Surely they can give us some information.
  11. Is that a guess or a cryptic clue?