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  1. As jordanhill jag points out it’s too simple to blame the unjabbed for this. I know plenty of people who have been triple jabbed and are getting it and will then be passing it on. Jabs stop you getting really sick. Other than that we have to get on with it. We can’t keep opening up, locking down , opening up, tier two, tier three, opening. It will kill people every year, just like flu. This culture of fear and scaremongering has to stop. What’s the point of being alive if you can’t actually live?
  2. Was looking forward to going to the Ayr and Morton games with mates from down south. Now it’s back to square one. Take 3 jabs, wear a mask, wash your hands, work from home, avoid travel, take a test, socially distance. And still the bedwetting continues and people can’t go to the football. We were told vaccines would give us our freedom back. When will we learn to live with this, accept it’s another thing to add to the list of things that kill people and get on with life ? Two years of this and they still can’t come up with anything better than this. Just shut us down forever cause this virus is never going away
  3. To Rio probably not many. But they’re maybe just going to end up with herd immunity as so many of them get it. The virus isn’t just going to go away and we might just need to try and get on with it. For the vast majority the virus is statistically no risk but our governments and media have made us think its an automatic death sentence. Crowds should be allowed back. If you’re scared don’t go. If you’re not then go. I’m more scared of thistles football than the virus
  4. One stand at the Brest game against Marseille is full. Wee nippy won’t be allowing fans in in any great numbers soon. New Zealand may well have almost eliminated the virus but their economy which relies on tourism even more than ours will be destroyed. What’s the point in living in a place like that if you turn your economy into something akin to Zimbabwe.
  5. All the big games in Europe being played closed doors. PSG tomorrow. Bayern on Saturday. The Ruhr derby. Bayern v Chelsea next week. Why can’t thistle games be played to empty grounds to spare our few punters the pain
  6. What a shower of losers. Just lose on Saturday and get relegation over with. What a spineless shower of wasters they are. Imagine leaving a team near the top for this. Doubling his wages I guess otherwise you’d go nowhere near firhill
  7. I got the first part of my prediction right. Utd to go 1 up within 2o minutes. You can write the script with this shower
  8. Utd to go 1 up within 20 mins. We’ll huff and puff a bit and they’ll knock in 2 or 3 more before the end. We might offer a token bit of resistance near the end as they get complacent and make it 3-1. McCall to then say that we looked a real threat and was pleased with the application
  9. I’ve hated Saturdays for about 3 years. In fact any day we play
  10. I’m really, really pleased with how they played in the second half, they were terrific, It’s the best they’ve played. We were really solid, but that’s the way its going. Shea Gordon has had a great chance, Brian Graham has had a great opportunity too.” If mccall thinks that was the best they’ve played and we can only draw 0-0 at home to the second crappest team in a crap league it begs the question. What happens if we don’t play as well as that? By that logic the best we can do is draw games against the worst teams. Sounds like he’s been on the Deludemol tablets like the clowns in the boardroom
  11. That level of delusion sums up the clowns running the club. Totally detached from reality. We are horse manure on and off the pitch and these idiots think we are set up for the top league. They probably think we are a champions league outfit given time
  12. Not hard to work out why these are the two shitest teams in the league
  13. Incompetent @rsehole is being a bit generous is it not? She looks like the sort of woman you see in a Tesco’s car park reversing back and forwards to try and get the car in a space with no car on either side. Sat there in her wee 10 minute interview clips with coco the clown looking for all the world like the worlds biggest rabbit caught in the worlds brightest headlights
  14. Exactly Gre the whole thing stinks. The most useless chair person ever seen brought back in. They sure know how to win the fans over. She hasn’t the first clue about football. Anyone who fell for Caldwell’s pish is obviously clueless. Wouldn’t have her serving the teas at half time. This club just stumbles from disaster to disaster and to be honest we deserve everything we get. We’re an embarrassing shambles
  15. Exactly LIB . Punters need to start making their voices heard. Turning up and leaving on mass at a certain point would be perfect. There’s not many who turn up anyway so it should be easy to empty the ground. What low knows about football you could write on the back of a postage stamp