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  1. Never mind the talk about the football. How did the half time performance go down? Has it raised everyone’s awareness of infectious diseases in Malawi ?
  2. As there was little other football on I watched both legs of the Arbroath play offs. 210 minutes of the most dire football . Pub league standard. It really does show up the truly dire standard of football in this country. Not one player you could say had any real level of skill or ability. Truly depressing
  3. Tiffoney will be sold to a Shrewsbury or fleetwood for about 50 grand. That’s the best we will do. P
  4. Comparing players who play for Real Madrid with our shower of failures is pointless. They are champions league winners. They know how to get the job done. They don’t understand defeat. We are the 16th best team in Scottish football. It’s like comparing rocket launchers with pea shooters
  5. Tremendous scenes. Looks like proper head’s gone there
  6. Many years ago I had family friends in Wiesbaden, who then played in the 5th or 6th tier in Germany. One of the family was involved in the club and I went to quite a few games and saw things running behind the scenes. I remember being amazed at the professionalism of everything. The dedication of the players, the faculties. Everything was run really well. But there was no room for sentiment. If a decision had to be made it was made with the only thought being whether it was right for the club. We might not be the only club run in an amateur fashion in this country. But the jobs for the boys culture and general air of total apathy at Thistle seems particularly obvious. I live 25 miles from Dunfermline and couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do less than spending time and cash to watch that shower tomorrow night
  7. And her communications were such a joy at the time. I remember watching one with her Caldwell talking about what great things we were going to achieve under him . I thought I wouldn’t let either of them run the local village fete. She left her position on the board and then reappeared I believe. The same tired old faces round the place. A culture of underachievement. What does Archie bring to the party? Everything about the club feels like amateur hour. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there were financial troubles. And how many season tickets will be renewed watching football on that tatty field? All very depressing
  8. A lovely day in Fife today and would imagine the pitch would be fine for 3 today. Sunshine and a bit of wind and no rain since yesterday lunchtime. I presume the tv coverage is the reason we can’t play it today but playing it today would be fine with both clubs surely. But then sense and Scottish football don’t really go hand in hand
  9. Looking at the efl highlights show and the Vanarama highlights we must have the worst pitch in the U.K. by a huge margin. It looked appalling. There’s no doubt it is affecting us. Some of the stuff played yesterday was very decent and it makes you wonder what we could be like on a proper surface. And as has been pointed out it ain’t going to improve any time soon
  10. I guess it is pointless comparing ourselves with other leagues because we will never play anywhere else but I guess my main point is that it seems to be getting worse. It’s hard if not impossible to maintain any interest or enthusiasm when the product is that dire. Allied to the utter numpties running the game you can’t see any improvement. I have an interest in what thistle are up to but other than that I’d rather do the gardening or play golf than watch any of the football up here. It is what it is but it is quite depressing to think what the standard will be like as time goes on
  11. As someone said on another thread the other day, if they weren’t brought up as a thistle fan they wouldn’t pay a moments notice of Scottish football. The standard does seem to be getting worse and being like the northern Irish league before long isn’t far off the mark. Not just that but the cost of it is the big issue. The fact you can watch Bayern or Dortmund for less than st Johnstone v Motherwell in the spl is mind blowing
  12. Watched Sportscene last night for the first time in years. Couldn’t believe how bad the standard was/is. Dundee and the Edinburgh derby both utterly dreadful. Presumed lockdown was back on with the almost empty ground at livi. All in all thoroughly depressing. Watched it with an English mate who’s up and he couldn’t believe how bad it looks. We got talking about where Hibs/hearts/ Aberdeen would be if they played down south. We both thought mid table league one with rangers and Celtic maybe top end championship. Does that seem about right?
  13. As jordanhill jag points out it’s too simple to blame the unjabbed for this. I know plenty of people who have been triple jabbed and are getting it and will then be passing it on. Jabs stop you getting really sick. Other than that we have to get on with it. We can’t keep opening up, locking down , opening up, tier two, tier three, opening. It will kill people every year, just like flu. This culture of fear and scaremongering has to stop. What’s the point of being alive if you can’t actually live?
  14. Was looking forward to going to the Ayr and Morton games with mates from down south. Now it’s back to square one. Take 3 jabs, wear a mask, wash your hands, work from home, avoid travel, take a test, socially distance. And still the bedwetting continues and people can’t go to the football. We were told vaccines would give us our freedom back. When will we learn to live with this, accept it’s another thing to add to the list of things that kill people and get on with life ? Two years of this and they still can’t come up with anything better than this. Just shut us down forever cause this virus is never going away
  15. To Rio probably not many. But they’re maybe just going to end up with herd immunity as so many of them get it. The virus isn’t just going to go away and we might just need to try and get on with it. For the vast majority the virus is statistically no risk but our governments and media have made us think its an automatic death sentence. Crowds should be allowed back. If you’re scared don’t go. If you’re not then go. I’m more scared of thistles football than the virus