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  1. Only so Cowdenbeath could get fed too
  2. Our goalie looks fine, Dowds looks handy, Lawless is still very small. Has our manager finally realised that Turner can be useful in midfield (ideally central) and set pieces?
  3. sandy

    Mike Nesmith

    Aw f**k. He did that lovely song about going down to Rio. RIP Mike
  4. Looks like one of us has been bumped out! Heads or Tails for that final £10 donation
  5. A guy called Dave from Colourfield prepares them, handprints etc. What the customer has to do is specify a team, season or specific date, lineup, managers (optional) - and ideally send links to strip detail plus team photos. I just linked to the season 2012/13 first team on official site and told him to give Shaggy big sideys
  6. If no-one else wants a share of the action, I will guarantee another £20. So we have £400. But happy to be bounced out if a newbie wants a shot at glory
  7. ‘Quick exchange of ideas on the touchline before Archie decides to sub Doolan’
  8. It’s 2012-13 all over again…the definition on the paintwork is actually better than the image allows
  9. Official word says “no update”; maybe the Club just ensuring he is injury free in case another club comes for him. I’d rather he stayed with us
  10. It’s the Broch (Fraserburgh) game for me.
  11. Aye exactly. His move south didn’t go according to plan. He’s a lovely lad. Let’s see what we make of him tonight.
  12. Nice to see you are open minded
  13. sandy

    New strip

    We are all Jock Tamson’s Bairns
  14. sandy


    As a impact sub, he could be mint