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  1. Kris may not have slept. I haven’t either. Still shattered by the result and angry at the old Board for pissing thousands against a wall.
  2. She saw the financials as a Low risk. Idiot savant.
  3. Better news indeed. Potential new income and the last of the old Board goes. We just now need to re-constitute the Board with professionals that can add real value.
  4. In an ideal world we need to retain McMillan, Fitzy, Turner & Milne
  5. You are right to an extent, little value dissecting previous Board actions. What’s done is done, I just hope none of them have the cheek to turn up at Firhill again. It’s where we go from here that matters and TJF is the best chance we have of representation and raising funds. A priority also is replacing the Interim Board with people who are there by design rather than by accident. And I think we need a new Board Chair.
  6. I can now understand why the old Board didn’t see the point of ‘due diligence’ as proposed by TJF. Effectively they were hiding trading losses by using Weir money and some creative accounting. Surely our current Chair & CEO knew that was going on? Sorry I’m only getting angrier by the minute. Any Board is only a custodian of a Club; our history could have been wiped out had we not had the Rangers tie. That scares me.
  7. He’s improving under Doolan, I’d give him the benefit of the doubt
  8. Agree with you there. But I’d now add Fitzpatrick to that list.
  9. I only have one word towards the previous Board. B*stards, putting out club at risk.
  10. At least the financial situation is now out in the open. It’s what many of us suspected. Dools is going to have to be creative to re-build the squad.
  11. The proposal was a slap in the face for both the Lowland & Highland League, the former who have tolerated the OF ‘B’ teams till now.
  12. Still feeling gutted after yesterday. My mood would improve if we were able to hang onto Turner and Sneddon.
  13. Gutted. Probably a game too far for us. In Dools We Trust for next season.
  14. Two excellent goals watching the highlights again. Fitzpatrick has really come onto his game under Doolan. But the whole team are clicking and playing well as a unit. Roll on Sunday.
  15. Quoted on the BBC website, Malky McKay says ”"Everything I'm hearing is that Partick are in a great place and that they're everybody in Glasgow's favourite team outside the Old Firm," Mackay said to Sky Sports. "I would debate that - that's maybe Queen's Park.” Fud.
  16. Captures the atmosphere well. But could we please lose the flares?
  17. Interesting questions. In my view, Doolan stood out as a calm player and excellent ambassador for the Club when he was playing for us. I remember sitting at his table at the end of season players dinner (after we secured top 6) thinking that he was destined to return one day as manager. The fact that he landed the role so quickly after coming back to the Academy was lucky for us. He’s a genuinely decent guy who wants the very best for the Club and will work hard to achieve it. Putting aside which league will be in and what budget he will have, the next piece of the jigsaw for me is getting his Assistant confirmed so Paul can focus on the academy. Erskine anyone?
  18. Totally agree. Bringing in Dools as manager has been the right decision.
  19. As some others have said, we are best when going forward and playing to win. Sitting back and letting Ayr come onto us is asking for trouble. The one advantage of playing Banzo would be to allow Turner forward to play in behind Graham.
  20. 2013 was a brilliant season. The feeling of pride in this current Jags team is getting towards that, largely thanks to Doolans attitude to the playoffs.
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