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  1. I was at that game, I think the bunnet went mental about them going off into town.
  2. Joey Barton is a fud https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/68663517
  3. Pleased with the 3 points. Come on the Jags
  4. And look how, given time, he is improving things. Im for giving Dools time to get this right. Playoff position is the aim this year, I’d still give him another season in charge if we fall short.
  5. Reality check. We are third and in the play-off positions which was the aim this year.
  6. Disappointing all round. Stewart is not the answer to our goalie question.
  7. I think we are due a 4-1 home win, or something close to that. C’mon the Jags
  8. What, there’s someone older than Auld Jag
  9. A point away to a resurgent ICT under Big Dunc is probably okay in the greater scheme of things
  10. The Blue card is an answer to a question that shouldn’t need asked. Keep the clutter out of football.
  11. This will be of interest to the older Jags fans https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/czq4dezljv0o
  12. Pleasing to see us ahead - and now by 2
  13. Such sad news, I’d met Susan a few times and knew how passionate she was about the Jags. One of lifes good people, she will be missed. RIP
  14. McGuigan and James Craigen both had university backgrounds
  15. Agree with @elevenone and this. Students are geographically part of our fan constituency. We offer something different from the Old Firm.
  16. Thats how you start rumours about the women’s team doing pre-season in New York
  17. You have a point, caller. Because it we rely on American money to get through each season, McClymont will soon hold 49%
  18. He’s cheaper than Mbappe
  19. Decent line-up, just not sure about Alston. Hope Stanway, O’Reilly & McBeth get a run out
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