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  1. Reading spfl statement suggests we get absolutely nothing.
  2. I have also heard from an Ayr fan that Doolan is going. Wouldn't be one bit surprised if he is our last signing of the window.
  3. Thanks very much folks, mission accomplished!
  4. Hi, My wife is clearly plotting some sort of Christmas present with a Thistle slant. She is asking me for a high resolution picture of an empty Firhill (queue numerous jokes about Firhill always being empty these days). I have had a look and I am struggling to find any online without a watermark etc. Was just wondering if anyone has one and if so would you be good enough to send to me/post here please? Any help greatly appreciated.
  5. mad-jag

    New Owner

    Could be any of the following I suppose: Someone at TfE might know Colin weir personally/they tried harder than mr Beattie/they went to visit his house/they kept ringing him til his mobile melted/harassment! Who knows. Its also entirely possible that the removal of JLow pissed off Colin weir and he decided he just didn’t want to deal with the current board. If so, like it or not, that’s his decision to make. I don’t see why it’s so important as to how they got in contact with him. He may even have approached them? The fact is TfE have his significant financial backing. I would much rather find out more about what any potential fan ownership model would look like, how it would run, how regularly the board would be elected/reviewed and quite frankly, if we become fan owned, if there is anything I can contribute to try and help make out club as successful as possible.
  6. Couldn’t tell you who Archie grew up supporting but think it’s fair to say he is Thistle through and through now. He’s from possil I think, so every chance he at least went to a few games growing up.
  7. Or what benefit... depends if your glass is half full or half empty I suppose.
  8. mad-jag

    New Owner

    Was anyone present at the meeting tonight between the club and the supporters groups? If so a wee update on those discussions would be much appreciated. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/club-update-meeting-16th-september-2019/
  9. Fank thuck for that. Tongue was firmly in cheek when I wrote that but then had a horrible moment where I was fearful it could happen.
  10. Probably Ricky foster. Been too many youngsters the last few days, about time we had another old fogie signed up!
  11. Stop taking the (endless) bait. It will be good for your blood pressure and everyone else’s sanity!
  12. This sums up my feelings entirely. Im sitting here thinking what sort of absolute moron decides to bin 2 first team players, one the (former) captain, on the eve of the transfer window closing, purely to preserve his “power” in the dressing room. Only answer I can come up with is one that isn’t strong enough to carry a team with him and when is challenged ships them out, rather than winning them over. That is the sign of a poor manager. If true , this has become all too common and we are going to be left with a weaker squad, at the bottom of the table, and much worse off than this time last year. Bye Gary.
  13. Looking forward to another 97 page mega thread
  14. mad-jag

    New Owner

    So from a distance it appears that: we have managed to get rid of a wealthy benefactor, who has an affinity for the club, who has already invested 2.5m with a further £6m set aside for a training ground (which has admittedly run into issues so who knows if it would ever materialise). We are now hoping to replace this investment with that of some sort of venture capital firm, who may or may not put in additional cash, with no previous association with the club, who Seemingly want to use us as a Barnsley feeder club. Of those 2 investment options there is only 1 that you would pick. I appreciate this is a simplification, but it seems so apt for Thistle to have so spectacularly cocked this up.