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  1. Look at the Hibs takeover. There was (to my knowledge) no engagement with the fans or much detail available. It's unfortunate this has came out in the press or through rumours before everything is sorted with dual ownership etc etc. I think it's quite right that Thistle forever are given a fair hearing but I also feel you've been too quick to right off the consortium bid.
  2. Fair enough, The Tfe proposal should be given a fair hearing. I don't know much about Allan Heron tbh. Just find it a bit worrying reading all of the negative stuff and Mr Goodwin and it's from fans of various different clubs.
  3. Javeajag - you seem to be all for the Thistle for Ever proposal which is fine. However, you don't seem to be able to accept any criticism about the groups offer/proposal? Also, why did Paul Goodwin not say one word at the AGM? And what are your thoughts on various fans of many other clubs absolutely slating the guy?
  4. To use your wonderful phrasing in response to another Jags fan - this is bollocks. We didn't lose the match though? So it's all if's and but's. If we get overrun by Dunfermline on Saturday yet still win 1-0 it still goes down as a victory. No problem whatsoever with trying the corner routine. You can slag Caldwell for many, many things but I don't think this one is merited.
  5. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/signing-news-dario-zanatta-pens-two-year-contract/ POSITIVE news.
  6. How is it a gaffe? You (and everyone else including myself) want a statement or an update and the board have given one. In fact over two days they have given two statements. 'Imagine Jlow putting this stuff out there would be outrage' The difference is though, Jacqui Low would have said nothing. Or she would have waited weeks to craft her statement.
  7. Good to see your staying positive Trotter.
  8. And lets hope the deal does go through.
  9. Yes. Beattie is/was the best chairman Partick Thistle has had for a number of years. I don't think anyone can refute that. It seems he made a serious error in appointing Jacqui Low. We shall see how she ran the club when the accounts are published. You seem to have a personal grievance with David Beattie. It's clouded every one of your numerous posts.
  10. Sorry, there is a problem This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location. Error code: 2C171/1
  11. Really good statement. There’s nothing she could say to appease Jordanhill Jag. Genuinely used to enjoy reading his insight into the club and some of his ideas. Now it’s just negative and very predictable. He moaned until the cows came home about the lack of communication from the club. Yet, after Gary Caldwell’s well received evening and this long and informative statement from the chair all he can do is mump and moan yet again.
  12. From the Official Site: Since 2008, Partick Thistle has been committed to making football as affordable as possible for families through its Kids Go Free initiative. Supporters under the age of 16 will continue to get free access to Ladbrokes Championship matches for the 2019/20 season, but they will require to be signed up for a free U16 season ticket to do so. There will be provision to sign up for a free season ticket before all matches at the Energy Check stadium at Firhill, but supporters will no longer be able to pick up a one-off free ticket ahead of kick off. The U16 season ticket remains completely free in the family section with the standard £25 booking fee applicable for seats outside that section. Alternatively, young supporters will automatically receive a free season ticket when signing up for a Junior Jags package. Explaining the rationale behind the decision, Thistle Chief Executive, Gerry Britton, said: “The Board of Directors and I remain committed to allowing under 16s to watch football for free at The Energy Check Stadium at Firhill. This won’t change that. But we have reached the point where we do need to be able to keep track of those young fans who are in the stadium on a match day. Having our young supporters sign up for a free season ticket is the easiest way to do that. “We also currently have no reliable record of how many under 16s regularly use the scheme, or who those supporters are. This makes it very difficult for the Club to communicate with them and almost impossible to get any feedback. This change to the scheme should help improve what we are able to offer our young supporters and will certainly help us engage more effectively with them in the long run.” Under 16 tickets will be available for £5 to anyone not wishing to sign up for a free season ticket. Details on how you can sign up for an U16 season ticket will be released alongside the launch of 2019/20 season ticket sales. Am I the only one who thinks this sounds fair enough?
  13. The negativity in this forum never fails to disappoint.
  14. Gary Caldwell's Red and Yellow Army.
  15. Chris Erskine has not doubled his wage. "Sportingintelligence’s Global Sports Salaries Survey revealed how the Almondvale side pay their squad an average basic annual salary of £34,882 – less than £700 a week."