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  1. Great observation! To be honest I never gave this a thought. Send an email to SFA, SPFL and Jags to take this further. I would imagine all clubs would benefit to varying degrees.
  2. We have so many injuries it's difficult to reach any conclusions about the quality of the squad other than on paper it's looks strong! We need to go game to game at the moment. So today was generally a good performance and result. Next week though we are away to a 'form' team - Montrose! Hope we can start on front foot and take control of the game. If we do we will win! Two things worry me and are things we share with the National Squad: - we don't travel well, and - we don't score enough goals. If we are going to win this league both will need to be resolved!
  3. Thanks Dick for the congrats. Much appreciated. We were both at the 1971 Final - so although not engaged or hitched we were both able to share the big moment! With regard to BH's comments - they were received as tongue-in-cheek and like his mates wife I had a nice smile at them!
  4. Tough luck for your mate! My wife knows I travel to watch the Jags and I know what her plans for the day are! I think that's called Trust! I'll be honest with you. When she used to come to Firhill with me to watch the Jags she used to spend the whole game looking at Alan Rough! I now never fail to show her any up to date images of Roughie - just so she knows she made the right decision to stick with me!! Hope your mate got through his marital problems.
  5. Is it to be a nervous last 10 mins with an EF goal in time added on - of course not 2-0 Thistle!
  6. I really quite enjoy spending time with my wife and I know that if she is happy I am happy! It's one of the reasons we will soon be celebrating our 48th anniversary. It's also one of the reasons that she is prepared to spend an hour driving into Aberdeen on a Saturday morning to drop me off at 9.30am and later does the same again to pick me up at 10.00pm! Without her help I wouldn't be able to get to Glasgow to watch the Jags! It's called give and take!
  7. I agree with your comments except for the last sentence. McCall has already admitted he made decisions to bring in a number of players to improve the quality of player and the balance of the squad. He also stated his planning was based on completing a full season because he knew it would take time for the team to gel given the number of changes he made. By all accounts the team performances improved in the last 3 matchless v Alloa, QOS and Dunfermline and but for a shocking refereeing decision we probably would have beaten QOS. On the basis of how we played in these games I am confident we would have not relegated had the season been completed. McCall was caught out by the early ending of the season and as a result we were demoted. Is he still the man for the job. I think he is and should be given this season to prove it.
  8. Not really glossing over anything. I was not overlooking the points you make. We have been a shambles since the 33rd game of our top 6 season! I didn't think there was a need to list all the mistakes we have made since, like signing players who hadn't played for ages or even appointing Caldwell who had a track record of zero success. I was attempting to address the present and that the squad we have assembled is influenced by the fact players we attempted to sign didn't fancy playing for us in league 1! This was a direct implication of our demotion. IMO McCall when appointed had a much higher mountain to climb than he realised and his planning and signings would I believed have secured our position in the Championship! We were so far gone as a balanced and effective playing squad he needed more time. The premature ending of the season completely wrecked his plans. Hence we are where we are with at best what can be described as a developing squad and at least a two season experience of league 1.
  9. I would like to know what players we tried to sign and who turned us down because they didn't want to play in League 1. Thats an important implication of the outrageous decision by the SPFL to demote us and that's why we have the squad we have. I accepts (but don't really know) that from the outside looking in we look like a club in turmoil but let's not forget where we are now and the condition we are in is also due to factors outwith our control. I for one will not forget the part played by those involved, McLennan, Doncaster, Lawell, SPFL Board Members and the Clubs concerned. There will be loads of clubs I will not be visiting! Well done to the team today who by the way achieved a clean sheet!
  10. I was too busy on Saturday to watch the game - my wife and I were out and about. I was though checking the score throughout the afternoon and was delighted to see we had managed to get it to 2-1l At around the 75th minute I said to my wife (who is not the least bit interested in football) 'we will need a 3rd goal to win the game'! I felt it was inevitable we would lose a late goal. Not the least surprised when I checked the final score! We have had this habit, losing late goals, for quite a few years now and still it goes on!
  11. I believe that even playing poorly we actually dominated much of last week's game away from home against one of the league's fancied teams! Could be the Falkirk game is coming at just the right time. A well motivated, playing for the Jersey Jags Team should win this game comfortably and kick start the rest of our season! However a team which turns up and just goes through the motions will lose. What team will turn up on Saturday is anybody's guess and therein lies the problem!
  12. See Doolan has put Arbroath 1 - 0 ahead at Inverness!
  13. Are we playing with or against wind? Or is wind blowing across the football field?
  14. That's £10 into the Fund for the Jags! I refuse to subsidise Cove Rangers!
  15. I wasn't aware that the SG had promised funding to Scottish Football to help with financial hardship due to the pandemic and I am glad to learn that this is the case! However as a tax payer I would be angry about funding clubs that have had a history of financial indulgence. Clubs like Dundee Utd, Dundee, Kilmarnock, Motherwell and others. I appreciate any Govt support will be for Scottish Football in general and for all the clubs but I do hope any such funding comes with 'strings attached' forcing the SPFL/SFA to make clubs live within their means. Dundee Utd with a wage bill in excess of their turnover is just outrageous; Kilmarnock and Ross Co being funded well beyond their means is ridiculous and should be subject to a FFP investigation!
  16. So their situation could be even more critical as it also doesn't take into account a couple of big (and expensive) summer signings! No I don't think your alone in not wanting clubs to collapse. After all we might not be too secure either. I interpreted the tone of this thread being one of the degree of sympathy for Dundee Utd not of wishing them to go out of business! Neither Dundee club has a great record when it comes to financial prudence. A case of lessons not learned. I do wonder though if clubs like Ayr, Raith Rovers, St Mirren, Clyde, QOS, Dundee Utd, Dundee, Hibs, Ross Co etc would shed any tears if we faced closure! Doubt it!
  17. Could this be the start! Peterhead are letting 29 staff go! Sympathy for them but not Dundee Utd. The Arabs bought last year's Championship with a wage bill that was 130% of turnover. The recommended level for wage bills is I believe around 68-70%! Attempting to reduce their wage bill by 20% leaves it, arguably, still too high! Still if their situation deteriorates they have some assets to sell, Shankland, provided of course there are buyers!
  18. Rangers top of the league with 20 games to go - then they must be declared champions! Celtic would just love kissing their history making 10th consecutive title goodbye! Hell mend them! From the posts I have read of our performance v Clyde suggests we might well face another demotion! Will see what happens on Saturday v Airdrie! I would take a lucky, undeserved win! Any score in our favour will do!
  19. Agree totally with this. I know its harsh to say that Bannigan is not been the player he was prior to his injury and the very lengthy absence caused it! He has been a great servant to the club but perhaps a younger, faster, box to box midfielder and to find another role for him either in or out of the team!
  20. I think as Jags we will forgive a lot except not playing for the Jersey. I wasn't at the game or watching the streamed version but going by the posts it seems we didn't turn up today - one of many days where we haven't turned up over the past 3 years. If McCall is sacked who do we appoint as manager?
  21. If Hearts keep this form up and under Neilston there is no reason why they can't there is every chance we will be able to do the same to Dundee in next season's championship. Wouldn't that be something. I think ICT and possibly Dunfermline might be the main challengers to Hearts!
  22. exiledjag

    QoS away

    St Mirren draw against QOS, win penalty shoot out and earn a bonus point. We do same and don't get a bonus point,. Why? I know there will be a reason so would br grateful if someone could explain.
  23. exiledjag

    QoS away

    Regarding point 3! If we win there will be added satisfaction! I didn't like the way the QoS Chairman (Hewitson) dismissed our unfair demotion (I have decided to refrain from using the word 'relegation') by simply saying of the vote and points per game system "there will be winners and losers"! I would like to think that together with Falkirk we, on the way up, will pass QOS & Raith Rovers on the way down! I suspect though RR will have enough to stay up!
  24. exiledjag

    QoS away

    Cardle was one of the players I suggested should have been released and I was disappointed he had been offered another contract. My opinion was based on his lack of impact and contribution last season! What does he do? He pops up with both goals v QP in our second competitive game. If he continues making this sort of contribution suppose I'll have to eat my words. Cardle beware you are being watched!!