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  1. Agreed. It was great to see. He was different class last night and to think I suggested he should have started on the bench! As his second biggest critic if he can keep this up I will no doubt become his second biggest fan - you beingvthe first! I would like to see a midfield of Turner/Bannigan/Docherty and the 3 of them cab roam all over the field as long as we have all of the areas covered.
  2. Agreed. Confirms my point though. That direct run was probably one of our quickest forward movements all night. The others were fron brilliant long diagonal cross field passes from Bannigan which led to opportunities where we should have done better. I was amazed not one Killie player challenged Mayo.
  3. I did watch the game tonight. Scroll up and look at my earlier post! My one criticism of our performance was that we still don't get the ball forward quickly enough and that is not just down to Bannigan but a team issue. Kilmarnock did move the ball forward quickly and as a result were able to play in space in front of our back four. Fortunately for us they failed to exploit this. By comparison by the time we got the ball up to the 'final third' the area was congested and our players had little space in which to play. We need to get the ball forward, on the ground, quicker!
  4. Think I will have to eat my hat tonight for previous comments about Bannigan! That was the best performance I have seen from Bannigan in a long time. He was excellent and head and shoulders above anyone else on the field. He was well supported by Docherty and in spells by Tiffoney and Rudden (first half) Regarding the penalty the referee clearly doesn't know the rules. No excuse for such an outrageous decision. Surprised Foster didn't banjo him on the jaw! What a poor referee. Should be relegated to lowland and Highland league games.
  5. Strange team selection. Obviously some sort of game plan though I have no idea what that might be. Suspect Graham and Turner will come on St some point hopefully not when we are two goals adrift!
  6. For the first time ever I wore a Jags shirt to watch a televised game and we won 6-1 v Hamilton. So I have a 100% record. I will wear a Jags shirt again tonight so I think that will outweigh all the points you list and be a good enough omen to secure a Jags win,. A further thought if we win tonight we are bang in contention to win the Championship if we lose we are still in contention for a play-off spot.
  7. Why not keep Crawford in the team and put Bannigan on the bench? By all accounts he impressed on his debut!
  8. OK, good points! We just see things differently. I don't see why though, had he stayed with us, he wouldn't have developed physically..
  9. I think the trouble with Gordon was that he was neither a midfield player or a striker. As a player he made no real impression on me unless he scored a goal. He was largely anonymous and often I didn't realise he was playing. Think this says it all. Best of luck to him at QofS
  10. Failed at Norwich! There has been some debate on this thread with reference to Rudden about it being better for his development to stay with us for another season. Some disagree with this idea while others advocate it. To be honest I am not really sure either way. However when I heard that Fitzpatrick was going to Norwich I felt the timing was wrong and that he wasn't ready. He seemed to me to be a decent young man with a good attitude but he also seemed to be physically not ready to play in England. I also felt that at his age about 17/18 ,he was a little immature. In general while having the football potential I felt as a person he wasnt ready for the challenges he was going to face playing in a much faster and physically demanding environment. If ever there was a case of a player needing to stay where he was and not just for a season but for 3 or 4 seasons it was in my view Fitzpatrick! I think he failed at Norwich, if failed is the correct word, because the timing was all wrong. In football terms Norwich wasn't and still isn't a stable or positive environment for any young player. In closing Fitzpatrick's contract at Queens is a 1 year permanent deal, so for this season only. He has only played about 6 first team games so can't imagine any fee could be significant. Worth a shout?
  11. I know from this thread that our manager is supposed to be looking for a left footed player to play on the right but he hasn't been very successful in finding one. So why not go for another option - a right footed player who can play as an old fashioned right winger who can take on the full back and cross a good ball into the 6 yard box for Graham or Rudden (if he is with us) to tap into the goal! Easy peasy!! Having said that I don't recall Fitzpatrick doing much of the above. So notwithstanding your assessment of what we need (as our needs can be easily changed), I ask the question again would it be worth the effort to bring him back to Firhill?
  12. I hadn't realised that Aiden Fitzpatrick was now a QotS player having been released from his contract by Norwich. He isn't doing much at Queens so surprised there has been no mention on this thread about trying to prise him away from Queens and back to Firhill. He seemed to be very popular with Jags supporters. I only saw him play 2 or 3 times and have to say he did not impress me as matching the hype that surrounded him at the time. He is though still only 20/21. Is he worth bringing back to Firhill? Perhaps he could be our right wing version of Tiffoney on the left. Just a thought!
  13. Don't see this happening if he is up against Foster - who will give him the Zanetta treatment - put him into his back pocket!!
  14. I think we have to put today's result into perspective. Hamilton was always going to be a difficult game for a number of reasons. The fact they are on a good run, the result on our previous visit and that they were looking at 3 successive defeats from us had they lost. In addition there was also the fact they have been playing games (and winning) and we haven't been playing. The odds were against us winning and the fact that we played well and should probably have won is a big positive. Looking at the result in the context of other fixtures Arbroath lost, ICT and Raith drew and Killie won so all in not a bad days work. As far as Tiffoney not passing to Rudden I think it was simply a bad decision from a player who got a bit greedy or was looking for a bit of personal glory! No doubt the manager will speak to him about the poor decision making. If we can win next Friday night v Killie that would be a good result and make today's result look even better.
  15. I think given that Hamilton have found a bit confidence and form and will be mindful of the hammering we gave them on our last visit I would be happy with a draw. With all our recent troubles, covid etc I imagine Accies will start favourites however our strikers have been misfiring in recent games so perhaps this is the game where they come good again. I expect a tight game and if we can dominate their big striker, the guy who scored their goal in the 6-1 game, then I think we can win. I hope we have a strong referee as Tiffoney, going by comments from the Hamilton manager, will be given special attention! C'mon the Jags
  16. A week of nothing then a burst of activity - Snedden, Crawford and Alinola! Gets the excitement levels up, doesn't it! To those 'in the know' can we expect anymore signings? With these signings/extensions I would like us to play: Sneddon Akinola/Mayo/Holt Foster/Crawford/Turner/Docherty/Tiffoney Rudden (or McIver)/Graham Bannigan on the bench to give him a rest plus as much as I like him he is not direct enough in his play. Formation is largely guesswork on my part as I don't know much about Crawford and is to some extent contrived to get Turner into an attacking central midfield role. Of course more signings and it's all change.
  17. Perhaps the best signing in this window.
  18. Don't forget we are £350k adrift of the rest of the clubs in this league? Could mean more wheeling and dealing which tales time!
  19. The Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR) was first discussed in 1948 (earliest record I can find). It was only completed and opened a few years ago! 40 years+ seems to be the timescale for these large scale projects
  20. As I have said I think there is a player in there so I agree with the above. A minimum of 6 successive games to get him up to speed and build confidence.
  21. Surprisingly the majority of conversation on this thread is about a player leaving (Rudden) and players we don't need (Lyons, Murray) and earlier I think McIver was mentioned in this context. I eouldnt be too bothered if Murray or Rudden left the club provided, in Rudden's case, we got some money that could be reinvested in improving the squad. I think Lyons should be given a real chance to show what he can do, say a run of games, before we make any decisions about him. I would like to keep McIver but thought I read on this thread that he would be going to an Irish club! Now who are we looking to keep and to bring to the club? Akinola I think we all want to keep and the only new signing target I have read about is Maxwell (Ayr). If this is accurate then we seem to be in competition with Dunfermline who are also interested in the player. Do we have any other signing targets?
  22. The impact of these postponements concerns me on a number of fronts. Firstly, the fact that we are sitting in 5th place and have not played two home games against teams we could reasonably have expected to beat. Could this impact on our momentum. Secondly, our next game, assuming we can field a team, will be away to an improving Hamilton side. They will certainly be up for the game and looking for some payback for the 6-1 hammering we gave them on our last visit there. We will be going into the game cold. Thirdly, although most result affecting the teams around us have gone our way,, recently Raith and Arbroath, we will still have a lot of catching up to do and the squad will run the risk and implications of a congested schedule. The plus points are I suppose we have done sll this before, last season, and if the league is called, unlikely at the moment but not impossible our points per game index is superior to that of Raith so we should move from 5th into the top 4! Sooner we start playing again and winning the better!
  23. The problem though is that players often don't see the benefits of staying with a club. For them the grass is generally greener elsewhere. I haven't made my mind up about Rudden. He has many endearing qualities and I am sure under McCall he will improve. However at times it seems his movement is very awkward and he doesn't seem to have much in the way of stamina. On the few occasions I have seen him, McIver seems to move much quicker and is much stronger than Rudden. His goalscoring isn't so great but much thrcsame was said about Rudden last season then he hit a good run! Perhaps an extended run in the team would help mcIver in the same way it helped Rudden!
  24. Queens Park promoted last year and in a play-off position. Going through a little rough patch at the moment and manager sacked! The manager at Kelty Hearts better be careful. They are running away with League 2 but a little hiccup might be just round the corner. Also wonder how many 'lives Davidson at St Johnstone has left before he goes!
  25. This article suggests that prior to the St Johnstone bid there were bids from 2 or 3 other clubs. However bids have not matched our valuation of Rudden and have been rejected. The article also says we are working hard to re-sign Rudden as his contract ends in the summer. What price we sell Rudden (if our valuation is met and as an alternative to losing him in the summer gor nothing) and use the money to buy 2 or 3 'quality' players? Is Rudden actually worth the amount of money that would enable us to do this?