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  1. I hadn't realised our mainly white away Jersey was to be worn with black shorts. My initial thinking was that this Jersey together with white shorts perhaps with a red, yellow and black trim would look great! Having just visited the website to look at the black shorts I am impressed. I think we may 'dazzle' the opposition with sheer volume of red, yellow and black colour flashes on the jersey and shorts! Hope we don't 'dazzle' our own players as well!!
  2. Agree about needing competition and more quality in the squad. Looking at the above Mc Kenna and a fit O'Ware could arguably provide cover for the back 4. Niang, Gordon and Murray cover Midfield and McIver the 'spare' Striker! However the bench does look 'thin' on quality and perhaps has too many question marks against individuals. For example, Gordon, neither a midfielder or a striker IMO! So what's his best position? O'Ware fitness? McKenna, Murray & McIver largely unproven! So agree - squad requires bit more depth and quality but do we have the resources to make this happen?
  3. Thank you for this info re Foster. Must have missed this. For me that is also good news! I suspect having signed McCowan, Dundee will make McDaid surplus to requirements. Afraid I never thought he had the makings of a player so not keen on signing him. If McCall does go for McDaid, and I do think our manager has an eye for a player, then I will be very happy to be proven wrong! I do not fancy Dobbie. Unfortunately I can't think of any strikers, midfielders, wingers etc whom we could/should go after!
  4. I like Sneddon and think he has what it takes to be a first class keeper. That however doesn't give him a 'clean sheet' from me. He must prove the above and having another keeper capable of mounting a serious challenge for the number 1 spot is an absolute necessity for both Sneddon and the Club!
  5. As 'new' signings we have Holt, Bell, Turner & Tiffoney. All look very good signings. Bell and Tiffoney proved themselves while on loan - so we know what they can do. Turner was impressive with Airdrie so Holt who has a reasonable pedigree is to some extent the 'unknown' quantity! What is the position with Foster? I haven't read anything about a contract extension or does his contract run into next season anyway? One last question other than another Keeper do we need anymore signings, eg, striker! Team looking good - now if only we can get back to Firhill to cheer them on!
  6. Same here AJ. My wife refuses to kill them. Generally she leaves them alone but as we live in a small seaside/country village we receive regular visits. When she thinks they are becoming invasive they are collected into small plastic boxes and escorted out of the house to be deposited into the garden where they can lead a healthy life! I am informed those that are Jags fans get to stay!!
  7. I must admit to having doubts about the fitness and capability of our over 30s players to last the pace given the fixture schedule in the second half of last season. The only game I felt where the legs seemed to go was v Airdrie and only in the last 30 mins ot so!. However when Airdrie were throwing the 'kitchen sink' at us the defence, including Bell. stood firm showed magnificentlevel of fitness, determination and resolved to win us the game. I am therefore sure fitness will not be a problem for Bell should he sign for us. He is also such a good reader of the game I am confident he will be able to acquit himself well in the championship. I hope he signs up!
  8. Well he would wouldn't he! He has within the last few days just accepted a post with the club to become an adviser! This must have been under discussion behind the scenes for a while! His role is to help them win promotion back to the SPFL. They are now doomed!
  9. I see he has signed up again by extending his contract. Happy to see this. That's a goalkeeper just need one more. I thought the long line was Sneddon heading for his half time cuppa. Suppose the geography/angles are all wrong for this so yes spot on he is joining the goal celebrstions!
  10. On a more serious note I do like this away top but wonder where we will be able to where it. I think we will be able to wear the away kit when playing at ICT, Arbroath, Raith & QotS. These teams generally play with a self- coloured shirt! Not so sure about wearing our away kit at Killie, Morton, Hamilton, Dunfermline or Ayr as these teams have lots of white complimenting a colour in their shirts. Ayr of course play in a white shirt. If we wear our away kit, say away v Killie, there will be lots of white on show! Just a thought!
  11. Agree. Neuer was a bit of a struggle. Still you have got to admire the imagination and inventiveness of, as you describe them, the associations/puns! Similar creativity in our Midfield next season and we will skate the league!
  12. I really like this top but given the references to Germany and Belgium Kits it would have been better to have a Neuer design!
  13. I agree with you. I think Sneddon should start the season as our #1. I like him and would like him to be give a chance playing behind a solid defence where the giving support and encouragement is a two way thing. It would also be good for him to know there is serious competition for the #1position. To be fair to all parties but especially the player if the manager has any doubts about this young man he should help him by letting him go so that he can find a club at a lower level. All this talk of loans is IMO just putting off the inevitable!
  14. Hope springs eternal - is the full name!
  15. There are a few issues around Sneddon. Firstly, his time as a Jag has mostly coincided with what can be described as a club in trouble! As with Penrice there was no one to 'look' after these young players in the way that Bannigan has said that Docherty and he 'talk' Lyon through a game. Can anyone blame Sneddon for being a slow developer when on the park he is virtually on his own! Secondly, I don't think it was a coincidence that in the second half of last season he actually looked more self assured and confident - who wouldn't playing behind Foster, Bell & Brownlie! Thirdly and IMO ghe answer for Sneddon is to stay at Firhill and fight for his place with another Championship level Keeper. Given his improved performances (not his length of service) in the second half of last season I would start him in the new season as first choice Keeper. Finally, McCall has to make a decision about him. He either keeps Sneddon (because he believes he can make the grade) as the clear #1 or with an already proven Championship level keeper and he tells both he will play the form keeper! At 24 yrs and roughly 5 years service as a Jag signing him and then sending him out on loan to a League 1 or 2 club would, I think, be a negative move and demonstrate to all and sundry that we as a club have no confidence in the player. In addition a loan move would do nothing for Sneddon's confidence or self-esteem given he finished last season as our #1. If we are even thinking of thia loan move we should just release him!
  16. Terrific article. Hard to think of Bannigan as 28yrs old (young), as he has been around the Jags for what feels 100 years. Great servant and representative of the club!
  17. I really don't have a problem with any of the above as I understand there are wider social, economic and cultural/reputational issues associated to youth development. However all I am saying is that it would be good to see young players graduating through the academy to the first team on a regular basis. I see nothing wrong with this given just about every Jags manager who remained in the post, except John Lambie, said young players were the future of the club! This has also been said by managers in other clubs as well.
  18. We (jags) have secured our two 'mark' signings - Turner and Tiffoney. It also looks from, McCalls 'hints', that Bell (perhaps) could also be on his way to Firhill! Time will tell Question: as we are apparently looking for 4/5 'new' players does anyone have any idea or suggestions in respect of who the 2/3 remaining prospective signings might be: for example: - names in the frame, or - suggestions (of players we should go after)
  19. Not for Partick Thistle it doesn't!! Watch Penrice develop!
  20. OK re Penrice hands up and guilty! I like Penrice and would have liked him to remain at Firhill. In saying he wasn't good enough for a Championship Club but good enough for an SPL Club I really meant in the sense of the manager not seeing a role for him in the team. Given the players McCall has brought in and has still to bring in Penrice was clearly surplus to requirements and was instrumental in Tiffoney signing! Personally I think we have just 'touched' his potential and hope we don't regret letting him go! So in closing I fully retract the clumsy "not good enough" description!
  21. Great news about Tiffoney. I am sorry to see Penrice leave but wish him the best of luck at Livingston. As I said in an earlier post this is a strange transfer transaction (assuming the two moves are connected) - a player not considered good enough for an SPL club moves to a Championship Club and a player not considered good enough for the Championship Club moves to the SPL Club! Wonder how often this has happened!
  22. OK see your point. To be honest I completely forgot he could play Midfield.......... can he?