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  1. I would avoid them like the plague mate - ordered shirts beginning of February, months of waiting and no responses to my emails - I eventually had to raise a dispute via PayPal and only got money back in September. Heard from st Mirren and motherwell fans who had to demand their money back after months of waiting. Absolutely appalling customer service
  2. I have often thought retro tops would be a good income for the club and have been surprised they have not brought them out more regularly in the past
  3. Exactly if anything looks like they are simply adding another experienced physio rather than getting rid of anyone
  4. Wondering if it was McCall himself who maybe had the mental health issues
  5. How did Blair a Lyons play? Did he play the full 90 minutes?
  6. First 5 minutes of second half I think east fife did come close to scoring - seem to uncomfortably richochet about in our 18 yard box but thankfully didn’t. good performance and another clean sheet will hopefully be further confidence to defence and keeper wright has been a good acquisition
  7. A true gent on and off screen. RIP Des
  8. It’s a nightmare- another one of our main goal scoring threats likely to be out for a few weeks now
  9. Fantastic- a real boost during an absolutely horrendous year for the country (indeed the world) great team spirit as has already been said. Every player a legend and even a wee Thistle connection with SOD and even smaller connection - Declan Gallagher was once an 18 year old trialist for us well done Stevie Clarke
  10. I think the first goal lost was a bit of a freak goal to concede tbh
  11. Penalty lost as well was possibly a sign of a team low in confidence
  12. Was alarming how easily Falkirk players were able to run by him with ease mid to late second half, he was done and should have been taken off
  13. The young striker we have on loan from Livingston is also injured now. What is going on
  14. Not convinced Doolan would be better than Graham
  15. I agree, unfortunately I still fear we would be stuck with Archie and the likes of bannigan which is not right either, when they should leave with McCall if he leaves
  16. It would not surprise me T all sadly if the assistant with the initials AA was appointed the replacement manager
  17. That’s the problem he won’t drop them and it’s a complete farce that they are not and a damming indictment that he chose to actually give him and oware new contracts when they could have had no arguments if they had been released
  18. I’m referring to the 3 year downward spiral which started before him
  19. He may have got us to play off because Queen of the south were so bad but I now think we would have been beaten in the play off
  20. Guys that have been picking a wage up like banzo should be taking a good look at themselves too
  21. Not just totally down to McCall though - too many old pals acts been hanging about doing nothing - Archie, banzo, oware, kenny Arthur etc and the rot was already there before McCall joined - unfortunately he is clearly not capable of digging us out of it
  22. I actually thought it was a close game with both teams having lots of chances
  23. He Played well, also set up first goal. Gordon’s goal to games ratio is pretty decent for someone who is not a striker. He scored that double against Morton last season then got injured playing for Northern Ireland- I actually think he is a bit of a scapegoat when far more experienced players have let the season down today was an entertaining and difficult game- but Airdrie are full time and I always knew it would be very hard. Still a lot of work to do with the defence in particular but far better team spirit and fitness today and did well to rally after losing the first goal
  24. Think Callum Gallagher is there main threat
  25. Definitely- well done to all involved and thanks to Forest Precision Engineering.