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  1. Stunning stuff! I would have guessed it wouldn’t have happened before but there you go. I doff my cap to you once again - knowledge!
  2. I can’t think of any other season in the clubs history where this unusual statistic has come to the fore. We have mentioned it on commentary but can anyone else remember a season where no defender has scored for the team in an entire season as has just happened. tough one to be able to research but if anyone can AF Kincaid is the man! They did hit the bar on several occasions but no goals!
  3. No - once the social media ban is over I’m sure details will be posted but Ian McCall on the radio stated it would be on Wednesday with NO representation from the SPFL
  4. Assuming it’s the same Jimmy McClure, he was a very learned and friendly gentleman who used to act as doorman to the directors lounges and hospitality for many years. Impeccably turned out and always pleasant he was part of the match day experience till his passing. While I’m here - Michael Max aged 53. First taken to Firhill by my uncles in 1976 and found it impossible to let go the Thistle attraction. A 2-0 win over Arbroath with goals from Joe Craig and Dennis McQuade! Have had the pleasure of helping out doing various tasks through the years where currently doing commentary on the stream as well as host on match day at hospitality (sadly not recently!) Perhaps the best part is knowing so many Thistle fans who share the same goal of seeing the club reach as high as it can knowing full well it will have its ups and downs. We may not always agree about what route we should take but do love the fact that everyone has an opinion to share and would never criticise anyone for that opinion. Had lots of highs at the club but being good friends with club President Robert Reid as well as getting to know and be friends with the great John Lambie perhaps trumps anything that has happened on the pitch.
  5. During the latter stages in phase one of the season Sena played a number of games to a very high standard and the team barely lost any goals. Yes he did make mistakes against United which were very costly. The manager could have taken him out there and then but gave him the chance against East Fife. To be fair he really struggled in the first half and was taken out of the firing line which was completely the right thing to do for both player and team. Do I think that means he’s finished as a centre back? Absolutely not and although there may still be discussions about where he will play in the team, I still think he’s got a lot of learning to go through and will hopefully continue to be managed well to get the best out of him. While I would never deny any fan the right to have an opinion I think Sena deserves a bit more respect for the efforts he has put in so far this season and I certainly wish him nothing but a bright future given all he has had to go through to get to this stage of his career.
  6. It was the normal grey away top we wore last night not the blue anniversary top. The grey one is fine but the blue one is sensational! While mentioning the anniversary top it is worth thanking all the jersey sponsors, especially Just Employment Law, who allow that top to be worn unbranded - didn’t have to do that but all part of the excellent sponsorship that they afforded us
  7. At the one and only look we get of the incident neither of us thought it was a foul. At the home games we are afforded the luxury of a replay but at the away games we have to call it as we see it live. My gut reaction at the time was no penalty and I’ve not had the chance to look at it on the highlights to see if I still think that!
  8. My first thought was George Mackie but I’m not convinced. I’m pretty sure it’s not Donald Park
  9. Just want to be factually correct here. The BBC are not banned from Ibrox. Chris McLaughlin is and as a result the BBC choose not to send any reporters to their ground. On this occasion they are defending their employee to the hilt
  10. If you remember the full incident it was Gerry with a flailing arm which was shrugging off a disputed decision which ended up catching the opposition player, the end of which the referee saw. I know John Underhill well and I took him back to his car after the game and he was genuinely upset if he had got it wrong but he was adamant he could only act on what he saw. Yes he got it wrong but I fully understand his thinking and being honest I think he did what he thought was right - I fully understand that
  11. The ref was John Underhill who admitted afterwards that he only caught a small glimpse of the incident but he did see contact between Gerry and the opposition - he agreed on seeing it again that having seen the whole incident he wouldn’t have red carded him and was glad he won his appeal - but he had to act on the bit he saw. There have been many refs who I would accuse of acts of cheating but knowing the ref as I did I would not have put that one in this category. Many others yes!
  12. The following week on the radio then Chairman Jim Oliver tore Mr McGilvray apart. It was brilliant radio and I think it was Hugh Keevins who was hosting who was clearly loving it. Agree with what was said above - we finished with 9 men so the quizmaster should be penalised!!