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  1. Definitely not the same chap as the former chairman is long deceased!
  2. Peter Shand was Chairman when Ken Bates was investing
  3. Got to know Adam pretty well and was a very likeable young man. We all know he had his issues but you couldn’t help but like him. Adam, we will miss you and hope that your family can find some comfort.
  4. Davy was a good friend of John Lambie and would be in attendance on a regular basis during training days and match days. Always very pleasant to chat to
  5. Most definitely not. The Jolly (reporter) was an icon of the newspaper industry who was most respected by those who knew or worked with him.
  6. This is my specialist subject! Fred Elliot (butcher) was Ashley’s dad - Fred Gee worked at the Rovers for Annie Walker alongside Bet Lynch!
  7. Not allowed to mention anything related to Covid
  8. Likewise may I extend best wishes to each and everyone of a Thistle persuasion for 2022. The past year has proved to be one of steady progression for the club and hopefully we will continue with that in the coming 12 months. Please stay safe and enjoy the festivities!
  9. Crikey I was at that game - I’ll see if I have anything listed but I don’t think I have. It was the first of a 2 game tour - the second being a 5-0 win at Five Penny in Ness. I simply can’t remember the details of this game, except when Chic headed wide when he should have scored but just kept saying “nah I was offside!” - which he was!
  10. Today, the 20th of December 2021 Hibernian FC appointed Gary Caldwell as assistant manager. Poor Hibs!
  11. Falkirk’s last two league games at Firhill have seen them lose a combined 11-0!
  12. The ref was right. Akinola could only be reintroduced once the officials could confirm there was no bleeding - that has to be when play has stopped. He may have got a lot wrong yesterday but he was right there.
  13. Not quite! It’s a club record of six consecutive league shut outs. The current record of all matches (league and cup) is seven! However wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment it has been a fantastic effort!
  14. The PT v Hearts Jim Melrose story for me just showed why Bertie was the perfect fit for Thistle. I grew up with him as Jags manager and I loved just about every minute of it. The only part time team in the Premier League but you’d never have known. Cracking manager and cracking guy - will be very sorely missed but will be forever etched in the Thistle fabric