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  1. Guys can I just point out that Jagzone will not commence till 2.45 today. This is due to Clyde’s access policy so we will not be able to set up and broadcast till then. everything else Should be as normal. thanks michael
  2. No doubting Tommy Bryce was an exceptional player. As a manager?
  3. Was so impressed with the precautions taken on Saturday at Firhill. Other than the players there is zero risk of infection being transmitted at the stadium. It must be possible to add in a decent number of fans in the same safe manner to get us going again. We have to start trying to get back to some sort of normal and with the precautions taken for me football looks a pretty safe environment.
  4. Crikey they could be anyone! I’ll guess Andy Anderson and John Lapsley
  5. I’m not convinced this would have been a great piece of management to be honest. Pele liked to come a bit deeper to get the ball and use his pace and sharpness - definitely a number 10 whereas Dibble was definitely more a penalty box striker - I’m not convinced he’d have been so good playing deeper. On the other hand John’s moving of Davie Irons to sweeper was a master stroke so I suppose who am I to doubt the master!
  6. Certainly could be real. If I remember Neil was a talented, if a little inconsistent, wide player signed from Benburb I think. Not convinced he ever played in the first team but was a reserve regular and I’m sure he scored the only goal in a 1-0 win over Celtic. Him and Grant would have played reserve team football together.
  7. Tough one this one - MoJo and Gary Mackay for Hearts - maybe Kevin McKee for us?
  8. Well the linesman is John Young! Facially the other Jag looks like Grant Tierney but I don’t think he’s tall enough! So I’ll go Albert Craig
  9. I wouldn’t have got that in 20 goes!
  10. That’s tricky as to who is on the ball - definitely Brian Wright and Bobby Smith in the background with referee Sir Les of Mottram. I’m going to guess at Calum Campbell