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  1. Falling back on your dreadful grammar to get you out of a hole. Glad you've found the Duolingo English site. Now you just need to navigate past the home page.
  2. First you state categorically that there will be a virus. Then you state that there is a consensus that a vaccine will be available but that's open to change. Backtracking. Is that clear now?
  3. So, now you're backtracking on your previous statement that there will be a virus early next year. Thanks for clarifying.
  4. You previously stated that the Oxford vaccine would be ready in October.
  5. Why was my post removed mods? Surely not because it was a joke about vote manipulation.
  6. So, this choosing a new name thing. Result to be published by last Monday.
  7. Step away from the keyboard. Deep breath. And relax.
  8. Presumably, if you have a card. I haven't had a season ticket for 3 years so I imagine I will receive a new card. We'll see.
  9. FREEJAGZONE https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/free-jagzone-offer-extended-until-end-of-september/
  10. Beautiful pre-season friendly weather. In September. It's all a bit weird.
  11. Ah, those three little words that make my heart beat faster - "I'd buy it"
  12. Scrap the tournament. Concentrate on the league. This virus is not going to play ball.
  13. I had assumed the rules would be the same for all football matches. Is this a cost saving exercise for lower league clubs or an admission that our season is expendable?
  14. Received a nice photo of a hoodie with its owner from Western Australia this morning. By far the most distant photo yet. If you're reading this in Wagga Wagga or Miners Rest NSW, only you can beat that. Get snapping!
  15. Astonishing depth in this site guys. Amazing what can be done when you 'Furlough the Jags'
  16. Great site. Was wondering what you were doing with yourself, TJR. Well done to you and the gang.
  17. Agreed. Given the current (and projected) coronavirus situation, I don't think the League Cup should happen this season. Until the number of fans allowed into grounds exceeds the number of season ticket holders, clubs will struggle. It will be hard enough getting through the league season with 42 clubs intact.
  18. Perhaps we should think about the English league. Think we would have given Squires Gate a decent game tonight.