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  1. Oh no, I fear a 'THISTLE FOR PROMOTION' IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES thread coming up.
  2. I've put in another £20, LLD. Let's do this guys & girls.
  3. The plastic rod was released 1969, as was 21st Century Schizoid Man. Two huge evolutionary leaps for mankind.
  4. I'm not sure why you are posting this. I'm pretty sure that nobody on here can influence 3BC/PTFC board decisions. Ask Jacqui Low.
  5. TJF now have a board elected by the membership. They have been in place for a couple of weeks. Remember, they are volunteers and working on this in their spare time. Already they have set up a negotiating committee. The negotiations will be delicate. We need to give them time to establish trust and move forwards. TBC will probably be spooked by a running commentary being published. We must have faith in those elected and allow them space do their jobs. I, personally, have confidence now that TJF will keep us informed of the facts when appropriate.
  6. Yes. I wondered whether I had unwittingly set up auto-renew but nothing has come out of my account.
  7. Ah, yes. I didn't realise that Port Vale played in Stoke.
  8. That was, it seems, a myth. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/India_national_football_team https://latimesblogs.latimes.com/sports_blog/2011/07/did-india-withdraw-from-the-1950-world-cup-because-they-were-not-allowed-to-play-barefoot.html
  9. Yes. All three withdrew from the tournament after qualifying. Turkey and India withdrew due to financial reasons. For British teams, qualification was based on the Home Nations Championship. The top two teams qualified for the World Cup. Before the Home Nations competition, the Chairman of the SFA, Mr George Graham, announced that Scotland would only travel to Brazil if they won the Home Nations. Scotland finished second and the SFA refused to go to the World Cup.
  10. Not getting very far with this. Let me help. The tournament is the World Cup. What year and what is the link?
  11. At the same tournament, two supporters of the losing team committed suicide in the stadium at the end of the final match.
  12. No, DD. Men's football.
  13. India, Scotland, Turkey. Which International tournament and in what year links the aforementioned nations? What is the link?
  14. You should research your topic before presenting erroneous information as fact.