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  1. The Quarters Rangers v St Johnstone Kilmarnock v St Mirren Aberdeen v Dundee United Hibernian v Motherwell All Premiership teams in the next round and plenty of choices to be made. 4 points for each successful pick. Ties to be played next weekend so get your predictions in. Deadline 7pm, Friday 23 April
  2. Round 4 Standings Earnock Jag and fifexile with maximum points. A clear leader for the first time and serial winner lady-isobel-barnett hovering. Thirteen players have teams in all four Quarter Final ties. With 4 points per team in the next round, it's very open. We have, unfortunately, lost another player. A valiant effort and a personal best performance. There's always next year.
  3. Two players will have full points from Round 4. But which two will it be?
  4. If I try to get 5 names across a t shirt it will look like an eye test chart
  5. Full house for those four still. Thirteen players will have teams in all four Quarter Final ties. Standings tomorrow.
  6. Lose on Tuesday and East Fife win 15 - 0, we're fourth.
  7. We would need both of them to lose a game and us to draw for that to come into play. I would rather there was only one team on more points.
  8. Would prefer Cove and Falkirk to draw. As it stands we will be relying on two teams dropping points in the final games. The match thread on P&B is quite entertaining.
  9. These days an apology means 'Sorry I got caught'. Not good enough. I don't expect all employees to be Thistle supporters but he clearly has close links to Celtic. I don't like that. I wonder which way our club would vote regarding the admission of OF colt teams...
  10. I'm expecting Falkirk and Cove away and a bye on the last day so the others can overtake us.
  11. Yes, shipping costs are added to order.
  12. The sizes are as shown on the sizing charts. I've had no feedback with sizing issues (apart from a couple of 'lockdown' related ones ).