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  1. You can add to the list of experienced penalty missers Harry Kane, Stuart Pearce, Chris Waddle, David Batty, Gareth Southgate etc. You can also look at a young player like Bukayo Saka who bravely stepped up to a vital penalty. He may have failed to score that time, but is building a fine career with his club and country, and has stepped up and scored many more penalties since. I am sure that who was taking the penalties and in what order was not a sudden whim, but based on many factors and discussed in advance with all the players involved. Ben Stanway has form as a confident lad who is always willing to back himself and put himself forward. As then a much less experienced player he showed the same bottle on the first day of the season when leading from the front in the penalty shoot out, and like New York he was so good he did it twice. Luke McBeth is made of similar material. Who is to say that Ricco Diack was not displaying all the same characteristics which is why he volunteered and/or was selected for the shoot out. He hit the inside of the post. Fine margins. I am sure that he will score his next one for us.
  2. I was a little surprised that we did not bring on McInroy even at the very end as I thought that he would have been good for a penalty. As well as the starting eleven, I would give a shout out to Lewis Neilson who played really well when he came on.
  3. Loving the strong verbs that accompany our 5 goals: Powered Lashed Crashed Curled Blasted All Raith could manage was a feeble "slotted".
  4. That is probably my team too. The main point of debate is the 3 behind Graham. Whatever option we go for there is not perfect. If we want to keep Robinson in his best position, the alternative option is to go with Fitzpatrick on the right, Robinson in the middle and Ngwenya on the left. Ngwenya for McInroy means more pace, but perhaps less skill and accuracy. So possibly a Plan B rather than a Plan A.
  5. Taking hope from the trip to Peterhead. 2-1 down after the home leg against a team that finished comfortably ahead of us in the league table and whom we had not beaten in 5 previous games that season (4 lost and 1 drawn).
  6. Cannot beat Sylvia by Focus. The Draw Lose Or Draw podcast is excellent in all sorts of ways, but one of its principal excellencies is playing the whole of Sylvia at the end, even including that bit where it stops and starts again (they think it's all over, but it just keeps going).
  7. I agree. Brilliant song and so very Thistle. It would be a great way of weeding out false fans trying to pretend to be Thistle fans for whatever reason (perhaps to get restricted tickets). If when singing "Return to Firhill Road" a tear does not come to your eye, you cannot be a Thistle fan.
  8. I will not try to choose a formation for a starting XI but I think that we have to include both Bannigan and O’Reilly. Both are leaders and positive characters, and having had less minutes on the pitch than others in recent months should come with freshness and energy. A lot will depend on Muirhead’s fitness and where Doolan would see McBeth and Neilson being best deployed. McBeth has to start, Neilson possibly not. Muirhead being fit might give us the option to add pace by playing Ngwenya in place of Neilson. I accept that Ngwenya is a bit hit and miss, but I think that we have to roll the dice a little and have a go. Having been previously on loan at Raith, Ngwenya should at least be used to their pitch. i will go back slightly on my first sentence (!) and present a possible team formation (not saying that this would necessarily be the best): Mitchell McMillan Muirhead O’Reilly Milne McBeth Bannigan Fitzpatrick Robinson Ngwenya Graham I would hold Stanway and McInroy back until later. I think both would be useful if we have to go to extra time, and also would be good penalty takers (having replaced Banzo!). it is a pity that the strange configuration of Stark’s Park means that the rival fans are so far from each other. It makes it harder for our fans to create the sort of bear pit atmosphere which could really inspire and energise our players. Still we will no doubt give it a good go!
  9. A particular asset McInroy displayed in his early months was strength and accuracy in long range shooting which either brought goals or created chances for others. That particular ability seems to have diminished of late and without it I agree that there are not sufficient other reasons for wanting to sign him.
  10. For once the substitutions worked really well. Much more encouraging second half and perhaps our bench is better than we thought. We are still in this.
  11. We are generally getting closer. It always has to be borne in mind that we are playing full-time teams who are going full tilt trying to win the league and therefore will not be letting up one iota. Full credit to the team again. If they can take even a small further step forward next season that would be yet another incredible achievement.
  12. Which is more likely this year: Thistle winning promotion?; or Scotland making it to the knock out stage of the Euros?
  13. How is this hate worked out in practice? Do you bear personal animosity towards players, management team, supporters, staff, directors or owners? Is it a general unfocused hatred of the club/team as an amorphous whole? Or do you hate what the club/team does, says or stands for? Is keeping up all this constant hating not a little bit tiring?
  14. I have no insider knowledge, but is this 1500 possibly an initial allocation, which would fill one of the halves of the Main Stand and be more efficient for stewarding etc than away fans being scattered in both halves. If Raith get near to that 1500, consideration is perhaps then given to opening up both halves and offering a further allocation. Just a guess. For the Airdrie league game they just had half. For the play off game they brought more and were given the whole.
  15. Fair point, but I do not think that Novak is being constantly chased and kicked by other players.
  16. I appreciate that there is a lot of history between the clubs and the fans, but at the moment I find it quite difficult to hate Airdrie.
  17. Agreed as regards the fantastic support from the younger parts of the fan base, not just at Firhill, but travelling the country as well.
  18. There cannot now be a penalty shoot out at Firhill. But I agree with you totally regarding flares, and you are right that any shoot outs will probably be at the other end from where our fans are. I think that I must have had a firework bypass at some point in the past, but I just do not get why anyone thinks that letting them off brings anything positive to the game. At best they are stupid, pitch-damaging, time-wasting and fine-inducing, at worst they are dangerous to life and limb.
  19. Ben Stanway has been superb. Keeps winning the ball. Long way to go and Airdrie look fresher. Do not see McInroy lasting much longer.
  20. Very good article, and I seemed to get all of it, even though I am not a Herald subscriber either!
  21. Neilson has been one of our better loan signings in recent memory. However, I think that there were good reasons for voting for Stanway. Lewis had already played a good number of games for Hearts in the Premier League, whereas for Ben this has been a true breakthrough season, raising his game to a level never reached before.
  22. It depends what you want in a best goal assessment. Agreed that SOD's goal was an excellent team move with a deft finish. If you want a one-off great shot then Jack Storer v Morton and Chris Erskine v Airdrie (the 1-0 victory early in 2013), or indeed Ross Forbes as already mentioned, would be candidates. For individual brilliance Chris Erskine again with the run ending with the lob v Falkirk has to be up there. No doubt there could be other suggestions.
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