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  1. 2-1 2-1 0-1 3-1 0-3 Netherlands bow to the power of the balaclava 1-1 0-2 2-1 Favourite team Scotland get off to a winning start after surprise call up for Zak Rudden. 2-0 3-1 1-0 1-1
  2. Phil. Auld Jag's team has to be Ukraine. That's where Balaclava is.
  3. Hi Phil, has to be Scotland for me. I will use a slight variation of my principled, but unsuccessful, Scottish Cup approach, basically choosing countries I like (mainly for scenic or historic reasons) and when all else fails, going for the underdog. Questions of footballing ability or past or present performance will not come into it. I do not think that I will be rivalling Auld Jag for first place, but it will be a lot of fun. Many thanks for organising this. You are a star!
  4. Has East Kent seceded from England/UK and become part of France?
  5. Given that it is 5 a side, you could make the tactical choice to play all 5 midfielders to dominate the ball, and have a "backie-in".
  6. This follows on from the What's your name? thread. Having revealed your true first name, if you wish to do so, please tell us your 5 a side team composed of players with the same first name as you. Being called Alan, I am going to jump in first before Allyo gets any ideas (happy to consider loan and swap deals). The rules are very flexible. AuldJag can have Robert, Robbie, Bob, Bobby etc (but not Auld, as he managed, but never played, and its a surname as well). All diminutives of William and Alexander are fair game as are all variants of Alistair. John can have Juan, Jean-Yves etc. I am much more generous than that guy who runs the pop-up quiz (going to be struggling with Philip!). Anyway, I will kick off. I am assuming all players are at the peak of their Thistle form and fitness. In goals, the one and only Alan Rough. Locking up the defence, but also probing down the sides and swinging them in, Alan Dinnie and Alan Archibald. Bossing the middle of the park, putting his foot on the ball, covering the gaps when required and drifting forward languidly to score, Alan Hansen. Pace, trickery and fire power up front, and because he so deserves success in a Thistle jersey, Alan Morgan. Beat that!
  7. Quinton Jacobs' birthday and he scored direct from a corner. Pretty sure Derek Lyle scored as well, but for the rest, check the Archive! Alan "Biscuits" Preston scored a belter for QOTS.
  8. Well done Auld Jag. If you don't mind me quoting Neil Doncaster, you are a worthy champion! Thanks for running the competition, BB. Hopefully the upsets will come in the right rounds next year!
  9. The Ringwraiths for Raith Rovers as per Lord of the Rings The Operations for Cove Rangers as per Covert Operations.
  10. That was Number 4 on my list!!
  11. Boab McCulloch (full back) scored a fair number of goals, mostly free kicks, in our promotion season under Dick Campbell
  12. I see a reaction above from Very Bitter Jag. I remember that the "Very" was a response to last year's demotion, and wonder if you would now feel able to come back to being just "Bitter Jag"?
  13. Archie must have at least 8 (perhaps more). As well as the brace of braces against Arbroath and Hearts, I can remember 4 more (without looking at any archives): 1) Save the Jags time-bundled one in from close range v St Mirren at Firhill. 2) The next season-scored in 3-2 loss away at Inverness. 3) One of the promotion seasons (2000-2001) scored with his right foot at Firhill-not sure who against. 4) In his second spell an absolutely cracking goal in a 3-2 win away at Inverness. Brought the ball out of defence. Played one-two with wide player and then strode into midfield. Passed forward to Liam Buchanan who laid it back to him to slot past the keeper.
  14. Would not want to spoil your enjoyment by revealing the score, but the performance was really impressive. Totally bossing all the challenges and displaying some nice skills, with a wee bit of ole football at the end to rub it in!
  15. RAYA=Red & Yellow Army? (At first I thought it might have been Ian McCall's mum).
  16. Could not quite read the full message on the fronts and backs of the tee shirts. Could someone with better eyesight let me into the secret?
  17. Agreed. He played very well and seemed to have that unquantifiable quality of "time on the ball".
  18. Harrybriscoe doing one person thread here!
  19. You will of course be a well kent face! Sorry. Fetches coat and balaclava, and exits by the nearest vomitory.
  20. But he can always write his own.
  21. I do not see any problem here. I would regard Penrice (unless pre-contracted elsewhere, in which case there is no point in playing him) as the only nailed on starter from the Falkirk game. He has been "lightly raced" recently for various reasons, and it would be good to build on his excellent performance. Hopefully he can nick a goal too, as I am sure that he would enjoy this! Wright, Senna, McKenna, Gordon, Cardle, Murray and McIver did not start on Thursday, but all are recognised first team squad players who have significant numbers of starting and substitute appearances in vital games this season, so no objection could be taken to any of them. Lyons and Geggan have not been so prominent this season, but have proven records at this level. Bringing in Lyon and one or two younger players would hardly be unreasonable. I do not think that even Neil Doncaster could devise a way to throw the book at us for this, and dock us sufficient points to deny us promotion!
  22. Alan Holloway. Live in Newton Mearns, but my one person legal business has its office on Speirs Wharf, just along the canal from Firhill. Introduced to Thistle by school friends in the mid-1970s. However, it was on bringing my own kids to Firhill for the first time in 1996 that I became totally hooked, gradually increasing from occasional home games to hardly ever missing home or away. John Lambie Stand regular, but always go to to the top row so that I can be as far away from Auld Jag (perennial front row dweller) as possible!
  23. Bit late with this one, but now I know why the main train station in Falkirk is called “Graham’s Town”!