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  1. Thought Gordon was offside at the time, but in the highlights, you can see that the furthest away defender plays him on. Not sure if Gordon knew that.
  2. Lyons seemed to have a problem keeping his balance. Wrong footwear?
  3. Hanging on at the end and carelessly put the ball out of play several times at just the right (wrong for us) place for their long thrower. Just relieved to get the win.
  4. Agree with you absolutely. The screen experience is nowhere near that of being personally present at a game. Barring extreme emergencies, I would never miss being personally present at a competitive Thistle game if there was any conceivable way of being there. The prospect of missing a livestream game does not fill me with that same sense of loss. Thus are longstanding habits, connections, links and loyalties loosened and eventually broken.
  5. I was helping out my daughter with the log in, as she is a school teacher and obviously cannot do this sort of thing or start contacting anyone during school hours. We had exactly the opposite issue, as what we thought was an L turned out to be a "Capital Eye". All sorted and in now thankfully.
  6. 7 is the perfect number. So 7 times 7 equals 49 makes it even more perfect.
  7. Robert. That's a shame. Just tried the test event and I can still get in OK. PM me what you think is your password and I will see if I can help (Not in Junior's class as an IT guru, so not promising anything!). Alan
  8. The Queen will award a Junior an obe and tell him to capitalise it.
  9. I will add to the chorus for thanks to Junior! First time in I did exactly what I was told and got the Invalid Credentials message. Was just about to when I came on here, and now everything is
  10. Agreeing with this. Big O worked for me too!
  11. Yes, me too. Have managed to work it out, though seems unnecessarily complicated as you have to enter the same jumble of figures and upper and lower case letters twice, once as part of your username and once as part of your password. Having hyphens (easily mis-keyed) in the username seems a bit clunky too. The example given of Ian McCall having a password that is the same as his name is perhaps not the most inspired. I suspect a lot of season ticket holders will be entering their own name twice!
  12. Surprise, surprise! Not received the promised email by 10am. Will send email as suggested, but no doubt will have to phone later as always. Why can Thistle never get these simple things right?
  13. I will go with the selection already made for me. I presume that snookers are allowed.
  14. I would echo all these thoughts. All the best for a good recovery, John.
  15. With negativity seeping out of every pore as regards the "performance" against Clyde yesterday, perhaps we can cheer ourselves up with some statistical positivity? Would I be right in saying that 5 substitutions is the most Thistle will ever have made in one League match? Surely it must be the only occasion in our illustrious history when 2 substitutes with the first name "Blair" have been introduced simultaneously? (Rather a pity that they were not introduced to each other). Indeed have we ever before introduced 2 substitutes with the same first name (or the same surname) simultaneously ? Furthermore have we ever introduced 2 substitutes with the same first name or the same surname in the same game? Now the imagination is running riot. When we won the Scottish Cup against Rangers in 1921, our winning goal was scored by a player surnamed "Blair". How wonderfully neat it would be if exactly 100 years later, we were to win the Scottish Cup again, with our winning goal being scored by a player named Blair ("player" and "Blair" even rhyme). Assuming Spittal's loan is extended, the chances of this happening are twice as great as they would otherwise have been. Maybe we do indeed stand on the threshold of something amazing? Or maybe I am just havering?
  16. Hopefully sevco are not involved!
  17. I think most of us have exempted Sneddon from the general criticism, and I would also make a case for Sena Niang. The more experienced players should be setting him an example, but in my eyes it seems to be the other way round. Should he be starting next week? Unlike some other midfield players he seems to know what it means to drive forward.
  18. A triumvirate did not do much for the Roman Empire, and it is not doing much for us now.
  19. Just no threat whatsoever. Although we had far more of the game, in the end we have to thank Sneddon for preventing an even heavier defeat.
  20. Cannot get back on stream for second half. Keep being asked to pay again. Anybody else having same problem?
  21. First 15 minutes we looked pretty good and were dominating the ball. Since then Clyde have come back into it and it is fairly even. Cardle one or two bright moments, but the rest of the forward players not making any impression. We are missing Graham more than I hoped we would and we are finding it hard to make the ball stick upfield. Lack of imagination leading to harmless floaty crosses. We need some faster passing moves. I would expect some changes in the forward area, though not quite sure what. Blair Lyons would be the obvious one to come on, but he seems to be out of favour for some unknown reason.
  22. Pre-booked holiday on the Isle of Skye. I could perhaps also have claimed that it was essential travel and/or performing a caring function, as I had to meet jags on tour (socially distanced) outside the Isle of Skye brewery. The opportunity to have a rant to a fellow Thistle fan for the first time for 8 months was necessary for his mental health.
  23. Clyde would probably claim that they are a river rather than just a mere stream, thus justifying the higher charge.