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  1. Season Ticket renewed. System seemed to be much easier and more efficient this year.
  2. I would settle for Lyle Taylor, who I think has been released by Nottingham Forest.
  3. Jackie Husband Stand Concession Ticket going free For reasons too complicated to explain, although I am going to my usual place in the John Lambie Stand on Thursday, I have ended up in possession of a surplus concession ticket for the Jackie Husband Stand. I am happy to make this available free of charge to anyone on the Forum who would like it for themselves or for a guest. Obviously I am keen to maximise the Thistle support and would not want this seat to remain unoccupied (I should say that of course the seating is unallocated, so you can still join up with other companions). Please PM me if you would like this and we can arrange a rendezvous on Thursday.
  4. Indeed, a league where several teams near the top are very close to each other in points and regularly exchange positions is a "crazy league". Sounds like a "good league" to me.
  5. On Sportscene I was interested to hear Neil McCann (whom I find to be one of the better and more intelligent pundits) acknowledging that Thistle were playing really well while Ross County were on a poor run of form, but still thinking that County with their Premier experience would be too strong for us. I quite like to hear that sort of talk. It guards against complacency on our part and equally might lead to County underestimating us.
  6. He just about kept it in (ie he kept it in). He just about kept it out (ie he kept it out).
  7. Looking forward to the archive stats. Wondering if there will be one for the record number of consecutive competitive goals for Thistle without reply. Beginning from Brian Graham's winner v Queens Park, we are now at 13.
  8. For sporting integrity it would have to be VAR at both legs, or neither. I have heard somewhere that there will be VAR, but have no idea as to the reliability of the source, nor how that can be installed quickly (I am a non-techie). Presume SPFL have to meet temporary cost of installation.
  9. I absolutely love Chris Erskine. My favourite player and if he is ever at any event, I will get a photo with him. But not the right assistant for Doolan. Both are quality people, but they are too similar. Not necessarily saying that we need to have good cop, bad cop. But we require a different sort of character, who will be a supportive assistant on the same wavelength, but also unafraid to speak truth to power! PS Apologies for excessive use of cliches.
  10. I can back up Barney. I was at the game and definitely saw the yellow card being shown to Muirhead. In the JagZone interview Doolan explained that Muirhead had been substituted to avoid any possibility of a second booking and consequent red card.
  11. Seconding that (and indeed thirding that as Lenziejag had commented similarly). The updates often anticipate and answer questions even before I have asked them. After the Queens Park matches I can recall mulling over in my mind that there had been a lot of goals scored over the 6 games this season and that might be some sort of record. I vaguely thought of posting and asking the question, but before I had got near the keyboard, in came the update with all the relevant information. To the Thistle Archive. Bravo Bravissimo Very Well Done!
  12. Strangely I think that the Sheffield Wednesday comeback from 4 goals down was well-timed from our point of view. It takes away any temptation towards complacency or any other inappropriate attitude to the second leg. Actually, from post-match comments, it would seem to me that Peterborough were not complacent. They went into the game expecting a storm and prepared to lose, but simply intending to keep the margin of defeat to 3 or less. That psychology was all wrong and was rightly punished. All that Kris Doolan says indicates the much better approach of looking to take the initiative, play our usual attacking football and win the game.
  13. Sean McGinty's form improved towards the end of his time with us. He began to display (albeit occasionally) a skill similar to Alan Hansen in carrying the ball forward into the opposition half, drifting effortlessly past opponents and pinging defence-splitting passes. One good example of this was in the run up to the vital first goal scored by Lewis Mansell in the relegation decider against Queen of the South. If there had been a Player of the Month award for May that season, Big Sean would have walked it. Tam O'Ware may have come with a bigger reputation, but Sean contributed far more to the Thistle cause. Indeed the more I type, the more I wonder why Sean has not yet been inducted into the Partick Thistle FC Hall of Fame. There could be no worthier candidate.
  14. Could have been more, but equally could have been less. Credit to Mitchell and the defence. Ayr had the better of the first quarter hour, and there was quite a long spell at 2-0 mid second half when they were in the ascendancy. If they had pulled one back to finish 2-1, the psychological balance might have shifted. There was a real focused determination not to concede.
  15. On further reflection and perhaps more realistic, if John McGlynn makes a poor start to next season, Ian McCall and possibly Alan Archibald, could come into the reckoning at Falkirk.
  16. Went out for a walk in the fresh air to clear my head, but suddenly my brain began toying with the idea that Ian McCall and/or Alan Archibald could be live candidates for the Queens Park job. Someone please tell me that I am havering.
  17. So much better than the Brechin hedge!
  18. It does rather undermine the good work of their presenters. Richard Foster is obviously well-informed about and well-disposed to Thistle, but even the other more neutral commentators and pundits spoke with knowledge and intelligence about Thistle.
  19. I think that we have to acknowledge your vital part in our successful run thus far. As the fashion seems to be to compose songs in honour of everyone connected to Thistle, even Darren Brownlie and Cammy Smith, and in the spirit of Eurovision, I came up with the following: Auld Jag is our leader. He's started every thread. He's a Partick Thistle man. With a balaclava on his head. Nul points, I hear you say!
  20. BBC website gave credit for the cross first to Docherty and then to Turner. Even the briefest of glances at their own TV coverage would have told them the right answer.
  21. To be fair (just once and for a very short time!) to Owen Coyle he did have some kind and heartfelt words for Kris Doolan and congratulated Thistle on their (our) success.
  22. Difficult to see all the goals in the midst of the heaving crowd and a forest of hands, but for 3rd goal special shout out to Aero for the whipped cross to end all whipped crosses.
  23. Early scare which looked like a great save by Mitch but after that we have blown them away. Need to start second half in same vein. Along as we stay on it, there should be no way back.
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