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  1. When is the draw for the league cup ?
  2. Do you think the open and transparent s.p.f.l.will let us supporters know who voted for and against the league reconstruction.
  3. Welcome Ross glad to have you at Firhill
  4. League 2 clubs all support a 14-14-14 structure. Thoughts
  5. Doncaster is worse than ( Fred the shred) putting people's livelihoods at risk.
  6. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask when he robbed you
  7. It's got to be league reconstruction . The league as it is now is posh .
  8. Alloa ripped the pish out of the ref with the time wasting and body checking he was so weak and they knew it he was dreadful.
  9. Yes I'll be there as well with a bus full of jags fans.
  10. I'm going will get my ticket when I get there along with three others. Mon the jags.
  11. Good win and good play gets bums on seats.