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  1. I thought Ruddens goal was a deflection
  2. If we can’t beat the typos we should Chuck it
  3. Agree only change if players are injured.mon the jags
  4. What’s happened to the match galleries page long time since photos have been shown?
  5. What is Doncaster and the cartel doing to help the lower leagues and justify their wage packets
  6. Yes I’ve been charged
  7. When was the last time Doncaster voted against any of Lawwells decision?
  8. Surely Doncaster and his cartel must face the fans and explain the shambles Scottish football is in and his excessive salery.
  9. Also saw Scottish flags behind the goal. Great Club
  10. What annoys me is this tippy- tappy frightened to shot attitude,professional footballers that can’t shot from say 25yards and at least hit the target are in the wrong profession.
  11. When is the draw for the league cup ?