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  1. 3/1 this morning Falkirk 8/11 You're right about the 4/1 and at one point we were 8's not that I'd have been tempted
  2. Now into 4/1 (Falkirk 4/6). My current optimism says that's a decent bet, but realism says "put that money back in your pocket".
  3. 5/1 today. (bet victor) Can't understand how that works out after last nights results. I still maintain this is a poor league and it wouldn't take much to win it. I didn't see last nights match but from the flak flying about I fear this is our level for some time to come. I have a grandson lives in Ayrshire who I'm trying to initiate, but it's difficult to maintain his interest when we can't beat Forfar. That's a cross I'm happy to bear, but it seems like I'm punishing an eleven year old. This of course will be a problem familiar to lots of you.
  4. 8/1 bet365 (Falkirk 2/5)
  5. I know it's not a direct comparison but we are playing top level only, behind closed doors. The season has been cancelled for our next level and below. We had already made the draw for the Irish Cup, including these teams, so I don't know what will happen there. There's a few quid knocking about the Irish League at the moment, and I don't hear any complaining about money even from historically "smaller teams". Of course you boys on the big island have been carrying us financially for a long time (100 years this year) so I'm sure your happy to continue. I'm confident it's given with as much grace as it's recieved.
  6. In a moment of lockdown madness I booked hotel and ticket to see Wishbone Ash in Froome in November. I haven't booked flights yet, but surely to **** we"ll be out by then.
  7. 3/1 today and perversely I would feel more confident. There isn't a decent team in this league and it wouldn't take much of a run to top it. And yes I have seen us play and yes I am stone cold sober.
  8. Nothing so intellectual from a Philistine like myself I'm afraid. Monty Python.
  9. Our league contained Man Utd, Burnley,Linfield, Real Madrid, Brazil and Thistle. We won the league a few times and I think the White City Cup is in my loft. I seem to recall Jimmy Bone being our top scorer. When a player got injured you just stuck him back on till eventually he looked like he was sitting on the base. No money for reserves back then. (We lived in a hole in the road, worked a 25 hour day for tuppence and got beaten with a broken bottle)
  10. I gave up a few weeks ago. It was just taking more effort than I was prepared to give. As a matter of interest did any other 2nd prize winner take part in the zoom meeting, which was a while back?
  11. Going to my fifth live match of this season tomorrow (includes one away). It's an odd atmosphere but the players seem to be getting more used to it. Other than one club celebrating with fans everyone else is behaving very well. As I spend most of my week indoors it is a real pick up getting out for a few hours. I have pretty good health so I feel for those who are confined and are missing their weekly outing. We're back behind closed doors again next week so this might be my last live game this year. Of course many folk have seen their last match ever.
  12. Thistle 3/1 this week (to win league outright) still not tempted.