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  1. Going to my fifth live match of this season tomorrow (includes one away). It's an odd atmosphere but the players seem to be getting more used to it. Other than one club celebrating with fans everyone else is behaving very well. As I spend most of my week indoors it is a real pick up getting out for a few hours. I have pretty good health so I feel for those who are confined and are missing their weekly outing. We're back behind closed doors again next week so this might be my last live game this year. Of course many folk have seen their last match ever.
  2. Thistle 3/1 this week (to win league outright) still not tempted.
  3. Went to my first game since February today. Crusaders home to the Welders in the Co Antrim Shield. Not a major competion but we don't have "diddy" cups. Every club wants to win every competion. Seaview seats about 3500 with a few standing areas. Seated areas on all four sides. There are turnstiles at three corners of the ground, but in any event gates were opened and as all tickets were electronic it was just a case of scaning each ticket. Belfast City Council allowed 460 paying supporters, and we probably sold most of those. Funnily enough we had plenty of stewards and more photographers that usual. I even seen two ballboys. Temperatures checked and a lot of masks in evidence. Instructions to remain seated as much as possible, and if you have to get up, please return to same seat. Lots of seats roped off and a lot of social distancing. The vast majority of fans complied. The game turned out to be like a pre season friendly but I can't tell you how good it was to be back at a live game. I'm normally not very animated at games but today I found myself calling the ref a ****er. Oh hang on I do that all the time. I think if we had been playing Linfield it would have been very different.Would it be as straight forward at Firhill? I'm not sure. Entry points aren't as easily accessed in my opinion. plus greater numbers wouldn't help. Noboby wants to be in the ground too early, and you end up with bottlenecks. I don't expect to be at Firhill at least until this time next year.
  4. That's Seaview for sure. That stand is now at Taylors Avenue, home of Carrick Rangers. As Murphys Law insists I (the only Jags fan in NI at that time) was in England during that summer and missed the match. I don't recognise that strip as Crusaders, nor do I recognise either the keeper or defender. I wonder did Distillery ("the Whites") play their match at Seaview. They shared the ground for a few seasons after Grosvenor Park was burned down in the early days of our crazy times. Though this match was just pre troubles.
  5. It wouldn't be the first time Iv'e invested a few quid on Thistle. Even allowing for the uncertainity of this season, and the doubt of clubs having a full squad to compete with, I can't see me taking odds on. I'm not sure how bookies arrive at their prices, but there may some value in an outsider for those who can bet against their own team.
  6. That went well. Any prices this season?
  7. I was at that game and I've managed to convince myself it was at Firhill and Chic got all he deserved. That last game against Ayr has to be an all time low.We conceded a goal that perfectly summed up that season. How my work colleagues laughed.
  8. Can't believe I humped over for that. Cardle may well have scored and run about a lot but I thought he was poor. With Williamson behind him our right side was wide open. Not that it was much different from our left or centre. Fair play to those who sit through that every week.
  9. My grandson and myself. First game this season and I don't care who we're playing. Over the past few seasons I've made him sit through so much rubbish he deserves a chance to see us win. Hope this doesn't come back and bite me on the arse.
  10. Good first half. Utterly utterly pathetic second half
  11. Just done a bet this morning. Thistle 9/2 (win championship) Crusaders 11/4 (win Irish premiership). Score double. Spending it already.
  12. Mine arrived yesterday(posted on wrong thread) thanks BB. Great job