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  1. Would a relegated Killie be more financially stricken than an over-stretched Dundee forced to remain another season in the Championship? Thought I read something about Killie's whole squad being out of contract; so they could start with a clean slate, sustainable but attractive Championship wages for those they want to sing/re-sign. Whereas who knows what state the finances in the Dens cesspool are? They had to dish out wage cuts last summer, might have to cut back further if they don't go up.
  2. Aye, defence was even worse when Brownlie came on. Sena was poor but the other two central defenders who played were even worse.
  3. Agreed; there's a dozy, complacent stupidity rampant everywhere in our squad.
  4. I see nonsense like that from our players all the time, stupid complacency, unacceptable.
  5. Every league game is a must-win, simple as that. And every one not won means players and/or management haven't done their job properly, simple as that. Really is time to put or shut up for all involved; or get out.
  6. Pleasantly surprised that the SPFL don't seem to have managed to squeeze into their formulae a scenario where playoffs get cancelled.
  7. I think the majority of fans know this, but have zero input to or control over the running of the game.
  8. Aye; fully expect most of them to get instantly injured and be back to square one.
  9. It is what he's best at, for sure, and he's the only one that does occasionally deliver a decent cross, but not often enough for me.
  10. And none that can cross.
  11. Good statement; good that they explicitly pointed the finger at the SPFL board named the chief weasel.