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  1. Good result for us boosted by a good set of results overall - into the play off places we go.
  2. That was Clarke's one bad shout of the evening. Bringing on one of McBurnie and Paterson for Dykes made sense, but not bringing on Griffiths as opposed to Paterson meant the shape and pattern was lost as soon as the equaliser went in. Fortunately it all worked out.
  3. Every Scotland player was magnificent tonight. Special mention to the unsung heroes SOD, McGregor and Jack. All three were magnificent doing the dirty jobs that rarely get noticed by the social media cognoscenti. There's a certain humour to Scotland qualifying for a tournament for the first time in 23 years.......................and two of the games are in Glasgow!!!
  4. Why is it necessary for so many of your posts to be so confrontational to fellow Jags fans?
  5. Thistle fans' soundtrack song has to be Frank Zappa's 'The Torture Never Stops'.
  6. Dean Windass played until he was 40, scored his last goal in the Premier League at 39. Kevin McAllister hung up his boots at 40 with Albion Rovers. Gavin Swankie sprang to mind as he seems to have been around for ever, but he isn't 37 yet!!
  7. So sorry to hear about this - always enjoyed his writing even if I didn't agree with some of it. Irrespective of that - Alzheimers at 62 is an absolutely shocking thought. RIP Kevin.
  8. It's a graphic commentary on our times that the Just In thread has had to be rebranded as the Stream Quality thread.
  9. Billy Gibson was an excellent loan signing back in the day. That's the minimum standard McCall should be looking at with OF loanees, otherwise what's the point?
  10. Couldn't lace the clearly done Doolan's boots, so what use would he be to us?
  11. It screams that he was found out as not being good enough at Norwich. Whether through lack of application on his part.........who knows? One thing's for sure, you do not get sent back on loan to a club in the same division you came from if you are considered a serious prospect.
  12. O'Ware is lucky he's even being considered for 20 minutes in a Jags jersey. He's been truly abject since his return from injury.
  13. By his own admission, there is no defence for Nisbet, apart from one very good game up at Perth. Sammon also managed ten goals that season - with three penalties - and has been as underwhelming as Doolan since leaving Thistle.
  14. Doolan's form dropped drastically, or the supply to him dried up? Hard to tell with certainty. These things are rarely down to a single factor. For example, is it coincidental that in the relegation season, Stevie Lawless being jettisoned to LWB for much of it meant Dools was scrapping for the ten goals he got? Barton and Edwards generally created 80% of zero from central midfield that year. Either way, it says something that Arbroath and KD are taking each other on.