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  1. Happy with what has been achieved so far. Lots more to be happy about with this team than the negative aspects (although backing off Kirk ******* Broadfoot was unforgivable). It's where we finish at the end of the season that is the ultimate objective, so being in touch going into the last quarter and a sprint to outdo them all similar to April this year will do fine for me.
  2. Several people on this thread shouldn't bother turning up at Firhill again given their low threshold for interpreting humour. Seriously, trying to get past night's comments cited under HR guidelines? Get a grip folks - real life isn't play station thankfully, and it's all the better for it.
  3. Dear Santa - a contract extension for Tunji please.
  4. Exactly this. His Twitterwitterings don't show him in a good light either, Did he have previous for social media stupidity while employed at Thistle? I seem to remember something but cannot find a context?
  5. Being mutually consented so soon after a window closed points to Alexander not wanting him around the premises under any circumstances. There has to be a reason for that being the case as he hasn't featured in the match day pool since August. Sadly Stevie's motivation these days appears to be to make more use of his season ticket at Ibrox. Not sure if he can sign for anybody anyway before the window reopens - could be wrong about that though.
  6. Think you're being harsh Fearchar. We scored from 2 corners at Dunfermline and 2 more v Morton. That comfortably exceeds what we managed from corners in the previous decade. Much more important is that we now have two strikers that both manage to score with some regularity. That's real progress.
  7. The long awaited return of the must-win game then?
  8. No wins recorded by the five senior Glasgow sides this weekend (charitably including Clyde). Glasgow Uni knocked out of the Scottish Cup too. Re formation - 4-3-1-2 may be the way to go. Turner is clearly most effective supporting the strike force. The issue then becomes how to incorporate Tiffoney into a midfield three that offers protection to the defence. Maybe Akinola - Bannigan - Tiffoney? Might require Tiffoney to learn some defensive discipline, but that may not be a bad thing.
  9. Groundhog Day today. Reminded me of that phase 25-30 years ago when we regularly conspired to lose 0-1 to a Tom Black penalty. When was the last time we scored against this mob at home?
  10. Christmas fixture 2018. Honestly AJ - was it really necessary to bring that horrific episode back to mind??
  11. Would not be surprised if Oostende triggering the purchase fee in the loan agreement was somehow 'assisted' by their Brugelse brethren.
  12. Job done against a howlingly bad opposition - well done Thistle! Hypotheticals are never a good idea for obvious reasons, but would a front two of Graham and Doolan have catapulted Thistle to another level a few years ago?
  13. This scoring from corners lark - why haven't we thought of it before??