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  1. Be positive Jaggernaut - it could have been worse. Dundee United and Aberdeen knock us out of the cup every time we play them.
  2. Too much word salad folks....................................
  3. As spawny as could be - but happy to benefit from it!!
  4. The obvious candidate is being seriously overlooked here. Big Wull calls it every week, but is never quoted. Why? He's clearly got the pedigree.
  5. Our current total against must contribute generously to that 3% figure. Too many to mention sadly. Did Holt score from a corner in the 4-1 v Inverness? Muirhead v Morton?
  6. Negative.....we don't score from them. The opposition however................
  7. The Manager's position...............is now untenable. His squad isn't what he bummed it up to be, even allowing for the bad luck that four key players are injured simultaneously. He is clearly unable to get a tune out of the ones that remain, as the persistent leaking of goals to set plays proves. Did Caldwell ever lose six in a row? Sorry Ian, but for all the genuine goodwill you have towards PTFC, your batteries have run dry, similar to Archie in 2017-18. The Board hung on too too long then due to sentiment - that mistake must not be repeated.
  8. There's nothing there to disagree with to be honest, I wouldn't have wanted to be Mullen or Dowds today with the paucity of service available to them. However in the few minutes that we had a full complement on the park after Stevie Lawless came on, he appeared to link better with others. I assume he wasn't fit enough to even risk a half.
  9. It sounds even more pathetic when we are getting gubbed. Please get this announcement so far into the folder called 'Trash'. Immediately, thanks.
  10. The Manager's position should certainly be under discussion after the last month of implosion. How on earth Alan Archibald is still in position given the ratio of goals we have lost to set plays and throw-ins this season is even more worthy of scrutiny and justification.
  11. Absolutely this. No movement to support the thrower (Stevie Lawless and Anton Dowds, you are both in focus here) ball cheaply lost from a desperation throw-in to nothing, Dundee break effectively and corner conceded. And then the corner - let's not go there. It was a criminal goal to for a professional team to lose.
  12. I'd rather see.................. aaach no. What's the point?
  13. The never spotted ever again Danny Mullen. His only contribution to the game was that he isn't Cammy Smith.
  14. As we did with Ayr's fourth on Tuesday.
  15. Go for it - if only because you won't pick Cammy Smith.