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  1. Utterly woeful from Muirhead. That's bread and butter for a central defender at a dead ball. And he knew it.
  2. Not great. VAR would've disallowed it on the basis that he hadn't cut his toenails that month.
  3. Others have pointed out the weaknesses in detail, so no need to repeat. Sneddon my MoM. Made a couple of important stops in the first half and several excellent catches in the second half. Whatever the plan for the second half was, please rip it up and put it in the bin. Continually allowing the opposition to come out of their own half unchallenged is not a good idea under any circumstances. Thank the gracious Lord for that horrible miss at the end. Had that gone in, the result would not have been unjustified given the way we conceded possession throughout the half.
  4. Thanks Jim - I hadn't been aware of that.
  5. Ian began his career as a teenager at Motherwell before being released. Thereafter he trained with Glasgow University FC before being taken on by Queens Park. There has never been a connection with Celtic, as far as I am aware.
  6. Milne off early, McInroy at ht and Graham subbed at 1-1, and none of them ostensibly due to injury? Perhaps there's some kind of bug going round? Anyway, objective achieved after a fashion. Two smashing finishes for the goals, but we didn't really trouble McDonald much beyond those efforts. Well done to the players and the management team for digging out the win. Happy Saturday evening to all Jags fans!!
  7. McDonald had an hour after replacing the injured Fitzpatrick v Dundee Utd where he had several opportunities to take his full-back on the outside, and on every occasion chose to cut inside rather than attack the by-line and put the full-back under pressure. Decisions on his part that led to nothing worthwhile. He hasn't been involved since, which may not be a coincidence in my view.
  8. Sat in a bar in Supetar, Brac watching nothing continuing to happen from Inverness on my phone. 26 degrees of blazing sunshine and Croatian beer @ EUR3.50 a pint was an excellent way to soothe the boredom though.
  9. Saw that result coming all week. Merited, and the score tells the truth. Arbroath have a midfield that digs, hits and scores. We have a midfield that looks pretty on the ball and ineffectual when we cannot get on the ball. Like today. No dig meant no ball for Graham and `Fitzpatrick. And Lawless was negated to the point of being useless. Dools has to find a way of integrating BG and TA into the same staring line-up. There is a complementaririty there that could be outstanding going forward, but not if TA is kept on the bench every week.
  10. What Doolan did with McCall's squad in 3 months last season spoke volumes. Much as I like him, McCall's a busted flush as a manager now.
  11. Calvin's revenge for having the audacity to enjoy yourself on a day out springs to mind.
  12. Thank you for articulating that analysis WJ.
  13. Every single one. 1) Our bus providers would be wary about the implications for their licences (rightly so). 2) The authorities would go after low-hanging fruit (us and those like us who have a decent travelling support) before they would ever look at the ugly sisters' travelling bands.
  14. In my case, gone are the days where travelling to most away games constituted an attraction. Rotten, and expensive, public transport coupled with - in my opinion - overly inflated gate prices, and inflexible policies (no cash option - see the other thread) mean it is no longer a priority to attend away games. That one is down to the clubs themselves to address. Cappielow should be one of the most attractive and hassle free away fixtures to attend given the proximity of the ground to Cartsdyke station, however the frankly unwelcoming and unfriendly attitude of the home club meant that yesterday afternoon was spent in a Thistle friendly boozer in the West End when an unusually pleasant day (weather wise) might have seen me attend the game. And I fully accept that is sad.
  15. Not in any way having a go at you DD, because you raise a very good point. What possible reason is there for a business to refuse custom on the basis of non-digital (i.e. cash) payments? Is it moral or even acceptable to do so? People may not have bank accounts, or be in town for a few days from a foreign country without access to digital payments, or just prefer to pay cash anyway. And they are entitled to do so if that is their choice. What the **** is it with this big brother attitude that has clearly been accelerated by the pandemic?
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