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  1. 36 games 20 goals Deserves a thread for that alone. Both his goals yesterday were down to his desire to score. A leader and example of the benefit of standards and positive attitude.
  2. Over the last 20 years, one of the greatest benefits of being a member of this site while working abroad - and there are plenty of them - has been Camallain's wonderful goal videos from the North Stand. My favourite ever of these was Kris Doolan's 100th v Ross County. I'm now retired and back in the West End - but a very warm welcome back to your videos Camallain!! They reflect so graphically our collective passion and spirit for the Jags!!
  3. That'll do - winning these kind of games is a very good habit to establish. Long may it continue. Enjoy your Saturday night fellow Jags fans!!!
  4. Agree - nevertheless it was stupid by Foster to stick his leg out like that. He can hardly be accused of naivety at his age.
  5. Didn't he score a pair or three against us for Dundee United in a League Cup tie at Tannadice? EDIT - he did - a first-half hat-trick in a 3-1 defeat (Sean Welsh pen for us) in 2016-17. Anyway, sounds like a very good signing at this level, so welcome and best of luck Cammy!!
  6. Behave GRE - you are well aware of how it works. It's an automatic 8-0 to the ugly sister involved and a demotion for the diddy team for having denied Sky Sports their obligatory broadcast.
  7. This and a bit more. He's been a revelation - even more so since Zak found his goal mojo too. Two strikers firing after years of one up front is so refreshing to see. Now if we could just sort out the defence..................
  8. Brian Graham - 34 games and 18 goals to date.
  9. Looks like you completely missed the point.
  10. This is something that hasn't been emphasised enough. Hendry taking that shot on in the face of easier options was a poor, poor decision. The block rebounded to the striker who had three yards on Hanley, and fast though he is, Hanley was not making that up over thirty/forty yards without a probable red card. If Marshall is on the D then he has to come to narrow the angle, leaving him open to being chipped, or the striker can draw Cooper and plays in his supporting team-mate. The unlucky part was the trajectory of the rebound, but even that is attributable to the root of the problem which was Hendry's decision to shoot in the face of better options.
  11. https://www.vipleague.lc/soccer-sports-stream The usual four or so clicks to get past the ads, but is worth it in the end,
  12. First time since Mo Johnston and Mo Johnston v France in March 1989??
  13. No loss. He had thirteen years to lace Kris Doolan's boots and never once came close.