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  1. Some twat used his phone because Neil Lennon had a few pints and was in his vicinity - so where's the fire? The fire's the twat that used his phone and posted it on ****witmedia. Do you think this would have made it there if Neil Lennon hadn't been present? Nobody's asked whether the twat was breaking COVID restrictions by being present in the first place. Digital technology and digital media in particular is a curse on human interaction.
  2. Every weekend there's a Jags game, it's accompanied by a feeling of anticipation and hope. This weekend is no different.
  3. First of several 'must win' games not won. Typical Thistle - frustrating as ever.
  4. More chance of Amy McDonald getting a gig at Firhill.
  5. Pleased for him - hopefully the start of an upswing after a difficult period.
  6. And yet both would represent an upgrade to the current squad. Let that sink in.
  7. Thomas, Thomas, O'Warefore art thou Thomas?
  8. Best Wishes to all Jags fans for 2021. May next year be better than the last.
  9. I remember the game well - Andy Frame had a stormer in central midfield that day.
  10. At the end of a difficult year for each of us for obvious reasons - both on and off the park - and in some cases for less obvious reasons, I wish all fellow posters and your families a happy, peaceful and intimate Christmas. Special thoughts in particular to any poster who may be spending their Christmas in isolation due to restrictions. Be sure to enjoy your day folks!!!
  11. OK then BH, tell us all about them. The rest of us will give due respect to a young keeper who has an achievement to look back on with pride even if he does nothing else in the game.
  12. Aaah. I knew there was a reason that I exempt Paul Ritchie from the list of absolutely useless or past-it wrecks that Thistle have signed this century (see Jim Hamilton, Paul Keenan, Steve Lovell, Steven McConalogue etc etc).
  13. The approach to the goalscoring problem needs to be more realistic. There's a reason that we cannot fill a bench at the moment. Gordon scores goals, as do Lyons and Cardle. It's up to McCall to find a system that has them contributing along with Graham (who picked up another booking today - not good). The reality is we don't have any money to go out and sign another striker. The only way that will/should be entertained is if Zak Rudden won't be fit beyond New Year.