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  1. Except that cards and so called smartphones comprehensively failed for numerous (and I mean numerous) people last Saturday. So that one's on the club to make the procedure failsafe.
  2. This, this and a thousand times this. Well said.
  3. I could - but why should I have to do so? It's up to the clubs to facilitate on-day purchases either in person or online if they seriously want to encourage business..
  4. OK - so when would the right time be, in your opinion?
  5. It does believe it or not. There is one original Glasgow southsider who is over from Brussels this weekend (holiday weekend over there) and who wants to attend the game with me, but also has other commitments to fit into his long weekend schedule. He will quite rightly prioritise family/personal business if he cannot be certain of paying cash on Saturday.
  6. https://www.thenational.scot/news/20606788.unionists-go-meltdown-partick-thistle-puts-gaelic-signs/?ref=twtrec
  7. Football at 20 quid is expensive. That price does not encourage walk-up spectators, and even more so when clubs (not just Thistle) do not encourage new customers by limiting available purchase options on the day of the game. The weather on the day might encourage more people to consider attending. No chance if clubs have an inflexible and limited ticketing system. SPFL football will kill itself with that approach.
  8. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/club-statement-6th-august-2022/ Fair enough on admitting the problem. Once the cause has been identified, please be honest and open as to why.
  9. If the official attendance.........as announced.................was 2970, then what is the source of the other 600?
  10. Not at all being divisive Norge, but how does that explain that folks with season cards (presumably updated electronically) experienced difficulties?
  11. It was a mess today for some reason. Whether using the app or card there were a huge number of the 2970 crowd stuck outside as the game kicked off. Not ideal or good PR for the club's much vaunted app system. Anyone know why it went so badly wrong today?
  12. And you have the cheek to call fellow Jags posters negative? Games like today happen - a freak goal lost. That's the beauty of football. the players are human and occasionally make bad decisions. We responded well, and yes for a while I thought we were determined not to score today, but the one time the cross into the box was varied to the near post, Big Beautiful Brian Graham was alive to it. That goal will be on the highlights of the season DVD - it was a belter of a finish. We could even have won it with Tiff's last kick of the ball, however not to be. Thought the Hamilton keeper was outstanding, For us, Ross Docherty is a very, very underrated player. Time he was afforded more appreciation.
  13. All now on an app CJ. No hard copies. Tried to find a link for you but this is the best I can do: https://ptfc.co.uk/season-tickets/buying-tickets/our-new-ticketing-system/
  14. We'll see LIB. Not sure it's a good idea to get triumphalistic - statistically or otherwise - after gubbing Dundee at Dens. Our best spell last season was when the defence created an all-time club record. Which proved to be worthless when the prizes were handed out. Let's see where we stand after the first quarter is completed. If (when?) we win the league we'll do it on merit.
  15. BBC Scotland ARE still broadcasting Championship games on a Friday night, just not on this opening weekend. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/inverness-fixture-moved-for-television-coverage-2/ Queens Park v Ayr next Friday and Dundee v Arbroath on Friday 12th August.