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  1. That's a better view than Sportscene will ever manage. Thanks as always Camallain.
  2. Or Ian Floote. Apologies for cross referencing the other thread on this one, however I noticed that the Ibrox game where pre-Sevco scored both goals after midnight was 'refereed' by that paragon of equilibrium and fair play JRP Gordon (Newport-on-Tay). Draw your own conclusions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Gordon_(referee)
  3. To win any cup the luck is always on the park rather than in the draw itself. That said, anybody at Firhill would be preferred.
  4. Never an issue GRE. The best investment in life is memories. I love Jags memories, even the bad ones.
  5. Dreadful behaviour to resurrect that horrific memory GRE. Really did you have to? Joking apart, that was a night that summed Thistle up. McCoist is a **** though - that was his first ever goal against Thistle at any level.
  6. Christie Elliott scoring within five minutes of being brought on for his debut against Hamilton. A false dawn as a striker for certain, but thankfully Christie made sterling contributions in other positions.
  7. ??? McCoist was a precocious talent, but even he couldn't have made the h*ns first team at 9 or 10 years of age.
  8. You are correct Joe - my post was worded poorly. I didn't intend to suggest the Shea Gordon game was the same as the 4-1 game. Reading it back, I can see why my post would be interpreted that way. Mea culpa.
  9. He was betting on that for sure.
  10. I don't disagree. However, it's interesting that our goal came from Mayo making a direct run from defence, and no defender coming to block his run early. That created the space for Docherty to have a dig even although Foster was open outside him due to defenders coming inside to cover Mayo's run.
  11. Stenhousemuir have been generous to Thistle in recent times. Apart from Shea Gordon, they lost goals in the same game (July 2016) to Ade Azeez, Matthias Pogba, David Amoo and a Sean Welsh penalty during a period when we had more chance of winning the National Lottery than being awarded a penalty.
  12. In commentary it was mentioned that it was his fifth championship game of the season, and the first involving Thistle. Hopefully the last after that atrocious decision.
  13. Utter nonsense from Walsh to give a penalty for that - even Old Shaw admitted he didn't expect it. Thought iMac handled it well in the post-match interview - he must have been raging. Great response from the team not to give up and salvage a point. Excellent strike from Docherty to secure it. That's enough draws for one season though. Time to unleash a repeat of last season's run-in.
  14. Of course I do!! Thanks - edited!!
  15. Some perspective here. 1) We haven't scored v the Tractor Drivers in our last five attempts at Firhill (only a single 0-0 on 31/12/16); 2) We haven't beaten them at Firhill in the last 12 attempts (last victory 3-0 (Alex Burns x 3) on 30/11/02; 3) It's on telly where our record has been generally poor, apart from our last televised game v Hamilton. 4) They have a new manager, so continued bounce in their performance after last week would not be a surprise. Chuck all of that into the blender and it isn't encouraging. The blender says 3-1 Jags tonight though.
  16. Happy New Year AJ, and to all Jags everywhere. Lang may the collective Jags lum continue to reek!!
  17. A happy and peaceful Christmas to you too, GRE and to all Jags fans wherever in the world you may be. Best of health everyone - looking forward to continued Jaggy success and banter with you all in the coming year!!
  18. Muirhead - no. Nothing against him, but what's the point? We already have Foster. Why do we need to go that far backwards? Akinola - please sign him up for another couple of years - he is the sauce. Rudden - would be be delighted if he stayed. He's infuriating at times, but when he's good he's a beezer. Kyle Turner - IMac needs to find a position that gets the best out of him in his current system. The subs bench is demonstrably not it.
  19. That is beautiful. No other words because they could not do justice to that photograph.
  20. Not quite winning a game, but Billy Gibson scoring in the 127th minute at Peterhead is up there. As was Kris Doolan at the now Spaghettihad. Desperately trying to find a winner that fits the criterion. Anyway, that was very nice today wasn't it??
  21. Big Wull - get those boots polished.................
  22. Back to earth with a resounding thump folks. 1) That was so predictably Thistle. 2) Dick Campbell once again proves he has our number. Why then was he such a calamity as Thistle manager? 3) Defence has had a glorious few weeks, but got done very easily today. In the long term that may be a good thing. 4) The worry for me is the attack - they've been nullified several times since Hamilton away, and conceding today exposed that fully. There was no discernible reaction. 5) Zak Rudden was more absent today than When The Levee Breaks from a Led Zeppelin live album. Why? Off to join GRE in the SuckItUp bar.