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  1. Yes. Celtic have a safe standing area(although obviously that isn't like a traditional terrace). If Arbroath had won the league last year, they could have comfortably played all their home games at Gayfield, subject to the necessary improvements required for media, VAR and so forth.
  2. The all-seater rule of the SPFL was abolished in 2013 when the merge to the SPFL took place. If Ayr were promoted to the Premiership they would not need to make any adjustments to their stadium(bar those for a media perspective to accommodate television and VAR)
  3. The crowd was 5,811 with 2,366 Thistle fans.
  4. No. The only games we get extra cash for are cup games. League games have the tv money included within the prize money which is awarded at the end of each season based on finishing position.
  5. VAR will be in operation in both legs. It will be installed at Firhill on Tuesday/Wednesday.
  6. Since the merger of the SPL and SFL, the prize money has grown significantly. For example, when we won the league in 12/13, we received £60,000 as prize money. Forfar Athletic, who finished midtable in League Two, received a payment roughly equivalent to that this season. The Championship ranges from 500k to 250k depending on finishing position I believe. Taking the money from playoffs to fund parachutes keeps the overall payment in place and only affects teams who are playing, in effect, bonus games over the 18 issued at the start of the season - better that than taking it out the full pot.
  7. Yes. It is considered an extension of the league so all gate receipts, bar the SPFL levy, are retained by the home side.
  8. That only relates to the play-offs between(this year) Spartans, Brechin and Albion Rovers. For our play-off, the home club gets 15% off the top, then 50% to the SPFL(to help fund parachute payments) and then the rest gets kept by the home club.
  9. Thistle ppv'd Tuesday night's game so it is allowed. They can't do it tonight as it is an away game for us and I would doubt they would get a secure enough internet connection to stream from Ochilview - plus maybe wouldnt be easy to tie in Michael Max's JagZone commentary with the pictures?
  10. Only for Inverness if they reach the final of the play-offs.
  11. If Inverness reach the final of the playoffs, we cannot be in the final, so our season will have ended on Friday 26th May at the latest.
  12. The game isn’t until Sunday and the squad will be training tomorrow so I imagine all previews will be published tomorrow.
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