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  1. It’s on the away kit sleeve - going by the photos the club published.
  2. I’m not wrong about either, but we’ll agree to disagree, it’s a new season and time to move forward.
  3. My mistake - I was convinced that McAllister was signed around the time of the Killie game(15th) but can see he was a later signing. Calum Morrison wasn’t a target - he might have been available but the manager didn’t pursue that interest after doing his due diligence by meeting the player(in a similar way he knocked back Kai Kennedy in the summer). I never at any point said Alegria or Jakubiak were targets, can you point to where I did? I said the board backed the manager, the money was there. He just didn’t utilise it in the right way/spent it wrongly. There were reasons for that (such as Hibs, Aberdeen and St Mirren changing their manager and the re-introduction of nine subs in the Prem) but it wasn’t down to ‘penny pinching’ by the board as you claim(unless you can prove otherwise).
  4. I don’t dispute that Alegria and Jakubiak were nowhere near our top targets, but they were who we ended up with. There are a number of reasons why transfers fall through, Aberdeen and St Mirren changed their managers, a club might change their mind last minute(I think this happened with the goalie situation) and the increased subs from mid January won’t have helped. I said before I think he was backed but just spent his money poorly. He’s been really unfortunate that both right wingers(Hastie and McAllister - both of whom were on paper good signings, both flopped.) His signings so far this summer have given me great encouragement and long May that continue.
  5. I think he was backed but didn’t spend his money wisely. He was able to add Crawford and McAllister early in the window, two Premiership players so there was clearly money there. There was talk in December of getting a player from Hibs(might have been evening times reporting it) and their change of manager maybe hindered that. The increase in subs in the Premiership mid-January also didn’t help as players who were bombed out and might have been good targets were suddenly back in the picture. The Rudden situation affected the entire window and is the sole reason we were weaker, we didn’t get an appropriate reinforcement, not down to the Board ‘penny pinching’ in my opinion.
  6. What evidence do you have of ‘penny pinching from the board?’ - or is it just you trying to land more heat on the board given the current ownership debate? By all means, have a pop at the board if it is deserved but I think you are really barking up the wrong tree with this one.
  7. QP expect it to be ready with a capacity of around 1,200 so there will be a real scramble for tickets.
  8. G SUS

    Connor Murray

    He's not out on loan though, like everyone mentioned in that article is.
  9. Hear, hear. The supporter launching the abuse at our players(which they seem to regard as "normal behaviour" - their words, not mine) has been extremely abusive to our players after most away games this season when we haven't won. I understand that there will be frustration at not winning a game of football but some of the things this character says is so far over the line it's untrue and I'm actually surprised someone hasn't snapped with him before now. If football makes you that angry, maybe it is time to do something else with his hard earned cash and Saturday's.
  10. Yeah, I know - I think Arbroath will lose to the winners of 3rd v 4th.
  11. Great night at Firhill tonight
  12. They would. The seating rule was abolished in 2013. Irrelevant now though - the winners of 3rd v 4th will lose to 11th IMO
  13. If Thistle played Dundee in the final of the playoff then neither Rudden or Jakubiak would be able to play. It's an SPFL rule that loan players can't play against their parent club - even if it was to be included in an agreement, it would still be against SPFL rules.
  14. Yes, Rudden’s registration, like all loans, is temporarily held by the loanee club until the next registration window. Jakubiak can play in the playoffs for us in all ties, as long as we don’t face Dundee. It is an SPFL rule that players can’t play against clubs which permanently hold their registration, even though they may be temporarily playing with someone else.