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  1. Unfortunately, it won't. We have four games to play after the split which will obviously have a big impact on the play-off positions.
  2. I received mine in January.
  3. Played 39 Won 17 Drawn 8 Lost 14 18/19 - P8 W5 D0 L3 19/20 - P31 W12 D8 L11
  4. Update must be imminent today - I imagine this has come from a circular around the clubs so a public announcement should be out in the next few hours I reckon.
  5. The January transfer window for permanent transfers ie. signing player X from club Y ends on 1st February and is FIFA mandated so can't be extended. The current loan window for L1/L2 clubs expires on 1st March and can be extended at the discretion of the SFA so could move to the end of March if the clubs request it. Free agents can be signed until end of March so, for example, players like Reece Cole and Niall Keown(to just pick two unattached players) could be signed at any time.
  6. That’s cos he has the wrong game. The game referred to was a 2-2 draw - Dools and Stevenson. GF scored the season previous against DU - a corner worked back and a low deflected drive from corner of box.
  7. The club have always done a separate announcement about the car prize away from the normal draw(I guess to help do promotion from where the car is from). The last car draw was won by a lady who took the ‘alternative cash prize’ so I imagine they will be in discussions with the winner to see what they want to do - for some people it might take a wee while to weigh up what they want to do. The April car winner didn’t get announced until mid-May - https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/centenary-fund-car-winner-3/
  8. Gordon definitely did know that he was onside. You can see him glancing along the line and seeing the far side right wing playing him on as he arches his run to receive Murray’s pass. Connor Murray heavily involved in both goals, which is promising for one of our summer signings.
  9. If you purchase the monthly subscription online then access should be immediate.
  10. It works the same as every cup game - after costs it is split 50/50. interesting that St M have given it free to all ST’s - means Thistle are entitled to a share from every st m season ticket holder regardless of whether they tune in or not
  11. Sorry, I must have missed this but I can’t see anywhere that says you get a free JagZone account as a season ticket holder? They said you would get a free stream of pre-season games and all home league matches when they start up again in a few weeks, but I don’t see anywhere that says it about a JagZone account?
  12. The game was streamed onto YouTube and open to all without a log in at the time of the match. After the game the club appear to have removed the video, similar to what they did for the BSC Glasgow game. The club have advertised a full game replay is available on JagZone so it should be available there?
  13. On my iPhone it had the words ‘Are you happy with your picture?’ Underneath the image. It was only half on the screen though. if you swipe up(or scroll down) you should get the same wording and be able to progress
  14. This was the update given in March - All other staff will work remotely until further notice – we request there are no other visitors to the stadium. - https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/club-update-15th-march-2020/ As the club haven't announced any office opening hours, or any access to the stadium for in person sales, I think it is clear that office staff are working from home - which would potentially lead to a potential backlog of printing season tickets which was CotterJag's original concern.
  15. All the office staff are currently working from home - which means they would unlikely have any access to the season ticket printing machine at the moment. I imagine at some point before the season starts the office will open - just give them a call or email if you haven’t received anything about a couple of weeks before our first home game. I imagine there will be a bit of a backlog for them to work through when they are allowed back in the office.