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  1. Remember, for an appeal to be successful it has to be proven that there was a clear and obvious error. From the footage seen on Sportscene, while it is clear that it clearly shouldn't have been a red card, there is contact between the two and the way the ball bounces right into the path he would take means it could be interpreted as denying a goalscoring opportunity so I'm not so sure we'd win an appeal.
  2. From the Scottish Government's site(https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-certification-scheme-information-for-local-authorities/): "As of 17 January, live outdoor events with capacity above 500 were able to go ahead, with the existing certification requirements applying. The Scottish Government has increased the expectation of the proportion of attendees who should be spot checked to 50% or 1000, whichever is higher." Seems like Warriors have spoken to Government to get that special rugby exemption! Again from reading the Scottish Government site, and others in the SPFL, it seems they are following it correctly - however much a pain in the arse it must be.
  3. It was an away game. PTW aren't allowed to stream their away games but I think they have offered a live stream for all non-televised home games this season.
  4. There isn’t an unresolved conflict between the two. There is an abundance of bad decision making which is to be expected with young players. I do like that they have the confidence to go for goal themselves but learning to get the head up and have a bit more vision and understanding to pick the right option will improve them as players.
  5. Mullin has been on loan at Hamilton all season. He played in both our matches against them so far. As long as a player only plays competitively for two sides in a season, then he can go out on loan. A good example is Jack Hamilton last year who spent the first half of the season on loan at East Fife before swapping to Arbroath in January. I think Nouble can play for another club but obviously Livi have eyes on playing him in their first team. Callum Hendry, on loan at Kilmarnock can only play for Kilmarnock or St. J for example as he has featured for both so far.
  6. Yes. It's also on club site: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/ppv-refunds-for-ayr-stream/ and was on the banner when I logged onto the website just now.
  7. Not for me - as it bounces down you can see the line is behind the ball so didnt look anywhere near in
  8. He can’t sign for anyone in Scotland(or England for that matter) until January as he wasn’t a free agent when the summer window closed in August. Very strange timing considering he could have came on loan to a Championship club anytime until 30th September - must have been a mega fallout to not get the professional courtesy of being kept in the game until the next window.
  9. I might be missing something but aren't they already posted? - https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/virtual-50-50-draw-results-8th-october-2021/
  10. Are you logged in? Don't be signed into your account and it should work. Only log in when you have the seats in the basket.
  11. When I click the link on the Jags website, it takes me through to Inverness ticketing site, I can pick from sections G and H(like a seat picker with green and red) and place them in my basket - hasn’t asked me to create an account yet though(although I never finished the purchase)
  12. The results were posted on the website - https://ptfc.co.uk/fans/centenary-fund/draw-results/ Listed there along with previous draw results
  13. The draw has already been made. If we win we’ll play Broonhill(formerly BSC Glasgow) or QOTS away. They play tomorrow afternoon
  14. The 3-0 forfeit is only in cup competitions due to the "congested fixture list" and the need to get the games played at that specific moment to allow the tournament to advance. League games have always been a postponement and an investigation if something has gone wrong - see the Clyde v East Fife game last season which was shifted to the last game of the season. Falkirk had players who could play - that is the crucial difference. Their isolation ended hours before the game which meant they could play. The SPFL should have moved the game to the Sunday out of common sense but Falkirk had a squad who could play - Airdrie and Ayr United do not.
  15. We have two weeks to make permanent signings. Loan signings can be made until the end of September.