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  1. I seem to recall that Hendry and Lindsay played together for a few games before Hendry got transferred and this was down to injuries to defenders. Long term injury to someone I can't recall who led to Lindsay getting a lot of game time and the chance to really develop.
  2. Hmmm. Perhaps but perhaps its transition coaching (for want of a better term) that we get wrong, that is developing the young player who is ready skill wise and even physically but needs to be right mentally to make it as a first team player. I know it's more than that but I think you know what I mean. Of course fact we are so often in a position where we're nervous about blooding youngsters doesn't help.
  3. Don't think it's necessarily about Penrice not being 'good' enough. I think it is that he just won't fit easily into the style McCall wants the team to play. Probably not quite good enough at left back but think he could develop into a very good midfield player.
  4. Graham, Docherty, Bannigan, Foster, Brownlie, Rudden, Holt, O'Ware, even Gordon. Not sure how many games Turner has played in the Championship but he and TIffoney are likley to be able to handle that league OK. Tiffoney's pace will be a great asset.
  5. That's what the forum's for, throwing in our opinions. And the odd argument too, as long as not too heated.
  6. People easily forget players' form before they had a bad period. Njang (Senna) was fine in the first half of the season (when we were defensively pretty solid, our problem being scoring) . But the game against Dundee United after the restart when he made one bad blunder and another mistake (which was exacerbated by the ref ignoring a foul on him by Clark), both leading to losing goals, put a bad dent in his confidence and he lost his form. McCall gave him a couple of chances to get his confidence back and then brought in Bell. However, the boy is only 20 just now and can easily recover from that. Whether he ends up as a defender or midfielder depends on the coaches at Firhill and what they see in him training every day. Young players can lose confidence more easily than experienced players and we have to give them a bit of leeway.
  7. Come on, they tried to force brand new club into the Premier League and then ignored years of cheating and breaking of SFA/SPL regulations by Ragers (intentional sp.) which should have deprived them of trophies. What's a few quid in bribes compared to that.
  8. Once complete ******s get control they make sure no one even slightly more competent (or honest) than them ever gets near the levers of power (that would show them up). So the only way things can go is from complete ******s to ultra complete ******s. They got control decades ago and just continue to get worse.
  9. I did a course on IT decades ago ('95) and I recall a topic 'Human computer interaction' which was all about making systems logical and natural for users, i.e. simple to use. It still appears that lots of companies can't be bothered to ensure this in their systems. (Not getting a brilliant pass, I ended up in IT Training thus proving the old adage, though lots of computer companies seem to try to disprove it).
  10. Hibs did well this season but St Johnstone showed up their limitations and perhaps showed that Davidson could be a manager to be reckoned with. A medium sized club with medium finances winning two of the three big trophies in one season is a far more impressive feat than one of the Old Firm winning the league, especially when the other half throws in the towel before half way. Not that what goes for sports journalists in this country will ever admit it. There was no luck involved either, well deserved.
  11. Hard to see we could afford him unless we were offering a coaching role but I think we have enough coaches.
  12. Agree 100%. Although Doncaster is an incompetent creep. he is only there because people with influence in Scottish Football put him there (and pay him a big bonus even when he fails). I'd say it's mainly directors of the Old Filth and a few other top level clubs (but a few lower level clubs too unfortunately) who back him and he is just their mouth piece and deflection shield. He has failed to get a sponsor for the league, was a disaster over Covid and sees no other way to promote Scottish Football except through the Old Filth and therefore protects them no matter how badly they or their fans behave. Yet they still give him a bonus; that tells you his real job is not to better football in this country. Phew, rant over.
  13. I think you have forgotten the player he was in the Premier league, particularly in the season he got his really bad injury. Even a bit off form Bannigan is a decent player. This season he's been better than he's been for a while and in a few games resembled the old Bannigan; I think part of this has been down to Docherty who does the holding midfield role better than Bannigan and allows him to play with more freedom. Comparing Bannigan and Docherty is apples and bananas: Docherty is better in the holding role and Bannigan better and more creative going forward. But Docherty can also be creative and Bannigan can dig in so they can cover for each other, in fact I think they complement each other. When one is missing or carrying a knock, the team is a little off, when both are the team can struggle. So I think we need someone who can come in if either is injured not sure if Penrice can do it though he's certainly an option.
  14. I would imagine it would be tough developing kids during the pandemic. Hope it's not damaged our youth system much.
  15. Article today: James Cairney: Colt teams only benefit Celtic and Rangers, so why should we bother? | The National