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  1. Not for me - as it bounces down you can see the line is behind the ball so didnt look anywhere near in
  2. He can’t sign for anyone in Scotland(or England for that matter) until January as he wasn’t a free agent when the summer window closed in August. Very strange timing considering he could have came on loan to a Championship club anytime until 30th September - must have been a mega fallout to not get the professional courtesy of being kept in the game until the next window.
  3. I might be missing something but aren't they already posted? - https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/virtual-50-50-draw-results-8th-october-2021/
  4. Are you logged in? Don't be signed into your account and it should work. Only log in when you have the seats in the basket.
  5. When I click the link on the Jags website, it takes me through to Inverness ticketing site, I can pick from sections G and H(like a seat picker with green and red) and place them in my basket - hasn’t asked me to create an account yet though(although I never finished the purchase)
  6. The results were posted on the website - https://ptfc.co.uk/fans/centenary-fund/draw-results/ Listed there along with previous draw results
  7. The draw has already been made. If we win we’ll play Broonhill(formerly BSC Glasgow) or QOTS away. They play tomorrow afternoon
  8. The 3-0 forfeit is only in cup competitions due to the "congested fixture list" and the need to get the games played at that specific moment to allow the tournament to advance. League games have always been a postponement and an investigation if something has gone wrong - see the Clyde v East Fife game last season which was shifted to the last game of the season. Falkirk had players who could play - that is the crucial difference. Their isolation ended hours before the game which meant they could play. The SPFL should have moved the game to the Sunday out of common sense but Falkirk had a squad who could play - Airdrie and Ayr United do not.
  9. We have two weeks to make permanent signings. Loan signings can be made until the end of September.
  10. No. Back down to seven named substitutes with three getting on.
  11. This is literally why you buy a season ticket - to attend the game in person. If you can't make the game/feel it is unsafe then send them an email saying you can't make it due to COVID-19 and they'll give you a stream code - pretty easy and straightforward. It's clear the club have to operate within constraints set by the SPFL and they are being as flexible as they can. It seems like what ICT are doing is against the rules as I read them further up the page.
  12. Buying a season ticket gives you admission to the ground or a live stream. Everyone got streams automatically every game last year because noone could get into the ground. This year we have an allowed attendance higher than our ST holders. Therefore everyone can attend. The club is assuming that everyone can make the game in the exact same way they have for years. They don't phone us to check if we're coming for an all-ticket game - they assume we are and sell a number of tickets relative to what is available. The government advice is that people with Covid-19 should isolate and stay away from the general populace so the club have to put something into place to accommodate these supporters. If you previously couldn't make a game because of an anniversary/birthday/work commitments etc you didn't get a credit back on your season ticket. I'm not saying that it is right or wrong, it's an interesting one to think about. Is there any sport that gives you a video feed if you can't make the physical event? I'm interpreting it in the following: as a season ticket holder I am invited to attend the matches unless otherwise specified. Given they have stated earlier this week that all season ticket holders who have purchased can attend, then they are assuming all 1,900(per last club update) will be attending on Saturday. If you can't make it, then it is up to the supporter to tell the club whereupon live stream access will be faciliated - they have given instructions on how to do this. We all know that the staff numbers at the club are low so contacting every season ticket holder individually is impractical but also fraught with disaster. Human error may mean that the wrong season card is de-activated accidentally meaning a supporter who turns up to get in has issues - particularly as i imagine we'll have supporters with duplicate names ie about 10 john smiths for example. Giving everyone access to the stream automatically and with an activated season card is essentially like giving out 2,000 comps and open to abuse.
  13. Is it? Has that actually been confirmed anywhere for stadiums? I’ve been hunting for it but can’t find anything anywhere! Where did you see it?
  14. They have bigger stands plus the double tier stand behind the goal will help. Adding family groups will help increase numbers too.
  15. But there doesn't appear to be any change in distancing requirements? If so, while the club can welcome up to 2,000 it might not be logistically possible to accommodate all the distancing requirements.
  16. Dunfermline Athletic are playing St Mirren this evening. It's Dumbarton who are playing Stenhousemuir this midweek.
  17. The current levels allow 1,000 spectators in seated venues - the issue Thistle will face is the distancing requirements. We can apply for more but it is up to the council to approve it.
  18. Different council areas can allocate different limits when applied for. We're with Glasgow City Council(who are a shambles at the best of times), which obviously deals with four clubs(two of which carry big supports), as we are the first team to have games, I wouldn't be surprised if we have to jump through more hoops than the likes of Motherwell or Hearts.
  19. Just tried it and it seemed to work for me! Maybe it just needed 50p stuck in the meter.
  20. Not surprised now that the Lowland League has established a ‘pay your way in’ precedent - although I think it is the tougher way back into the league. Just really wish Brechin would take their medicine.
  21. Brechin City are heading to the Highland League. They did approach the SFA about shifting the goalposts for which league to go to but the Lowland League teams voted against it and refused to change the rules of where clubs go. It will be interesting to see how they do as the Highland League does seem the weaker of the two leagues to drop into.
  22. He signed a PCA with Dundee in January which is why they pushed him out on loan to Dens.
  23. I think it is doubly impressive when you consider that for most of these young men, there won't have been any structured training for over 14 months!
  24. I don't need to explain anything. I was merely clarifying facts around the scoreline which you seemed uncertain on and that no red card was issued to Rangers.
  25. 1, It finished 5-3 to Thistle. 2. There wasn't a red card for either side in the match.