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  1. I don't necessarily disagree with the sentiment here, though I do think there is a basis to question his character and influence on the dressing rooms at the clubs he's been at recently. Mostly here to defend Doolan though. Miller has 5 league goals so far this season. Doolan scored 14 league goals in 16/17 (in the SPL), 4 in 17/18 (SPL) and 7 in 18/19 (Championship - including of course his excellent goal against Morton). For all the general sentiment was it was time for Doolan to move on, his goals to minutes ratio last season (1 every 295 minutes) was better than Miller's this season. Onwards and upwards.
  2. You can't possibly be bitter that a player was open to a move to a team at a significantly higher level than Thistle? Very odd.
  3. How do you keep a board that don't want to be there?
  4. She's definitely pushing a few people's buttons.
  5. Quite a few members of the squad need that op.
  6. I've been reading Thistle forums for, I think, 20 years going back to the first days of Over Land and Sea. This is, without a doubt, the worst thread I've ever read on any of the various sites over the years. Anyway, carry on.
  7. Genuine question as I must have missed it - what was/is the GDPR issue?
  8. No suggestion at this stage that he's gifting the cash. I think (should it go ahead) that the presence or otherwise of Ms Low on the board will give a significant indication as to the intentions behind this approach. At present, the fact that it has emerged first as a fully formed media 'leak' is not ideal.
  9. Where did GC unearth these hidden gems McDonald, and Miller? And Zanatta for that matter.
  10. How anyone can think we have a good squad or Caldwell is the answer I do not know. It will be a miracle if we scrape 4th. Got lucky last season convincing an old pal to come out of retirement and having a player like Spittal (massively underappreciated), we've lost our two best players from last season and replaced them with Championship rejects, crocks and has-beens (and combinations thereof). As suggested, the fact our best player by a distance is a guy who has been decent but never excelled at this level says a lot. We still look more likely to bother the relegation playoffs than the promotion ones.
  11. So we had the lowest wage bill of all teams on which information was available? Finishing above a team with a wage bill 35% higher than ours? Shows what a remarkable job Archie did to keep us in that league and get us a top 6 finish (and what an incredible job Clarke did at Killie).
  12. So he's our top league goalscorer over the past 2 years, despite hardly starting in either season?
  13. With Erskine starting we've won 3 of our 9 league games this season (he scored the winner in 2). Without him we've won 1 of 12. He may not be playing at his best level ever (pretty difficult in the circumstances) but this idea that we can afford to let him go is utterly absurd.
  14. Nobody is suggesting he has, more that this statement reeks of the club 'getting their side of the story across' in the event that he does leave. I don't think in 25 years of supporting Thistle I've ever been this disappointed in the way the club is dealing with a situation.