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  1. Think we will do well to finish mid table next year. United will have decent team, Caley decent with money from cup run, raith are investing, Queen’s Park well off , Ayr relatively stable, Arbroath have decent budget and Dunfermline are on the up. Leaves us, Morton and airdrie to fight it out at bottom me thinks. Certainly won’t be budgeting for coming second which will lower the budget even more!
  2. Can someone explain to me how this team never won the league?
  3. Who is still under contract for next year?
  4. Waste to everyone’s time us being in the play offs - team not going anywhere. Missing 2nd means less money. Gonna be very hard next year - lucky if we end up mid table
  5. Yep think I remember saying that at the time.
  6. New manager bounce over. Should have waited before making him permanent
  7. Did you know we have only lost twice in league this year when Ross Docherty has played and one of those was when we got beat at Inverness when turner was sent off in first half. He makes this team tick. The other side however is that we don’t have a back up when he’s absent
  8. From a board perspective smart move but not so sure . When Man Utd brought solskjar in to replace Jose the board said they would wait until the summer before making an appointment. After a few wins they then made him permanent and they then went on a dreadful run. Because he was a fans favourite the fans gave him far more time than anyone would have had . Think our board thinks cheap option and fans won’t turn if things go badly or indeed he’s not given resources to strengthen in the summer. Smart move? I pray it goes well - could be grim if it doesn’t
  9. Yes that might answer my question
  10. Good luck dools but have to ask why the rush??? Have seen this backfire before - interim mangers gets appointed on the basis of a few good results and then it goes wrong. Partly due to financial reasons I reckon
  11. BBC stats show 91% possession for Dundee ! Must have been very very one sided with our 9% when we scored
  12. Or maybe they think they should give him time to see how he does for rest of the season - that would be sensible
  13. Caley lose twice to accies in a week - accies maybe not that bad - no guarantees in this league - Doubt they will panic and sack Dodds - they could still make top 4
  14. 100 % on the chief executive this- sure it can be fixed easily but does raise concerns about governance at the club
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