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  1. dibble

    QoS away

    Great win tonight . The fact we held on for most of the game with 10 men makes it impressive and showed a bit of steel which has been missing for years . Last few years head down and we would have lost . Good signs
  2. The clubs who haven’t signed anyone and have very short term commitment s will have the last laugh when the season is mothballed and clubs who have players in contracts will have to honour these.
  3. Graham and rudden will be off at some point too - both will want to play at higher level. No way will the club stand in there was if opportunity is there to cut wage bill. They may wait until final decision on reconstruction. Fox already has had offers from others including killie
  4. Shame would like for him to have stayed great talent for the future. McCall wanted him at Ayr before Caldwell brought him to thistle
  5. Ayr united chairman just said he tried to change his yes to a no vote but was told he couldn’t as per the loaded rules
  6. McCall on Caldwell’s squad. There are a lot of good players but the team is very unbalanced. So I’m going to unbalance it so much that I haven’t a clue who to pick . Seriously I actually think Caldwell would have picked up more pints this year and I can’t believe I just said that!!
  7. On the positive side many clubs who go down come up again in a very healthy state and challenge for promotion livi, Ayr and Arbroath to name a few
  8. I do think this is very key issue and one Ive been thinks about. Bannigan yes gets on the ball a lot and links play together in the middle of the park - however never manages to make a defence splitting pass, never creates chances , never scores , not great In the air and is very predictable and very one footed. There are many better midfielders in the divison. thought the raith central defenders were as good as big tam I’m afraid.
  9. Think McCall believes his on hype. We were a better team before the break no doubts. He thought that by making lots of changes he could pull off a miracle and make the play offs. Losing miller has been bad as his experience and link up play we can now see was important . Losing kakay was also a blow. I posted during the window was a big risk making so many changes. No one hear is going to tell me letting slater go was also not a huge mistake. The game last night was crying out for someone like him and replacing him with some old firm reserve oh dear. Our midfield passing was dreadful .
  10. Also think we missed kakay - O’Connor a poor replacement
  11. Thanks for that didn’t know
  12. We miss millers link up play and running off the ball- no one else can play that role. Rudden signing looks a disaster. At least Miller was fit
  13. I do think letting miller go was a mistake. In a relegation fight we need experience. Also thought although miller missed a few chances he did start off a lot of moves and linked midfield and attack quite effectively. We don’t have anyone who can do that now. If the money saved on miller allowed us to get Rudden in for example then looking like a mistake of massive proportions given Ruddens fitness and injury issues. Both against Arbroath and Dundee we have missed him.
  14. Interesting post on P and B about McCall from Ayr fan McCall had much more of a yo-yo time at Ayr than people think. His first season he made seriously heavy weather of avoiding relegation to league 2 after coming in mid season and signing 5/6 players. 2nd season we got promoted through the playoffs but were largely awful to watch and were horribly ill prepared for the championship...3rd season was a horror show from start to relegation. I’d have booted him, but the board backed him with full time football for the first time in over a decade. 4th season was Shankland time and we won the league despite the defence and goalkeeper being consistently hopeless. 5th season was superb until Christmas when we disintegrated to the point of losing to Talbot in the cup. Obviously this season he decided we couldn’t meet his ambitions anymore and so walked away.
  15. Yep this time last year you could see the impact of Anderson and Mcdonald. We are going g backwards. Anderson probably was as influential as Mcdonald. We have McCall and two assistants . What are they doing ???