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  1. The departure of O'Ware got me thinking of those cases where a defender came to us and the fans were hoping to see something much, much better than what we got. They left us shaking our heads ruefully. I offer: Kenny Brannigan Stevie Fulton Ziggy Gordon Gregor Stevens Tam O'Ware Derek Whyte I was going to list Piccolo, but I didn't think he was as bad as most people seemed to think......., and he didn't really come to us with a "big"reputation.
  2. Haha, I watched on Youtube because for some reason I thought that that Dundee Utd one was at the north end, but I was wrong. It's actually a pretty funny incident.
  3. I dunno, but for some reason Sneddon seems to be an easy whipping boy for quite a few folk on here. He had a couple of good stops on Saturday, again. Maybe he should have or could have stopped the first goal, which was a fast and swerving shot of the kind that beat world class keepers every week. Completely blameless for the second. I wonder how many QoS fans are calling for their keeper to be dropped, given that he was beaten by a header at the narrowest of near-post angles (our first), then failed to hold or punch away a rebound off the post after his save (our second), then got beaten by a toe poke through his legs (our third). Some people want to replace Sneddon by an OF loanee whose main interests are elsewhere. It kind of reminds me of the "foreigners-must-be-better" mentality that sees so many average players from other countries holding down places (and wages) in many teams for doing absolutely no better than home-grown players could do.
  4. The other Jag doesn't look like Tommy Ewing to me...... but I can't offer a better alternative.
  5. Graham is well on the way to becoming a Firhill legend. Let's hope for more of the same!
  6. Brilliant work by Rudden, and a real striker's instinct goal by Graham.
  7. Hopefully the first of many videos like this! Nicely placed header.
  8. That's a poor show, more than once, by the club. Over the years I've given up even bothering to try arranging for 2nd prizes that I've won to be collected. On more than one occasion it was more bother than it was worth.
  9. Nothing against the guy, but he did sweet FA for Thistle in his time at Firhill; got paid for doing very little for too long.
  10. In plain English: Maybe good news; wait and see.
  11. Looks like a very handy signing.
  12. Better to win 4-3 than 1-0? Maybe, sometimes. Usually, not for my nerves, it isn't.
  13. And of course any club with a covid outbreak should try to keep it quiet for as long as possible, because who knows, maybe the opposition have exactly the same problem. But it's the first club to go public with it that forfeits the match; the other club can then sighs in relief and feel chuffed that they played it so well.
  14. This guy too, of course.
  15. Well, in some ways it brings Lightning Lad to mind. Now there was a guy with some pace.
  16. From the postmatch interview it seems that almost whatever happens next we will be unlikely to progress in the League Cup, given that other teams were handed 3-0 victories because of Covid, whereas we actually had to play and win, but by less than that rather generous (non)score. Who decided on precisely 3-0, and why? Call me paranoid, but it seems that as a club we have always been particularly more prone than others when it comes to suffering as a result of fairly arbitrary (or are they?) decisions by blazers. These can be traced right back to trying to get admission to the league in the 19th century, losing out (relegated) in the league reconstruction in the 70s, failure of a blazer acting as referee to give us a stonewall penalty at Tannadice near the end of the play-off game there, changing the seating capacity/groundsharing rules to allow ICT to take our place in top flight, the fiasco of last year's decision to relegate use despite us having a game in hand..... and now this "Sorry but other teams won 3-0" diktat. No they didn't. They didn't even play! Rant over. Back to beer.
  17. Decent coverage of yesterday's game on Footy Adventures site: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bW6QkJ1uvZk
  18. From the highlights, looks to me like a pretty straightforward win. They scored from a penalty, and that should never have been awarded. They had what looked like one real chance, and we had 5 or 6 (I know that the Jagzone highlights might not be assiduously neutral). Job done.
  19. Brilliant. Andy Murdoch: 42 clean sheets in 116 appearances... that's pretty impressive.