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  1. I think you're right. But the fairly reliable Historical Kits site suggests that that 'Well strip got introduced in 1976.
  2. Andy Anderson. Don't recognize the opposition.
  3. I'm dragging my feet on this ....... No particular reason.
  4. This isn't a competition, but that reminded me that I also saw Thistle play at all of those grounds (except Cathkin), and also at Muirton Park, Annfield, Meadowbank, Boghead, Bayview, and Firs Park.
  5. That's probably right. Unfortunately, it suggests that for that short time we as a club were playing well above our natural ability or position.
  6. Catastrophic indeed, but also hard to believe that it was just coincidence that so many recently on form players were now playing so consistently badly.
  7. Thanks, Admin. Maybe I just posted it in my imagination.
  8. How cool would it be to travel back in time for a day and take in a game at Meadowside. Maybe one day we'll be saying something similar about Firhill.
  9. Back and middle rows, third left: Now THAT's what I call a shed!
  10. A bit like the extra 350 million quid every week promised for the NHS by quitting the EU? Only for Johnson to then lie about it say it was " mistake"? https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/brexit-news/boris-johnson-350-million-a-week-nhs-claim-55554 Politicians, eh?
  11. I thought that our goalkeeper(s) had been doing well this season. My view of Cerny is that he enjoyed throwing himself around dramatically, but was actually a pretty average goalie.
  12. Last night I posted a link to a Youtube video in which ex-Jag Lyle Taylor explains why he refuses to join in the "Taking the Knee" ritual. My post has disappeared; I'm wondering if somehow it got deleted. Is that right, Mods? I won't post the link again, but if anybody's interested, search Youtube for "Lyle Taylor: Why I won't take knee". It's interesting.
  13. Will anybody be surprised if "suspended for the moment" turns out to be "finished for this season"? It might well be the thin edge of the wedge.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if they form a kind of "Pools Panel" to decide the outcomes of the Scottish Cup games, for example, thereby ensuring of course that all Premiership Clubs would qualify for the later stages. Those of us in the lower leagues would have to "take our medicine." The sad thing is, there are probably tens of thousands of supporters of you know who who would agree that this is the "fairest" way to do things.
  15. But because someone hasn't tested positive, it doesn't mean that they are positive, or even that they are likely to have it. Sure, with all the testing that's been going on in the Premiership and the numbers of cases they are returning, if anything it's them that should be stopped playing.
  16. I wonder if anybody has collated the number of players in the Scottish Premiership, Championship, and Divisions 1 and 2 that have tested positive for covid since the first lockdown. I reckon it would make interesting reading, and show a bit more clearly where the problems really are.
  17. We've competed before in the top division as a part-time/ hybrid team; even some of our legends of the early 70s were part-timers, yes, when we occasionally managed to beat the erse cheeks. If that what it would take to survive this horrible time in our history, then I'd say go for it. Part-time will lead to a further dwindling of support, but if you need to cut your cloth.....
  18. For players born in Scotland, it's possible to consult the "Scotlandspeople.gov.uk" website, and go to "Statutory registers -- Births". I tried it for the following three players: Sandy Caddell: only one person of that name born in Scotland in 1950. Place: Springburn Daniel Kellachan: nobody of that name born in Scotland in 1953. (One born in Blantyre in 1952.) Possibilities: (1) "Danny" wasn't registered as "Daniel." (2) DoB on the Archive page is wrong. (3) The player was born outwith Scotland. Alf Stamp: only one person of that name born in Scotland in 1950. Place: Girvan Good detective fun, if you really have nothing better to do! ETA: And it's free!
  19. Well worth watching; while he's still a Jag.
  20. Do they still do a PTFC label whisky?
  21. We only got one dose of medicine..... but it seems we need two to be safe. Maybe another demotion to be served up? ( For our own good, of course.)
  22. Much too sensible and fair for the likes of Doncaster to contemplate.
  23. If the defence continues to do well, I wouldn't like to see any tampering with it just to accommodate O'Ware.