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  1. To be fair, tracking player movements on MSPaint is never going to be as accurate as Sky Sports.
  2. I don't know much about fashion, but even a Lehmann would recognise it's a lovely strip. I doubt we Kahn ever top it. Could we convince Alan Hutton out of retirement and dress him up as Lahm?
  3. I hope the Neuer home top is just as nice.
  4. I read on P&B that every team had two home matches live on Friday nights last season. Or something like 20 Championship matches were shown and it was limited to 2 home matches per team so they didn't lose out on too much streaming revenue.
  5. Chris Erskine Kris Doolan Christie Elliott Chris Turner Chris Duggan As far as I'm aware I've exhausted the list of players called Chris or similar. Edited to add, all out attack, aim to outscore the opposition, probably reliant on the first three performing.
  6. First and last winners of the SFL First Division
  7. I suppose anyone upset with this development was unhappy with the creation of the Premier League, the "expansion" of the Champions League to include 4th placed teams (at the expense of other nations champions going through up to 4 qualifying rounds knocking one another out in the process) and has never had a Sky Sports subscription. The only surprising thing to me is that anyone is surprised. The Champions League was already practically a closed shop with a few spaces available to make it look like it was inclusive. Now that Arsenal, Liverpool et al can't guarantee CL football every season they need a new model.
  8. Maybe they only made them in ledium and marge.
  9. He's losing the ball a lot and starting to look frustrated. Still, looks like he's working hard though.
  10. Not sure they'll be able to put a YouTube stream behind a paywall, which I assume we'll do once the competitive football starts, so that was an important test today which didn't work. Hopefully they can identify what went wrong and sort it for next week.
  11. Is that the Hearts subs warming up behind the goal? Trolling the camera's AI.
  12. I opened the link at 14.02 and it's been fine. Just very dark, like eclipse dark, when the clouds hide the sun.
  13. I'm on it, picture is very dark. Improved as I wrote that, but I think that's because the sun came out.
  14. Whilst it's been massively improved since the BSC game, it's still a test stream. It went down once or twice during the Ayr game so they could make changes/improvements on the fly. Maybe they want to do similar tweaks and not have people asking for refunds if/when it goes down.