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  1. He's losing the ball a lot and starting to look frustrated. Still, looks like he's working hard though.
  2. Not sure they'll be able to put a YouTube stream behind a paywall, which I assume we'll do once the competitive football starts, so that was an important test today which didn't work. Hopefully they can identify what went wrong and sort it for next week.
  3. Is that the Hearts subs warming up behind the goal? Trolling the camera's AI.
  4. I opened the link at 14.02 and it's been fine. Just very dark, like eclipse dark, when the clouds hide the sun.
  5. I'm on it, picture is very dark. Improved as I wrote that, but I think that's because the sun came out.
  6. Whilst it's been massively improved since the BSC game, it's still a test stream. It went down once or twice during the Ayr game so they could make changes/improvements on the fly. Maybe they want to do similar tweaks and not have people asking for refunds if/when it goes down.
  7. Just opened up the steam for today's match and the quality was much better. Whether that's down to the changes implemented or that the cloudy weather allows for easier tracking of the ball, who knows? I came on here to post that and the steam went down, oh well...
  8. Looks to me like there might be multiple cameras. There are dark lines coming from around each main stand side corner and next to the half way line line you say, feels like different cameras stitched together. If that's the case then the slow panning is a software thing designed for smooth motion rather than the camera being slow. Perhaps suggests it could be fixed (or hopefully manually controlled!!!)
  9. There's no commentary for the steam, the commentary is on Jagzone. What you can hear will be incidental.
  10. It could be. I get that it's a test stream, so perhaps I shouldn't be so critical. But I don't get why a manned camera wouldn't be allowed.
  11. All it takes is a seagull to fly past the other end of the pitch or the goalie to shout and the camera pans away from the action.
  12. Like honestly, I never thought a live stream could somehow be the most tinpot thing we've ever done. They could have just used a top end mobile phone and put it on a tripod and it would have been better than a camera that detects movement.
  13. What on earth is this being filmed on? Did they buy a Portal for a living room and decide that'll be brilliant? It's awful.