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  1. 2 years from now, 10 games into Lowland League season.
  2. Not watching today. Haven't seen any of our games. Didn't renew my season ticket. Wouldnt go even if we were allowed to. Cannot remember a time as a fan where I've felt so disinterested and apathetic towards this football club in my life. Seen a lot of dross over the years aswell, starting in the late 80's and right though the Dick Campbell years to present day. See you all next August for our League 2 campaign. Out of interest, does anyone know where the bottom of the Scottish Football pyramid is?
  3. Bit of a pointless thread. Games will be behind closed doors as the next spike kicks in in the Autumn. Even if they allow away fans in, surely it will be limited numbers to keep in line with distancing. Surely supporters buses can't be viable either. You'd need twice as many buses? Can't see us being able to rock up on the day and pay at the gate. Surely all games will be all ticket?
  4. Start the season with 4 clubs. Play each other 8 times from October for a 24 game season. The 6 above are automatically relegated and there are 6 promotion spots available from League 2 at end of season. We then have a champion and the remaining 3 clubs go into a playoff.
  5. I won't. I'm just gonna chuck it if Thistle go to the wall.
  6. We wouldn't. Bagsy one of the penalty spots to put in the garden of my new Firhill Road flat that I'll be buying in 3 years time.
  7. What's the bigger picture here? I would be interesting to see all of the for and against votes and those individual clubs take on the situation. Why is there a big opposition to a minor league setup change. It must purely be driven by finance. I'm wondering if some of these top league clubs are thinking long term. Keep it a closed shop then when 15-20 clubs fold, whatever money is floating about doesn't have to be filtered down to so many diddy clubs.
  8. Fair old chance we'll all be watching someone else when Thistle are wound up. Think my nearest non old firm professional club that will have fixtures is Hamilton.
  9. Agreed. Any old excuse to trot out the same tired garbage.
  10. I genuinely haven't been following the ins and outs of all this to closely but have a rough understanding. I presume now with the cost of testing and having to play behind closed doors that most if not all of the league 1 and league 2 clubs will likely fold? I see the Championship have agreed an amended season start but from what I understand this will be a lot harder, if not impossible in L1 &L2.
  11. 7 of next season's 9 League 1 opponents have plastic pitches. Canny wait for the season to kick off now.
  12. Don't think I could've picked a worse season to get my boy a season ticket. Relegate us now please. 30+ years watching Thistle yoyo up and down the leagues and safe to say this bunch are relegation fodder. Clear out asap come May and hope that we can stop the slide into league 2 next season.
  13. I was bang in line with it. He was offside.
  14. Can we no just bin this game right now. I've got painting to do.