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  1. the 1 in my code turned out to be an l that i needed to change to L thanks for the tips folks otherwise id have thrown the laptop out the window what a shambles
  2. So if he was supposed to be quarantining and he played does that not mean he was an ineligible player?
  3. I can't understand why this has occurred.. Its a simple thing to have a registration period to buy tickets online during the off season.. As soon as the season starts.. registration closes.. Those who didn't register need to make the trip to Firhill to buy tickets... The club should be going all out to get supporters emails etc anyway.
  4. dougie247

    New Owner

    Why are there so many ******* "LEAKS" at our club????
  5. listening to the sportsound podcast and kenny miller says "There were other things going on at the club involving gary.." in reference to him getting the sack not just because of the terrible record.. anyone have an idea what these other things were? 18.30 - 19.30 mins ish https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p07p45hd
  6. dougie247

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    Does anyone else the now miss the golden Halcyon days of folk on here arguing about whether Archie should be sacked or not? Compared to the complete shit show and financial toilet paper dumpster fire this place is now? Its as if we are all in an endless circle of hell with posts from the same people arguing over the same things in a rotating cycle of crap with no new information. Wish i could just bug out and not look at this site anymore but unfortunately my love of our club means every time there is a new post, I will always have a look hoping that some sort of info on what is happening has been shared. I post this to send my love to my fellow lurkers who are stuck in this hellish loop with me.
  7. Hey folks if you're going to the game today and looking for something to do with the kids before hand. There's a Gala day at the firhill complex.. Partick have sponsored one of the pitches and have a couple of folks there and some games to play.. Also Kingsley will be there at some point!
  8. dougie247

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    Meet the Board back on.. Ahead of Saturday’s open day there has been a change to the schedule with members of the board now taking part in a Q&A session at the end of the afternoon. As such the running order will be: 11:00 – Stadium opens 11:30 – First team training 12:00 – Partick Thistle Women and Partick Thistle Charitable Trust projects 13:00 – Signing Session 13:45 – Fans Trust meeting 14:00 – Q&A with Gary Caldwell 14:30 – Meet the board
  9. dougie247

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    So to my thought: We happily took Colin Weirs money to get the club on a sound footing and he helped clear the debt. The shareholders are approached to sell their shares as the club is in a healthy state and take the chance to cash out. Colin obviously a bit annoyed his investment is being used to sell the club withdraws his support. It really seems like the shareholders are looking to get their money back out of the club and Mr Weir clearing the debt enabled them to do so. To me it really does seem like a crappy way for the shareholders to act though i do understand that they are getting on and want a way out of the club. Maybe when Mr Weir helped clear the debt he should of put some more provisos on his involvement and perhaps have taken a more active role in the club. anyway not good all round, at this stage i dread to think what will happen if the Takeover falls through.
  10. dougie247

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    JJ and Javea can u ******* stop with this backbiting.. your cluttering up this post with useless inane shit.
  11. dougie247

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    My other half just got home from work and he works near Firhill said at 2 this afternoon there was a camera team outside the ground.. Dunno if anyone has seen any tv interviews with club folks about this today.
  12. dougie247

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    I dont understand why they would rush out such a shitty statement.. that doesnt really clear up anything. Maybe they already have a foot out the door and just dont care?
  13. dougie247

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    if £200k was pulled from the budget then im pretty sure its caldwell who leaked this... i'd be furious too
  14. dougie247

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    HERALDSPORT understands that Partick Thistle manager Gary Caldwell has had his transfer budget pulled, as an insider called the day-to-day running of the club “a shambles”. Alarm bells are ringing among Thistle staff around a proposed takeover of the club by NewCity Capital, the investment firm headed by businessman Chien Lee, who also have controlling stakes in the English Championship club and French side OGC Nice. Sources within Firhill have claimed that the prospective new owners are not treating promotion to the Premiership as a priority this season, and that new chairman David Beattie has withheld money Caldwell was promised by the previous board to build a side that could challenge for the title. It is believed that a figure of around £200,000 was still remaining in the transfer budget, and that Caldwell had earmarked four further arrivals to supplement his squad for a promotion push. HeraldSport understands though that the Thistle management have now been told that any further players will come from the fringes of the Barnsley squad on loan once the takeover is completed, and they will have no further money to spend. That is despite the sale of youngster Aidan Fitzpatrick to Norwich City for £300,000, and the club banking a similar figure from a sell-on clause that was triggered upon Liam Lindsay’s move to Stoke City from Barnsley this summer. The Scottish football authorities are currently performing due diligence around the proposed takeover of Thistle, specifically around rules relating to dual ownership. The Thistle players and staff were forced to make their own way to Alloa for Saturday’s Championship opener, and the squad and management team remain unclear over whether this will be a standing arrangement throughout the season for away games. Meanwhile, HeraldSport can also reveal that plans for Thistle’s training ground have been shelved after problems in gaining planning permission. East Dunbartonshire Council insisted that the club foot the bill for new roads around the potential site in Kirkintilloch, but Thistle were unwilling to meet the cost of doing so. Colin Weir, the Euromillions winner who has bankrolled the club’s Thistle Weir Academy, was a driving force behind the proposed new training ground as director of the ‘Three Black Cats’ group. He has however now ended his involvement with the club following the removal of close friend Jacqui Low as chairman and the re-appointment of Beattie, meaning the search for an alternative site is now dead. Beattie had stated that he would be contacting Weir to discuss his ongoing involvement in the club, but that approach has been rebuffed by Weir. Partick Thistle have been contacted for comment and are expected to respond soon. can we stop the puns befo