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  1. Yeah, they look to have had a lot of high scoring games to hopefully we can take advantage of their poor defence whilst keeping things tight at our end. Also worth noting that they have played 4 of their 5 games so far against the bottom 4 in the league and conceded a lot of goals in doing so, we really should be winning this one. Hopefully the improved performance last weekend, first half especially, is the signs of the team starting to gel together.
  2. Hopefully we can get another win here and build on the 3 points last week. Not sure if we will have any players back from injury, but I would imagine that we will go with the same 11 as last week regardless. Looking at Montrose they have the same record as us in the league so far, in terms of wins/losses/draws but they have scored nearly double the goals we have whilst also conceding over double the goals that we have. Will be interesting to see what gives on saturday in terms of attack and defence.
  3. This game already falls into the "must win" category if we have any hope of finishing nearer the top of the table. This is the first in a run of games that we really should be winning, so hopefully we can get the points and start to build a bit of momentum. Not sure where we are with injuries and which players are back and available for selection.
  4. Its not even that they're completely off the mark, they just seem to be either just in front or behind who he's passing to so they're always having to check their run or are stretching
  5. Docherty's passing today has been woeful. Too many passes missing their mark
  6. That's an unreal amount of people paying to stream the game. Hopefully that keeps up throughout the season. I suppose that there will be a fair amount of people that will be paying for it because there's not much else to be doing, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home and have a beer or two while watching the game. Add in the fact that people will probably just be desperate to watch their own team play as it's been so long you can understand the attraction.
  7. That worked for me, using that method of working out my username and password. If you tried to log in before 1pm, that may have been the problem as the test event wasn't up and running until then. Doesn't seem to have the option of casting off of my phone, so will need to see if I can get in through the browser on my TV tomorrow.
  8. Was watching on my phone, cast to my sky box and this was OK too.
  9. This camera system looks like it will really struggle with fast paced, end to end games.
  10. You'd like to think that for the league games they'll look to change it to that. Its free today so that's fine but would expect better for games I have paid for. Quality of the stream and pictures are OK for me.
  11. I'm assuming that this is the same set up that I read about that the Mark Millar guy has helped all lower league clubs set up? No camera operator, its all done with motion sensors. I was sure I read that it was going to come with an app that you could pick your camera view etc. That'll maybe come later.
  12. Players would be mental so sign up to that, but then again its mental to fly to Spain for the day and then come back and play in a football match.
  13. That's in England though, up here the restrictions are still a lot tighter. As we move into the autumn months and the cases inevitably rise as people are driven indoors more, then I think we will see restrictions being tightened up here to ensure that the kids can stay in school. We should be really careful about signing up too many players right at the moment, as we won't be able to furlough them if the league gets shut down before it even begins.
  14. Genuinely can't see a situation where fans are back at the games come October/November. The government have been pretty clear that their priority is getting and keeping the kids back at school and stuff like having fans at football matches is going to be last on the list to come back, and even if it does it will be the first to be cut back should cases rise. With that in mind I struggle to see how any of the lower league clubs can even begin to contemplate signing up players for the new season. I would be very surprised if Thistle play any games this season.