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  1. I think we want to be finishing 1st or 2nd to get a break in the middle of the fixtures. This will be more of a benefit to us I think.
  2. Should be going for more. Could very well come down to goal difference in the end.
  3. Exactly what we should be doing, making a couple of changes to keep things fresh but keep the body of the team together.
  4. Interesting split, I think the chances of us finishing 1st after the 18 games is a bit slim at the moment and looks likely that we'll either be 2nd or 3rd. Finishing second would give us a home game v Cove (assuming they are third) and an away game v Falkirk (assuming they are 1st) and would mean we finish our season on the final gameday away to the 4th place team. Finish 3rd and we would be away to Cove and Home to Falkirk but would be on the sidelines on the final day which wouldn't be ideal. Finish 4th and we'd be away to both Falkirk and Cove.
  5. I wonder how they will determine the fixtures post split, I assume that they would (ideally for the SPFL) just mirror the fixtures that we were supposed to have in the third round of fixtures that were originally scheduled but that could cause issues with numbers of home games I think depending on the mix up. As it stands at the moment we would have games v Falkirk, Cove, Airdrie and Montrose. in a the 27 game season we were due to play Falkirk at Home, Cove Away, Airdrie Home and Montrose Away i think so that would work in well and would (again i think) work in well for everyone else also. If, however, East Fife were to finish 5th at the expense of Montrose then we would be due to play them at Home which would give us 3 home games and 1 away game. I don't know how that fits with everyone else though. The SPFL are well versed in working out post split fixtures so I'm sure they will be able to sort it out
  6. Will be interesting to see how Montrose approach this game, they probably need something out of the game to keep in with a chance of being in the top 5. They have us and then Cove on Tuesday so a couple of tough games for them. If they were to beat us tomorrow they would all but guarantee a place in the top 5 and they may go all out for this and they make the changes for the cup game at the weekend. As for us I think we may need to make a couple of changes, I thought both Graham and Tiffoney looked as if they were running on empty for the last 10-15 minutes. I can't see Docherty being able to start another game after playing 90 mins yesterday. He may look for Tiffoney so start and give us 60-70 mins and then change it up, and with Rudden getting a couple of goals last night it would probably be a good idea to start him ahead of Graham. Hopefully we can get away without making too many changes, we're hitting a bit of form and getting the makings of a settled team.
  7. Great finish. Hopefully that's the wee break he needs, maybe a striker in there after all
  8. All games in the SPFL will be played at 12pm this Saturday as you predicted
  9. I'm sure the English games are just being moved from 3pm to 7pm on the Saturday so would assume that the same will happen with the Scottish games. Some games may be moved to the Sunday at a push.
  10. This should be the stage of the season where our full time status and larger squad should really benefit us. We've seen as the games play out a lot of these teams come out the traps flying but after half time they fall away massively and we end up dominating. Had the East Fife game gone on for another ten mins I think we'd have won. The key will be making sure not to concede any stupid early goals which has proved to be a problem of late. If we can do that on Tuesday and Thursday I think we'll win both games. Can see us making a couple of changes for Tuesday night and the same for Thursday. Keep things fresh, but not too many to disrupt the momentum
  11. Another sitter missed by Rudden.
  12. What a chance. Need to take those.
  13. We're making them look like superstars. Putting no pressure on them and letting them knock it around.