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  1. I suspect we will have had more than 500 tickets available. Motherwell were advertising tickets for their match on the 17th of July and said they had 2,000 tickets on sale for that. That's before the date at which we're supposed to move to level 0 and the 2,000 capacity limit kicks in. Hearts had said they had applied for more capacity than the standard 500 cap for their game v cove next week.
  2. You'd hope that the club would be speaking to the SG with a view to getting the capacity increased to cover all season ticket holders. I think there is a limit of 1,000 in seated stadiums, but that you can ask for an increased attendance and it will be assessed.
  3. I see Croatia were training at Firhill yesterday. Hopefully Kingsley put the fear of god into them for tonight!
  4. Marshall made 2 or 3 really good saves during the game, that will unfortunately be forgotten but that's the way it goes sometimes. He will know himself that he was probably 10 yards or so too far forward, had he been further back then Schick maybe doesn't take the shot on and they have a counter attack on which could well have resulted in a goal anyway. Hendry probably shouldn't have taken the shot on, but he was just after hitting the bar and had scored a great goal against the Netherlands so I can see why he did it. Just about everything that could have went wrong for Scotland in that sequence of play did go wrong and it's really unlucky. As amazing a finish as that was, he could hit that shot another 50 times under the same conditions and probably be lucky for it to go in a handful of times.
  5. I think Scotland could have played better, but I didn't think that they played badly. Tierney is a huge miss, not only for what he brings to the team personally but also because I think he brings the best out of Robertson who then has an overlapping, or underlapping player helping him out. There is very little between the two teams, I always thought the first goal would be crucial and unfortunately the Czechs got it. I think if Robertson had taken that chance midway through the first half we would have been sitting this morning looking at things completely differently. I can understand the disappointment, it was a very winnable game at home in a major tournament and we failed to win it. However you'd think that we had been battered for 90 mins going by some of the reactions.
  6. Rudden has been called up by the Scotland U21's, delighted for him
  7. If we end up signing Tiff and one or two others of the same standard or even better then the decision to release Cardle will probably prove to be the correct one. It's easy to criticise decisions when you can't see the whole picture. I'd have kept him, but if McCall thinks the players he is aiming to sign will drop him further down the pecking order then it's probably the right decision.
  8. Williamson away. Expected due to the rumours about his PCA with Falkirk.
  9. You would think so, ten years this September since his debut and been at the club before that.
  10. Banzo extends his contract. Good news!
  11. Didn't realise that Tiffoney was out of contract this summer with Livingston, strange one for them to let his contract run down like that. Didn't really think we had a shot at signing him, but hearing that news then I think we will have a good chance. Would imagine we'd have to pay compensation though.
  12. When the leagues restarted I would have been interested in someone like him, with his level of experience. I think taking him for next season when we're stepping up a division isn't the right call. Edited to add; The only real upside to him signing would be the benefit to Rudden in learning off of him.
  13. Darryl Broadfoot is a tadger, always has been and always will be. I think what we're doing is the right thing to do, have our trophy presentation and let the players have that and their medals but don't let the SPFL be any part of it. Once that's done we have made our point and we move on and it's done. No need to extend this ban any further than that as far as I'm concerned and it seems the club are of the same opinion.
  14. Well yeah, Falkirk probably said he'd be going as a first team player so he'd have signed on that basis. His experience with us would tell him that if he were to re-sign then he's be doing so as a back up. That's probably more the point I was driving at. That point stands regardless of the league each team is playing in.