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  1. Thanks for the link. At the tail end of that highly entertaining Jim Melrose reminisces, it said that they are doing more with other ex players. Anyone know where they can be watched?
  2. I am douglas clark. Keeps it simple.
  3. Well, I feel more or less the same. Smug, not exactly. Satisfied? You bet Smile on my face? Oh! you got to believe it! I'd think that this is astonishing. Quite an amazing turnaround. Luckly to support PTFC.
  4. I thought we fought pretty impressively. That was a pretty hard game and. apart from the interesting idea that we will top this league, we got an away point. So I assume it all depends on our game against Falkirk. Is that even the consensus around here? Is it even true?
  5. I am quite astonished at the turn -a- round over the last month or so. I thought we had become a 'seaside' league club what with the canal and such like. I am now quite excited that we might actually win this division. It was only recently that I started to buy pay to view, and whilst nowhere near the excitement of actually being at a game I felt, at the very least, connected. This football club will always remain 'special' to me and it's attempts to retain, through pay to view, at least a link, has been impressisve. It seems to me that, whilst in almost perpetualyl struggles to survive, it does just that.s Perhaps with better luck, we might thrive after this season. Just saying. Y'know. Hopeful like.
  6. Or even partickthe dog. Apologies.
  7. patrickthedog, Thanks for that. M y memory is, ahem, bad. Or worse!
  8. Perhaps this has been answered elsewhere on this forum, if so excuse my poor googling skills. When was the last time we won 5-0 in a league game?
  9. I seem to recall that Sena, elsewhere, had a lot of respect for Gerry Britton and the fact that we were willing to pursue his registration process when other's would not? The guy comes across as having been on a bit of a roller coaster ride. I, personally, hope he goes on to do great things.
  10. If I won the lottery, I would give the club over to a hand picked bunch of lawyers and accountants whose only aim would be get us back to the top level of Scottish Football.
  11. Perhaps, if you had just announced your new web site and invited folk to visit, you wouldn't have looked like such a plonk? Just saying.
  12. Jaggernaut,

    Please desist from the Hitler stuff. You could get this web site into trouble and I don't want that. ( I am a moderator.) Protection our right to talk about stuff does not include your right to bring a lot of crap down on us.

    Incidentally, I suggest you need to read more history about Hitler's rise to power. He was most certainly not democratically elected.  If you want to argue he was, please go elsewhere.




  13. May I ask? Why does: "2) Even if the SPFL resolution (authorising ending the Premier season early and actually ending the other seasons early) is annulled by a court it doesn’t help Thistle. It just forces the SPFL to revisit the matter. " Revisiting the matter may well be the point. No?
  14. For goodness sake. We have, at least three players that we are likely to lose to Premier Clubs. Not necessarily as 'first choices' in their teams but.. at least as substitutes. You all know who they are. This is likely to be a fire sale. This is a terribly sad time. No income, no squad and a rebuilding from the bottom up. The only thing the club has is you. And me. Lets keep supporting the club! Let's make the best of this.
  15. Auld Jag, "Thanks to Thistle for the offer of a partial refund. I will not be taking them up in this offer as my small way of helping the club. " I am currently a 'pay at the gate' fan. But I'd expect that very few season ticket holders will want a refund. It is folk such as you that are the heart and soul of this football club. The genuine support that folk have given is quite overwhelming.