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  1. Congratulations to the winners 👍
  2. I'd been signed up to newsletters but not as a paid member until last week, I joined properly after reading roughies comments which were dismissive of the majority of Thistle fans, if there were only 20 protesters then the JL stand must only have a capacity of around 100!
  3. Poor defending and marking there, McKay had time to take as many touches as he wanted in the centre of our box before striking home!
  4. I'm at the Arbroath hospitality with friends from Aberdeenshire, mainly on the Arbroath side. Just me and a couple of others hoping for a Thistle win.
  5. Great point, I'd imagine that steps will be taken throughout the course of this season to (further?) legitimise the Trust and ensure that even with a handful of season ticket holders, they can remain the majority shareholder? Surely if the current trustees are jags fans, they will only want what's best for the club - that isn't the current shambles that lacks support from a significant section of the actual fans?
  6. Weld is an amazing album, also love the story that he once played (at the time) his new album in the first part of a concert then after a few songs said, ... Don't worry the second part will be full of songs you've heard before - then he played the whole of the first set again. Just brilliant although frustrating if you were only there to hear his greatest hits!!
  7. Happy to link with Sandy's offer and add an additional £10 or £20 from me? Between us we'll hopefully get to the £400 - also happy to leave it as is if there are new contributors too? Cheers LLD
  8. 2 for me too please, happy with any home top but ok with anything in reality as it's for our club. If premium, could separate the shirt and the extras such as hospitality and offer 2 draw prizes?
  9. I though McGregor was terrible! 5 yards off everything in the first half and was running about doing nothing? Every time Ukraine had the ball he was just being them and chasing shadows, might have been the formation as he was trying (.at least) but that epitomised everything that was wrong with Scotland on Wednesday.
  10. I completely get the Lambie ish comparisons and on paper Campbell should have been an ideal fit for Thistle, never quite got to the bottom of why it was such a disaster and maybe given time it could possibly have worked out? He's always done really well at most clubs and I do agree that his approach can be refreshing. Hope he finishes a distant 2nd behind us next year!
  11. I had this issue (520) a few days ago, has to clear cookies and the saved password bit too. After that I was able to log in again and it's been ok since.
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