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  1. I like McInally, seems to pretty much just say what he thinks and it's usually something I either agree with or can see his point of view. Hope he does reasonably well this season, a close 2nd would be nice.
  2. Good that you ( and the spfl) knew all all of that in advance and were therefore correct to close it all down early then. I personally didn't realise the Scottish govt were making things like that clear back then. Well spotted, any chance of a link to the statement with those facts?
  3. Got to agree, I do the fixtures for my local pool league every year, about 15 - 20 teams in total in any given year. Some pubs have 2 or 3 teams (only 1 table), some can't play on certain dates due to events and I also need to avoid season ending matches with a and b teams playing each other etc! Takes an hour or so to sort out but easy enough, just got a spreadsheet and some formulas helping to keep things right. Wonder how much I could charge the spfl?
  4. I don't think that the club's asking for the details want to sue, they're just asking to see the papers? I appreciate we are unlikely to agree however if I was in his position I'd have simply advised club's that there were several ways to access the documents, either listing all of them or advising club's to seek their own legal opinions about how to do that. Just offering the one that suits you, whilst not legally wrong, is morally questionable and insular, clearly he has not learned any lessons about giving the member clubs partial information or just one option. I'd personally want the representative to give me all of the options and allow me to make my own mind up. If there's a side which could end up being of most benefit to the majority of the member clubs, that's fine, highlight it - but be fully honest about that, not selective in what you tell people.
  5. WJ, is it proper in your opinion for the impartial chief executive overseeing two internal warring parties, to advise that in order to find out the substance of a complaint the other club's need to essentially side with one of the parties involved? He also appears to have offered (or suggested) using the services of the legal representatives that are in place to protect both parties too? Shouldn't he have offered all of the potential routes the club's had (including siding with or asking Hearts and Thistle to share them) in order that everyone had correct and proper advice and could choose the option that suited them best? It appears to me that he's given them the single option that suits his own agenda. I'm saying his own agenda - based on the fact that it's his stewardship which has ultimately led to the legal case against the organisation. Maybe being selective to suit your own agenda is a suitable way for an impartial leader to operate, as long as you get your own way, everything in the organisation is just grand and no one needs to know otherwise!
  6. I didn't realise that Doncaster was actually Woodstock Jag masquerading as a jags fan!!!! In all fairness I am actually enjoying reading the debate, much better than lots of the other 'i'm a better fan than you' content on other threads.
  7. Would the remaining club's have to fund any balance remaining if some club's did go to the wall? Plus any amount due from clubs should be split using exactly the same payout formulae used for distributing prize and TV monies. Be great to get a huge whack of cash from the old firm and Aberdeen and to see a smaller impact on those in the other leagues.
  8. Exactly, sure our association has a duty to provide member clubs with meaningful games and competitions? Our responsibility is to be ready and able to fulfill those fixtures. Ifthey don't or can't find us a league to compete in surely they'd be responsible and failing in their duties? Probably result in a pay increase for Doncaster if he managed to get rid of some member clubs!
  9. BB, just wondering if O'Neil's could potentially be interested in your designs and could offer some commercially with the club badge? I know these are your copyright and there would probably end up being too much faffing about, but maybe the club could consider having that conversation? If required they could also perhaps buy your copyright for a fee (or donation to the club?)
  10. Same here, mug arrived and awaiting the tshirt. Cheers, might wait till tomorrow for adding something stronger tho. Thanks Phil and the mug is looking good in the (ceramic) flesh.
  11. That's what I was thinking too, if teams want to play surely the spfl have an obligation to arrange a suitable competition for those club's? Providing it meets all guidance and legislation. There should never be a rangers or Celtic game without other club's being able to do exactly the same. (Being able to pay the costs aside)
  12. How do we interpret the guidance for restarting the football season? If the premier can start, why can't Thistle and the seaside league?
  13. Does the league not have a responsibility to provide opposition? Surely if they fail to provide opponents we can claim the league as the unopposed champions?
  14. As others have said, excellent work on this. Will head over to the site now.
  15. Loving the smiths reference, and the thought of a pint and a proper catch up with mates.