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  1. Got to agree FT, thought the ref was really poor, inconsistent and missed some obvious decisions. Offside for their 1st goal was marginal but poor and akinola should have tracked for the 2nd goal too so all in all a bad night. Still think we can win in Inverness but doubt either will be close to the premier next season.
  2. Even Alegreia's parents must agree he's not a footballer now!
  3. Maybe the 'hello hello' thistle version?
  4. Hi Big Wull, J Low here, I'm thinking about moving McCall upstairs and feel that you have the motivational skills, tactics and drive that the team needs. Plain and simple would you take the managers role with me as the chair to guide and supporting us towards the premiership next season? £100k pa on a 2 year deal?
  5. Was sublime, he was chasing everything tonight, a few players could do with half as much effort and commitment.
  6. Graham and Smith off now!
  7. Would love to see a traffic cone on the person's head
  8. Hopefully fully compensated for the loss of income, average attendances over the period taking account of the opposition too.
  9. I'd expect Hamilton to be ultra defensive and looking for counter attacks. Maybe a few crunching tackles early on to try and disrupt our creativity. Hope the ref is strong from the start!
  10. Makes me really wonder why the bunnet was a complete failure at thistle, no doubting his managerial qualities, yet he was a disaster at thistle. He should have been an ideal fit and I wonder what his take was at the time!!
  11. Only the government could mess up counting back from 5, especially using a system they designed themselves!!
  12. Biggest deal ever as it's £1 or £2 more than the total of the 2 year deal we had previously!! Unfortunately this is a 5 year deal so probably the usual spfl incompetence, trumpeted as a success?