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  1. Didnt play well but cant complain with 3 points and another clean sheet.
  2. The ref has been terrible. Missed a clear penalty for the foul on Graham and then didnt give the red card for the tackle on Turner.
  3. Terrible defending for their goal. Foster should have stepped out to him.
  4. Was it being big or black that made him a handful? I know which one it wasn't so why mention it? Have you ever described Brian Graham as our big white centre forward?
  5. I had my second Pfizer jab yesterday. I felt fine after my first apart from a sore arm. After the second though Im feeling the same way gianluca was after his. Tired, clammy, hot and cold and also muscles are aching. Slept from about 9 last night until 7 this morning then back in bed from 9 to 12. Hopefully it passes in the next day or two.
  6. I've received the first email with a membership ID but havent received the second email. I'm also a bit concerned about what I'll need to do with regards to my daughters ticket. Shes only 6 so doesnt have a smartphone to download an app to. Can we still get a physical season ticket or is it only going to be done on mobile now? As always the communication has been abysmal.
  7. CillitB4ng

    New Owner

    TFE said that Colin Weir contacted them.
  8. Didnt TFE say Colin Weir made contact with them?
  9. I might be wrong but I'm sure he had accepted that Archie's time was up at some point. Maybe he didnt but it doesn't really matter. We are where we are and Caldwell wont get sacked and I dont think he should be. He made a terrible start that he needs to take some of the blame for no matter how bad the squad was. Since January results have improved and most other years the form we've shown would have had us out the relegation fight weeks ago.