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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=U4FDVQE9rJU&fbclid=IwAR3vvQT897gsIxE73R-Kz2H6bZRWz9le-d_xtZ-QvppYcPlrfy3uiC3JqCY Goal at about 3.00 min mark
  2. Aye that's the lad. On loan from sevco last season but no idea if he's been released at Ibrox.
  3. Last season we were fortunate to a degree to have Foster in so much as he was equally proficient playing left back as he was at right back. This season we've Muirhead providing right back cover and Holt available to cover left back. Akinola we're told can play as a right back. As Holt is a likely starter as a centreback we might just need (or want) further left sided cover. I don't think Hendrie would've been the answer. A possibility would be signing a player who could play equally well as an attacking wide right (a mirror of Tiffoney) and attack minded leftback. The lad that was on loan at Ayr perhaps? His name escapes me.
  4. Fairly sure Williamson is a lightweight central midfielder. So almost certainly be coming to Firhill
  5. Gotta strong feeling that McCall 's next move will be to talk Gavin Swankie into turning full time.
  6. Agree. There was one moment when he charged out his goal area (akin to Sneddon at Inverness) but he did get the ball. Either incredible judgement or rather reckless.
  7. Hot water in Kelty! Whatever next? That said the pie was very good.
  8. Good thing tonight was once again the youngsters all accounted well for themselves. Indeed the goal itself was a thing of beauty. Stanway doing a Jinky Johnstone before clipping the ball back for Lyon to score. Weather was miserable, which maybe is reason for a poorer spectacle compared to Tuesday night.. Another plus was I thought Mitchell looked comfortable in goal. Uses his feet weel.
  9. I agree with McCall re priorities being in other positions but that begs the question of why we signed the lad in the first place. The need to strengthen in other areas was even more evident back then. That right flank partnership of McKenna and Crawford was lucky if it was up to League Two standard. More it highlights the need to have adequate cover in all areas. Last season the right side attacking mid relied solely on Hastie then McAllister with no back up. We've got the goalkeeper and defence more or less well covered. Attacking central midfield likewise. We lack an understudy for Tiffoney and player with pace down the right wing. I think Fitzpatrick could be a useful signing as he can cover a few attacking options. With the likes of Lawless and Graham in the squad we need to compensate with genuine pace.
  10. Feel you've answered a lot of questions there. Probably need a specialist defensive mid to help out Docherty. But my one real worry remains. Last season our shape and balance was appalling. I'm sure McCall will do something to redress that but I'm less sure he'll provide adequate cover to maintain the shape/balance if injuries kick in. He has history in that area. Fingers crossed.
  11. I kinda thought he'd be played in a wider role (right side in a front three?). He was tho' played fairly central on Tuesday. Either way he does offer a more direct approach, a quality we've lacked.
  12. Dowds is a big fella, as of course Graham.
  13. Just guessing but I would imagine he's pre-season training with a potential signing club(s).
  14. Enjoyable enough friendly played at a good pace. Possibly we were a bit shot shy but the counter to that was a fair amount of crisp passing. Senior players played in the youngsters, who all accounted for themselves very well. Looks like one of my worries, that McMillan won't offer much of an attacking threat, may well be dispelled. Got forward with pace on a few occasions. Fitzpatrick looked decent but was played maybe a tad too much off Graham's shoulder rather than in a wider position. Didn't get a close enough look at the other trialist to comment.
  15. Just love these glamour friendlies. Thistle Bar in the town still probably the best re pre match drink. Nearest to ground as well.
  16. I don't quite get your train of thought. Perhaps we should leave this thread entirely for Thistle Archive info and patter?
  17. I think Durward had run guest house in Stirling for awhile. Absolute gentleman. RIP
  18. Only good fun as it was on the back of that Rae Day but the corresponding fixture later that season at Firhill produced a good laugh as well. With his team trailing to us 2-1, Dundee's chances of grabbing a late equaliser all but evaporated when Rae managed to receive his second yellow in the 90th minute. I wouldn't really want to draw any conclusions but something in the back of mind reckons Alex Rae wasn't exactly cut out to be a player/manager.
  19. Yes. One of the games I mentioned earlier, methinks. As I mind Rae was player/manager of Dundee, picked up a yellow really early, then went on to score. His celebrations weren't directed towards his own fans but instead aimed towards us in the JHS, who had rightfully been giving him stick after his first yellow. V sign to JHS, JHS linesman to Ref, 2nd yellow, offski, we overturn score and go on to win game. Maybe others will have better or more accurate memory.