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  1. Not too sure, Norge. Parking the bus is akin to playing for a draw and single points at home will not be enough for Queens. Besides they should take a bit of confidence from our two previous meetings. The Palmerston surface is reportedly the worst of the division's artificial pitches and will only serve as a leveller. I feel our games take on a dynamic driven too much by the intentions of the opposition. Earlier in the season that either resulted in it suiting us to a "T" or a near complete failure to react. Fortunately of late we've been able to adapt, grinding out results when necessary. ideally I'd like to see us dictate play more often if only to protect my fingernails.
  2. Nice touch. Normally it's just the cue. Apart from a 5 mins sub appearance many years ago I don't think I've ever seen Morrison play (apart from streamed games) so can't really comment too much. I note he scores regularly in Div 1 & Div 2 but has failed to score in either of the two tiers above. I guess it's a case of whether he's improved sufficiently in recent seasons. This time last week I'd have been rather surprised to hear Hendrie staying on. but based purely on that one game last Friday I'm happy enough with that. Thought he had a good game. Got up the park a few times tho' I feel his strengths are as a defender.
  3. If I was the sponsor of the Scottish Cup I wouldn't be too pleased to put it mildly but of course there is no commercial sponsor. Even at that what's wrong with Maxwell getting off his arse and earning some incremental income? The ACME Ltd Team of the Round? The ACME Ltd Player of the Round? etc. Okay, such income wouldn't necessarily amount to much but it would at least take a few quid off Maxwell's overblown salary. If I was involved with cinch marketing I'd be getting a pat on the back, as the background is clearly cinch marketing colouring. Kinda akin to product placement.
  4. Partly my thoughts but at lest away to Airdrie would've been even more boring, and I suppose that bit less winnable.
  5. Nearly a hattrick. Check out his shot at 6.30.
  6. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d6/5e/30/d65e30631662b77a0bc4ef47fe2fdb6d.jpg
  7. Not sure myself but if and/or when possible we could compromise and play Scottish Cup ties in blue?????
  8. Oh! and a shout out to all those driving home last night, especially the further east your journey. Some Pars fans in particular would've faced a nightmare trip Where I stay (in Clackmannanshire) it took me over 2 hours to do the final part of my journey. That's normally a 10 min drive. Trees and power cables were down all over the shop and I had two real narrow escapes. I sincerely hope everyone made it home. Horrendous conditions.
  9. His save later on was one he'd have been upset not to make. But given the conditions and the very fact he hadn't had much to do, possibly a better save than he'll be credited.
  10. Neither but I'm in the pub. Looks fine round Firhill at moment
  11. On terms of what might have been, and steering back to Bertie, it's hard to look past Derek Johnstone as the most disastrous appointment. That's different I suppose to saying DJ was our worst ever manager but he probably deserves that accolade as well. Help. senior moment time, but who was Gerry Collins's assistant? Can't for the life of me mind.
  12. Must be very difficult for second choice keepers these days. At least outfield bench warmers get the odd run out yet it can easily be argued having your 2nd string goalie fit and match ready is more important. No Reserve/U20 football to fall back on as well. No opinion one way or other but there could be a valid argument to starting Stone tomorrow evening. League level opposition without the points at stake only adds to that argument.
  13. Not if Motherwell paid up his contract to January (or some mutual agreement). He's free to train with any club meantime.
  14. Might be wrong but I think Forrest is right sided. Quality player, who I'm sure McCall would want to bring in if given a chance, but wouldn't quite redress the balance in the side.
  15. Somehow gotta start Turner and keep him on. If the opposition goalie is the least bit shaky his in-swinger corners can cause havoc. His out-swingers (as said above) are most often bulleted to a target area and the likely napper of a Graham, Holt or Mayo. Turner's low trajectory pacy deliveries are of a relatively constant high quality. Personally I don't think of Turner as anything like a one trick pony. I think he's tidy and creative in tight central areas and, tho' far from ideal, not too lost when deployed on the right flank. His "fault" isn't a fault as such but more than the fact he's a contributor to a light-weighted midfield. One further positive element in having an effective corner taker is the likes of Tiffoney in particular doesn't always need to cut in on his right. He can simply play on his left and force a corner.
  16. Can someone with the knowledge clear this up please. I know that the ref couldn't wave Tunji back on as he (or maybe a linesman?) had to check the bleeding had been stemmed. I assumed that the first time he could do the check was when the ball went dead. In other words the ref was in no way at fault (in this instance at least). So, is this the case? Or, can the ref stop play to check on Tunji? If so, should this happen immediately or after how many passages of play? Or, can the linesman check the bleeding has stopped during play and the ref simply wave him back on? btw whatever the ruling, when it was clear Tunji wasn't getting back on we should have put the ball out of play ourselves.
  17. I agree entirely, jlsarmy. I presume even some of those not keen on signing Lawless wouldn't disagree in part. Seems tho' that both Lawless's character and attitude are in question. I suppose his untimely exit at Motherwell adds to the negative speculation.
  18. To be completely honest I'd be more impressed if they were hugging each other
  19. I make that 72 points. Hasn't been necessary to get to that sort of level in recent few seasons but immediately before that there was a couple of seasons where 72 points wouldn't have been enough.
  20. Go along with that. I'd be looking to bring in a big 'un to challenge for Docherty's spot in midfield. We're too lightweight in that area. Been looking for a while that McCall has played two jokers when signing Hastie and Hendrie. All for gambling on one wildcard signing but not two. That situation shouldn't be difficult to redress. Still believe Lawless is the epitome of the type of player we need to provide balance and take the pressure off Tiffoney. I've no idea if Lawless is the type of person we want as it's obvious he's lost his way of late.
  21. .....and that got me thinking of yon year when Bertie was managing Accies. Manager- Bertie Assistant Manager- Lambie No One Fan- Fergie
  22. I got the impression Paul Keegan was fighting a one man battle to have the offside rule done away with.
  23. I see there's another Firhill double header coming up. Queens PK on the 4th Dec and the SWPL Cup final on the 5th.
  24. I'd be interested to know opinions re Graham playing a bit deeper (in effect swapping roles with Rudden). Clearly didn't stop him from scoring. I guess the age thingy should dictate Rudden playing off Graham but the Big Fella has shown remarkable stamina often enough.