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  1. At least it'll offer some light relief from the tranche warfare over on yon other thread.
  2. Was thinking the same. Kinda pricey. Also think it strange that ST holders continue to be effectively charged extra.
  3. It's even put me off beer and sandwiches. Well, maybe not the beer.
  4. Be careful what you wish for. I doubt we're going to win the league so the best we can hope for is to be involved in another play off final on May 26th! Kinda hard to make signings etc when you don't even know what division you'r gonna be in.
  5. Thanks p the d. Much appreciated.๐Ÿ‘ Obviously getting his first start was a big step up for McBeth. Hopefully he's a quick learner as I strongly believe both plugging that midfield gap and building from centre mid will be crucial if we are to improve.
  6. Not a bad result re cementing our place in 3rd but obviously Raith are the real winners this weekend. After losing from a two goal lead last week it's nice to see us at least nearly redress the balance. Couldn't make it today so I'll be interested to hear proper opinion from those who made the trip.
  7. Much as I detest the SPFL I understand the reasoning behind the play off formula. We came 4th in a league of only 10 clubs and 4th is nearer to mid table than being runners up. So imo the play offs have to be designed to make it hardest for the 3rd & 4th clubs to win thru. More to the point the club finishing 11th in the top tier will have played 38 games against 36 matches in the 2nd tier. The 2nd v 3rd/4th fixtures balance the books so to speak assuming the 2nd placed club wins thru. Put another way if the play offs didn't exist I don't believe any Jags supporter could claim that finishing 4th in a league of 10 is worthy of promotion. The fault lies in having such stupid wee leagues in the first place that in turn have given birth to such a convoluted play off structure. Where we can feel rightfully miffed with last seasons play offs is by reaching the play off final we were hamstrung regarding the signing (re-signing) of players. Other clubs were weeks ahead of us. We were severely disadvantaged ironically due to the good football we played during the play offs. Now that is unfair.
  8. Spot on. I think we're level with Raith re points against the seven teams below us. Prior tonight a mini league of us, Raith & Dundee Utd would read Raith 8pts, United 7pts, Us 1 pt.
  9. I do agree with you. James is no longer a teenager so probably past the "bulking up" stage we often see with players in their late teens. More as a generalisation it is not unusual for a player whose footballing ability is not in question to fail on loan at a lower league side then go on to be successful with his parent club. Most often it's a case of being bullied off the ball playing for the former and being protected at the latter. Kinda like a ball player with zero pace being successful as the players round him more than compensate. Like Ross Forbes in our promotion season. Point I'm making is it's not just the level we send our youngsters out to. Gotta take into consideration how they'll fit into the team they're farmed out to*. * edited to that I don't think that's always been the case with us.
  10. Fairly sure you're on the right track. We're lightweight in midfield (certainly defensively), so every substitution in midfield will require the oncoming player to attempt to provide some sort of defensive work. James is probably the least equipped in that department so misses out. Perhaps if East Fife are relatively sound in defence this move will work out. Conversely if they're too delicate an outfit James could be the type of midfielder to be sacrificed. Hopefully that isn't going to be the case.
  11. Proof in the pudding but if James gets regular starting at Methil as opposed to a handful of cameo roles with us then this is a reasonable move. Problem being that regular games with East Fife won't secure a regular start for us next season.
  12. I've no idea how they survive. They appear to live under constant boardroom turmoil, defending lawsuits etc. Things that would make our recent behind the scenes shenanigans look like a minor tiff. They're probably only the fifth best supported club in their catchment area, so in some ways you have to admire how they can so often punch above their weight. Personally I dislike just about everything connected to Livingston FC but that may be highlighting my own prejudices.
  13. Correct. They backed Pastor Jack Glass on a few of his better known numbers.
  14. Felt yesterday was a kinda Dingwall Revisited Lite. Also showed up our major frailties so evident this season. I never felt that confident at 2-0. Once again we were forced onto the back foot (ten outfield players behind the ball) with next to no defence in midfield. Find it hard to blame the players for not being able to do something they're not equipped to do. Even so there is fault. Only Bannigan appeared to win some of the second balls and the players further up the pitch gave the ball away too cheaply. Trying to see a game out for 30 minutes with a two goal lead shouldn't be beyond us. Where it becomes a difficult task is when you cede possession too easily, spending maybe 80% of that half hour without the ball. Even at relatively simple things like throw ins we constantly lose possession within a couple of touches. On a positive we may just be over our late capitulation woes. Our two cup tied players could well see to that. McBeth has looked capable of both ball winning and distribution from deep midfield. O'Reilly could add extra insurance, both in strengthening the defence and allowing another defender (probably Neilson) to step into midfield if McBeth not up to it or unavailable. Fingers truly crossed on that. In my mind it's not so much us being in the play offs. More being able to compete in the physicality side of things to win thru. Yesterday sadly highlighted that deficiency but hopefully we've got the cure.
  15. Notwithstanding we've beaten County plus Morton saw off Motherwell, I worry a wee bit about pace and physicality of top tier teams. Put another way we're not exactly blessed with either of these two qualities. Sense we can outplay Livingston without too much difficulty. Just fear that we might struggle to do so for long enough to win thru.
  16. It's a bit unfair when a player is fouled and has to go off for treatment whilst the offending team remain with eleven on the pitch. Think sin bins are totally impractical at professional/spectator level but I wouldn't necessarily be against an offending player withdrawal to redress this one situation. Even at that I admit to not thinking the idea thru so maybe that's either impractical or open to abuse?
  17. A black card.......would at least complete the set in Thistle colours.
  18. That would be interesting. See if he could better Big Dunc's 1 win in 18 games.
  19. Even in these days of the fast managerial roundabout, leaving after only 12 games is rather unique. Especially at a lower league club where expectations are considerably lower.
  20. Round my area in the JHS it's generally accepted it's sit anywhere on non ST days. Could be due to being in a popular situation as we appear to attract a lot of casual visitors even on ST days when there's little free seating. Maybe a subject that TJF could settle. It's certainly what I would describe as a fans issue.
  21. We're safe. Looks like "Colin" is getting the gig. Temporarily at least. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/68197268
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