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  1. We go on about McCall having two assistants as unnecessary at our level. Falkirk kinda that way as well with joint managers and a sporting director (or whatever). I suppose their set up makes it easier to sack the co managers and stick Holt in temporary charge. Anyway if true bringing the players in on a Sunday is a wee bit passé and more likely to undo team bonding. Hopefully
  2. .....is in my ears and in my eyes. Oops!
  3. That game was perhaps the most enjoyably meaningless league match I've been to. We know well the cliché "the players were already on holiday". In this case both teams and both sets of fans were all on holiday. Obviously we were celebrating but so to were Dumbarton who were now safe in the league. No result that day could've altered their league position, so they didn't even have final placing money to play for. All my memories of the match are centred on fun and games off the pitch apart from the fact there was a howling gale that day and the only highlight on the park was being entertained by a couple of seagulls. My only regret is not having a royal punt on a goalless draw. In hindsight by far the most likely outcome.
  4. On the subject of covid restrictions, is anyone watching tonight's game at Station Pk? There appears to be a considerable amount of hingers on in the "crowd".
  5. Our home record was shocking up till Tuesday night, which kinda doesn't help my argument. However playing on a big pitch like Firhill compared to a tight artificial surface should be a significant advantage to us. Playing away on an exposed grounds like at East Fife and Cove could be a problem. Both clubs have in any case very good home records, which may suggest they can handle playing in windy conditions better than their visitors. Perhaps our acceptable away record was down to us being so poor at the time that the "leveller" aspect of these tight bouncy pitches was to our advantage?
  6. I usually struggle with best goal as I'm always torn between the "team goal" that may end in a tap in or the "individual goal". With that in mind I'll go for Rudden's second as it combined both teamwork and individual skill.
  7. Aye, but some would say the skill set and/or overall contribution the person brings to the Club is worth the bite on the bullet. Bit similar in hypocrisy as to when a journeyman footballer falls foul of a club breaching his contract. He's quickly shown the door. But when a 20+ goal striker does the same he gets away with a rap on the wrist. So unpalatable as it may be there's perhaps a case of weighing up what the director brings to the Club against the damage of his alleged misdemeanours.
  8. If we look thru this forum and various other Jags social media accounts we'll see countless disparaging references to our insular recruitment. By that I mean mainly Britton, Archie, Rough, Maxwell etc and to a degree McCall. Many folk voice an opinion that we're far too much "jobs for the boys". So this director being a fan of another club shouldn't make any difference. I don't have a particular opinion on the issue as such, only that his non Thistleness shouldn't become a contributory factor.
  9. We've suffered badly for a few seasons when teams play for a draw or are happy with a point at Firhill. Thought tonight was heading for further proof. Improved decision making in the 2nd half was as important as personnel changes. Love it when players are booked for time wasting then minutes later are chasing the game.
  10. Fingers crossed https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/partick-thistle-hero-chris-erskine-23904069 All the best, Chris!
  11. 23.2% of Scottish fans are in favour of OF colt teams playing in the senior leagues. That's reduced to 11% when you discount OF opinions. In other words only one supporter in nine representing forty out of forty two clubs wishes to see Rangers & Celtic colt teams in the leagues.
  12. I always thought that Ricky's lack of height would prove to be too much of an obstacle. Just one of a long line of young Jags defenders I've been wrong about. Ricky I do remember had a fantastic attitude on and off the pitch.
  13. With this lockdown I'm struggling to mind what day it is, never mind the hour.
  14. Got a T shirt the other day. Excellent quality
  15. Again, assuming we play into the split, my gut feeling tells me that wouldn't be the case. But in that scenario, just who we drop points too would become increasingly more important.
  16. You missed out on "every game is a cup final from here on in".
  17. Agree. Your first sentence and last sentence are connected. Other teams may be either forced into changes they don't want to make or more likely have to persist with fielding players who'll struggle with 90mins. We should be able to get by with minimal changes. Of course with 5 subs, in theory at least, no outfield player will require to play 180 minutes. What naturally would help would be winning the game early like yesterday and using the bench in a more relaxed manner. It's gotta be said tho' we've often looked more like a part time side than our opponents. Hopefully we're now beginning to see that reversed.
  18. Sorry, not meaning to point score as Rudden has actually already got a goal. I'd be looking more to see what he's been doing off the ball to justify a start. Graham, Cardle & Tiffoney can all turn in worthwhile performances even when they don't contribute goals. I'm not too sure that would be the case as yet with Rudden. Put another way he may be less of a team player. I suppose, tho', that too could change if/when he starts scoring on a regular basis.
  19. No, Wull. Remember it's now 110% I Wull.
  20. Aye, thanks. Stuart Noble was indeed who I was thinking about.
  21. Maybe you can mind, partickthedog. In the first game up there that season we played a trialist for the last half hour. Can't remember his name. He was I think one of the most unfit players I've ever seen take the field for us.
  22. Barefaced lying with his presentation. I'd say that's a prerequisite for any aspiring manager these days.
  23. Impossible to confirm from video coverage but Bannigan appeared to be more rushed and seeing a ridiculous amount of the ball on Tuesday night. Could that be down to a not fully fit Docherty? Perhaps if so then Docherty just needed a couple of games to get match fit. But if he's further back in fitness then it would be a worry playing him in such an inflexible formation. That's just conjecture of course. I'd always play Penrice, but at left back. Maybe if Cardle starts there's a case for Bambi at right back but otherwise I'd have Foster, or even McKenna, ahead of him. The need to start Graham looks obvious but that requires a partner upfront and continuation of a 4-4-2. And in turn probably means Rudden starting alongside him. It goes without saying that Rudden has a lot to prove.
  24. Maybe got the wrong fella but I think he was some kinda male model at the time of signing. Certainly played like he didn't want his looks to be impaired. Next time I heard of him he was the England striker coach!