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  1. Amazingly saw all three goals quite clearly on my phone despite being in a very sunny beer garden. Failed to see much else more I imagine due to sunlight than production problems. This may well be the first Jags game at Firhill (competitive or friendly) I've missed in around 12 years. I suppose like everyone else none of us have seen Jags win of any kind this decade???
  2. Wee short video here re our U18s. https://www.rangersnews.uk/academy/rangers-u18s-defeated-by-partick-thistle-at-lochinch/ WARNING- This video is sourced from a Snake Mountain publication. Scroll down to find.
  3. O'Ware really struggles playing on the left in central defence. His few passable performances last season were when he was played on his natural side. Perhaps a combination of him regaining some form and dropping down a division will be enough to let him play there but it's far from ideal.
  4. Don't look at other club's threads. So was meaning fans of other clubs who come on the Jags thread.
  5. Tremendous site. And nice to hear from you again, TJR.
  6. Tommy Rae on the ball. Maybe Johnny Flanagan the other Jag? Craig & Clark for Celtic. Guessing 1967 or '68. Look how far the ref is behind play!
  7. Wouldn't take posters on P & B as representative. Then again maybe I shouldn't take punters I meet in the pub as representative either . My point still stands. Any grievances we have should be with the chairmen and decision makers at the various clubs and not the fans. There's also likely to be supporters of other clubs who were indifferent to our plight who'll still be pissed off at their boards for missing the opportunity of voting thru league reconstruction.
  8. I believe that to be not unlikely. Saddens me a bit to hear some folk saying good riddance if the clubs in question happen to be the clubs that voted us (plus Hearts & Stranraer) down. It was chairmen and/or CEOs of those clubs that voted us down, NOT their supporters. At this moment in time I believe a lot of us are not exactly in tandem with our own Chairperson, Board and CEO, so wishing ill on other clubs based purely on the actions of their self serving club dignitaries would be rather hypocritical. As way of a specific example I've met quite a few Alloa supporters who all have expressed elements of disgust at the way their club has acted over the summer. Not one of them has a good word to say for Mike Mulraney (Alloa Chairman and current Il Duce at the SFA). I'm sure it's not just us Jags and Alloa fans who have a disconnect with the stewardship of their respective clubs. Dundee fans immediately spring to mind and there'll be plenty more.
  9. I'm tending to wonder more if there'll be many/any games to actually stream. I've not been reading up too much re the sustainability of closed door games at our level but I'm imagining it'would hardly be feasible for any protracted period. I guess if you've a good chance of progressing in the League Cup it may not be too crippling. So maybe getting out of the section stage will be all important for once. Reduced attendance home matches will only add to any financial misery. No gate money (only ST holders will be in the ground) and stewarding costs will be be relatively high. Plus there'll be other fixed outlay associated with staging an attended fixture regardless of how low the attendance. In addition I suppose a covid outbreak within the lower league clubs is considerably more likely. I'm basing that on the number of part time players, who by definition will be in contact with the wider world on a more regular basis.
  10. Aye so we are back. Looking forward to catching up on half a week's worth of covid charts from around the globe. So what else is new? No further signings yet, tho' I get the distinct feeling there's no urgency. Bought a season ticket and was most impressed with the lady who dealt with my call, Not so impressed the way the tariff is laid out on the website regarding the top up column. Play the way we did last season and the winners of any restricted attendance ballot will be the ones whose names stay in the hat. Oh and a happy birthday to Sonny Rollins, a lifetime Jags fan, who's just turned 90 the other day.* * only 50% of that statement is true.
  11. Pure gut feeling and nothing to back it up but I never rated Murray as a "one for the future". Don't disagree that QP aren't building strongly for the future. Just don't rate this Murray fella that strongly.
  12. I can mind Stevie Lawless saying something along these lines in a recent interview.
  13. Agreeing to a point but at the same time I'd welcome Denis McQuade onto the Board.
  14. Wouldn't make many predictions re group stages of League Cup. The Premier league clubs are usually there for the taking but this time they'll be completely match fit. And it may well be levels of match fitness rather than the respective squad strengths that determine how the clubs from the other leagues fare.
  15. Aye less of this talking crap (tho' I don't know who is). On this day of all days. For today's the anniversary of the death of the Temptations'papa. OK he was an itinerant sponging work shy con man. And a suspected bigamist as well. Still a shame all the same. Altogether now....... "It was the third of September That day, I'll always remember..."
  16. Would be a gift for the headline writers.... Jags Players Say No to Jags!
  17. Doubt that naming the Club after a lassie of rather loose morals is the way to go.
  18. Possibly missed one or two but here's a list of McCall loanees from his first spell. Stephen Connor Jamie Adams Lucas Akins Paul diGiacomo Greg Cameron Damon Gray (twice) Steven Lennon Greg Shields Ryan Conroy Martin Hardie Conrad Balatoni (think he was a McCall signing on McNamara'a recommendation). Ryan McGowan btw Don't think Erskine came on loan. Rather he played a reserve game or two as a trialist.
  19. Agreeing. Rodden and Watson might well be miffed if we brought in untried loanees from elsewhere to play in their respective positions. The two we've signed make commonsense. We needed another keeper and to have had a back three (if/when we play that formation) all right sided would be plain daft. Incidentally I'm assuming most of the away pitches are on the narrow side so playing three centrebacks will make some sense.
  20. Slightly off topic but yon Brooks Milestone (or whatever he was called) at one time had the notion of his Gretna taking over or amalgamating with Carlisle. The latter then would play in the Scottish Premier with the opportunity to compete for European places. Kinda going from small fishes in a very big pond to fairly big fish in a much smaller pond. I'm sure that our two obnoxious neighbours would've been looking at the possibility of a reversal on that, possibly with the likes of Carlisle in mind. Any faint hope of that happening was scuppered when the FA, after the Wimbledon/M K Dons thingy, put up a mileage barrier on takeovers (60 mile max?)
  21. At least that was Scottish politics. We're onto ******* New Zealand politics now
  22. Realise you're making a general point but regarding this specific that doesn't apply. We don't currently have an academy centreback (fully grown at least) and young Scullion is still well off playing first team goalie. I'm fairly neutral re loan signings. Ideally we should have an option on young loanees or at least believe we have an above average opportunity to sign them when their loan spell ends (Billy Gibson, Balatoni & Sean Welsh). Then there's the older loan players winding down their career. Guys like Steven Anderson are more than useful as they bring experience and can have a stabling influence, especially within an otherwise youngish squad. The gamble as always with loan players is when playing them towards the end of the season. What can be a must win crunch game for us can be an "I can't afford to get injured game" for them. An other gamble, something we know only too well about, is on the character of the loanee. That gamble might well be more to the fore with OF players tho' I get the impression the Billy Big Boots syndrome is less common these days. So I don't feel there's much wrong with supplementing our squad with two or three loan players. The problem is ensuring we get the right guys at the right time. I feel this has been an area of management that has too often failed us in the past.