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  1. Wouldn't that dilute the influence of the main shirt sponsor? I imagine there would be breach of contract issues in any case. Also for the same reason I imagine sales would have to be thru Greaves. They'll not want to diminish the value of the current shirt and hence would have to sell retro tops at a price in excess of the current top.
  2. Aye, and the windaes were a lot cleaner back then as well.
  3. I don't think we really have to do too much to go on a run of wins. Midfielders getting in on goals would be a start. Certainly need to not rely simply on Graham. But with glass half empty our defence just has to start getting a bit more leaky and we're heading the other way.
  4. As more often than not this season our away games will be on tight artificial surfaces. No real reason then to believe we'll perform that well on Saturday. Probably go with same starting XI, which in itself may be a good thing. Looked like we used width well against East Fife. Be harder to do that at Links Pk but probably important all the same.
  5. Correct it was '79. One of the few occasions where I bought a seat in the stand, programme etc. Think it was Iain Munro of St Mirren that had the unfortunate task of trying to mark the Wee Fella. Guess Munro must've been dizzy for days after the runaround he got. Altho' I saw Pele also at Hampden, comparison is worthless. Pele was kicked off the park by Bremner. That never happened with Maradona. Not that anyone could get near him anyway. R I P
  6. Not meaning to make light of this specific issue but you're correct. Ask a direct question and you nearly always get an answer. which is a rarity in football management. In his previous spell I was often quite amazed at how he rarely deflected any question. Wee bit like Roy Keane in that sense. Mostly this is both refreshing and welcome but I suppose it has its downside.
  7. https://www.nottheoldfirm.com/interview/mccall-praises-partick-thistle-players-and-board-after-east-fife-win/
  8. ....and you can tell that from watching on TV, and Pixellot coverage at that.
  9. We broke the rules previously by not playing six(?) squad players. If anybody took the competition seriously we'd have been booted out. Can just imagine the posts on here if we played 1st team players who then got injured.
  10. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/18890254.celtic-thistle-legend-jimmy-mcmenemys-scottish-cup-medal-sold/ Rare relic indeed. Almost just as rare, Jags related comments from our in/out/in again director.
  11. No idea at all why games are kicking off at 3pm. Totally daft if it continues over the winter months.
  12. Looked like the team moved the ball about a bit quicker and generally appeared quite sharp. Maybe a bit of a concern we rely on Graham so much but then again that's understandable as we do have a few players out. btw Looked to me the foul on Bannigan was a straight red.
  13. Not sure about playing Sena as a centreback. I realise he played therein the youth sides but I think that was more to do with his relative strength and size at that particular time. He looked much more the part when he moved to defensive mid. If needs must perhaps he'd be fine in a back three (Sena-Brownlie-Foster) but that means playing a rather narrow and negative formation. Think more likely to see Penrice partnering Brownlie simply as he's naturally left sided.
  14. That's a rather old school argument. It's been snickers for decades.
  15. I don't know how pacy Rudden was to start with, but constant injuries are likely to have an adverse effect on his pace. Doubt I have to remind anyone but Graham is not a prolific goalscorer. His hold up and knock down play has mostly compensated for that. Doesn't appear to be any evidence of advancing midfielders taking advantage of Graham's strengths. The likes of Murray, Lyons and Gordon have all scored a fair amount at or above our current level.
  16. Just can't put my finger on what it is but there's something about McCall Out's posts that makes me tend to think he doesn't rate our present manager very highly.
  17. Might have done that back last time we were in the third tier v Inverness & Peterhead????